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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 9 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 9 months ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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Ilham Defra
'Ilham Defra' 54 minutes ago
no. 7 i would call that summoning elephant nose instead of fire snake
sherif mously
'sherif mously' 2 hours ago
Marie Prexie Logronio
now I know what to do in the science fair
Monu Shukla
'Monu Shukla' 5 hours ago
Opal Romero
'Opal Romero' 6 hours ago
I loved the last one 😍😍
Benitto Nainggolan
'Benitto Nainggolan' 8 hours ago
solomon hayeso
'solomon hayeso' 8 hours ago
good video but it is some what exaggrated
I am what I IZ
'I am what I IZ' 11 hours ago
What kind of sanatizer because I wish not to burn my hands when I'm pretending to be a fire vender
jenalynmendoza 27
'jenalynmendoza 27' 12 hours ago
how many cup chlorine?
P.K. Kadam
'P.K. Kadam' 13 hours ago
P.K. Kadam
'P.K. Kadam' 13 hours ago
P.K. Kadam
'P.K. Kadam' 13 hours ago
Hannah Bennett
'Hannah Bennett' 15 hours ago
Love the traveling flameAwesome dude.
fun with me
'fun with me' 20 hours ago
can someone plz tell me if the hand sanitizer trick hurts cause I'm planning to tell my brother to do it plz answer me 😉😃😀
Noah McLachlan
'Noah McLachlan' 21 hours ago
Doing the fire snake, hope it will work
Nightmare wing
'Nightmare wing' 1 day ago
I'm pretty sure that fire snake is a demon
Filipino FunVision
4:40 its so freaky like a monster coming out of the sand
shimi shimi
'shimi shimi' 1 day ago
dont you get burned with the third one?
'MGH CH' 1 day ago
I like last moment
CloudTheKitten sickles
did it hurt with ze flames
Sixagon // SixTV
'Sixagon // SixTV' 1 day ago
number 9 "How to make Satan Heart"
Dan Kelly
'Dan Kelly' 2 days ago
Well..time to go get myself injured.
Lisa Buzikievich
'Lisa Buzikievich' 2 days ago
I cringed so bad by thinking about the fire and soap on hand failing.
sujata chong carl chee
the last one looks cool, dont know if it hurts or not :/
'satistify' 2 days ago
Nice one subbed ! <3
'VoidOfCreation' 2 days ago
the fire snake looks like its a portal from hell releasing a demon of unimaginable power.... just me?
Marcus Garon
'Marcus Garon' 2 days ago
it used to seem normal but then it themes like a fart
'man' 2 days ago
how much did u earned from this video?
India Baltimore
'India Baltimore' 2 days ago
where do you get this stuff
Kemal Ghibran
'Kemal Ghibran' 2 days ago
awsome science
sativa GrowGerman
'sativa GrowGerman' 2 days ago
1 man 1 jar
Franchezka katelyn TheDJplayer
7:34 it is advisable for kids do kids can do that... it is dangerous.... ummm sorry im just curios
- ̗̀ Kazumi ̖́-
someone's house is getting burned tonight!
Rajesh Sathish
'Rajesh Sathish' 3 days ago
'TimeronGaming' 3 days ago
my friend says that alchohol is a hand sanitizer so I showed him the last trick and he did it
Chris Lopez-Moreno
Sauveur Joseph
'Sauveur Joseph' 3 days ago
i love this
Francisco Caballero
Cas N
'Cas N' 3 days ago
4:32 Poop? 😂
Ghfjaufb Fhwhy
'Ghfjaufb Fhwhy' 3 days ago
that's how I use my fire power and burn other ppl off :D
Cristina Crss
'Cristina Crss' 3 days ago
like for Science.
anny kitty dantdm fan girl

still clicks it anyway
Memoona Sohail
'Memoona Sohail' 3 days ago
But I don't have brain
Moustafa ELwasif
'Moustafa ELwasif' 3 days ago
Hello, really if I put some Hand Sanitizer on my hand and put flame on it, nothing will happen to my hand, or it's about the type of the sanitizer.
anton clan azhary
'anton clan azhary' 3 days ago
'DOSE OF SCIENCE' 3 days ago
really cool!
Keighlyn Cady
'Keighlyn Cady' 3 days ago
The reaction of the sulfuric acid and the sugar reminds me of the molded from resident evil 7. Never going to unsee that.

demons be like

u called?
Sopia Apolinario
'Sopia Apolinario' 4 days ago
Gerardo Salgado
'Gerardo Salgado' 4 days ago
I'm hear for the click bate
Sangeeta Sahu
'Sangeeta Sahu' 4 days ago
fire one is fake I tried it
You are not feeling hot on your hand 🤚 at last experiment
Ronny Han
'Ronny Han' 4 days ago
fire snake looks like shit coming out..
Zeynep Thompson
'Zeynep Thompson' 4 days ago
ima do hand sanatizer now
nikko Schmidt
'nikko Schmidt' 4 days ago
wow this video is amazing!! 👍
'KC KC' 4 days ago
DanTDM Elite Christmas
i liked the last one
Leroy Tillman
'Leroy Tillman' 5 days ago
I made number 4 at my old school😜
Ahmad Gil
'Ahmad Gil' 5 days ago
And It's dangerous
electronite 001
'electronite 001' 5 days ago
I have now seen a sand demon and his hot, bubbly wife
Joel Inciarte
'Joel Inciarte' 5 days ago
plz find a friend for 🦄 uni
Joel Inciarte
'Joel Inciarte' 5 days ago
was that fire in yur hand?🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯🕯
Ahmad Qari
'Ahmad Qari' 5 days ago
zain khan
'zain khan' 5 days ago
does it burn???????
Narayana Panicker
'Narayana Panicker' 5 days ago
slowly but steadily
tien thai
'tien thai' 5 days ago
7:55 like like👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Rachael Ainsworth
'Rachael Ainsworth' 5 days ago
does it hurt
Anyferras Wilson
'Anyferras Wilson' 5 days ago
jalta nhi hai kya bhai
Isabel Castil Makiling
Renan Renanyulianto
Jaden Trinidad
'Jaden Trinidad' 5 days ago
does not work any of it when I tryed to put bubble on my hand it burned me fakers
yoga ghiunk
'yoga ghiunk' 5 days ago
good i like (Y)
Yizelplayz YT
'Yizelplayz YT' 6 days ago
doesnt that burn
Dallas Howell
'Dallas Howell' 6 days ago
what does he use for jet engine in a jar
Free Reading
'Free Reading' 6 days ago
Very cool. My son will love doing some of these.
chinokk -_-
'chinokk -_-' 6 days ago
Number 7 Release the Kraken
Ionatan Barbulescu
oh my god
Enrique Deepak
'Enrique Deepak' 6 days ago
all awesome. can u plz tell me Müsïq of this video??
Yellowize Gaming
'Yellowize Gaming' 6 days ago
4:21 someones creating cthulhu
'mmabey01' 6 days ago
GD AlphaX
'GD AlphaX' 6 days ago
4:32 is that a BURNED POOP ?!
Little Beth
'Little Beth' 6 days ago
Does that even hurt?🙀🙀
fuad khan mojlish
'fuad khan mojlish' 6 days ago
I am gona do travelling gas in my science fair
'JemTutorials' 6 days ago
i want to try the flammble hand sanitizer ill jk my friends i have powers!!!
Shane Austin
'Shane Austin' 7 days ago
his hand wont be burned ? goooosh
Sarah Long
'Sarah Long' 7 days ago
Doesn't the fire trick hurt😯
Bea Marquez
'Bea Marquez' 1 week ago
WHOA!!!!! THAT'S SO COOL ☺☻♥♦♣♠•◘○
Souparna Banerjee
'Souparna Banerjee' 1 week ago
amazing work
manisha shah
'manisha shah' 1 week ago
in last experiment we will burn our hand or not
Jayden The Asian
'Jayden The Asian' 1 week ago
These aren't even experiments....
slade Adex
'slade Adex' 1 week ago
that looks awesome
Freshboi Dereck
'Freshboi Dereck' 1 week ago
Wait the soapy water doesnt burn
preeti thakur
'preeti thakur' 1 week ago
Vicki Walker
'Vicki Walker' 1 week ago
4:58 after i eat taco bell xD
Ryan Lewandowski
'Ryan Lewandowski' 1 week ago
Tarek Amer
'Tarek Amer' 1 week ago
lol I always watch these but never do them
alchemy philosopher
Cameron Key
'Cameron Key' 1 week ago
i like and i thin its cool to hold fire in meh hand but im not that stupid to let it burn in meh hand because when all the soap in it burns out u wont have nothing protecting u then u be in the ER
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