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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation -
Published: 8 months ago By: Home Science

By: Home SciencePublished: 8 months ago

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This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
0:00 Jet engine in a jar
0:52 Traveling flame
1:16 Soapy water and gas
1:50 Drain cleaner and aluminium foil reaction
2:58 Brake fluid and pool chlorine
3:24 Coca Cola and pool chlorine reaction
4:01 Fire snake
5:13 Elephant toothpaste
5:52 Sugar and sulfuric acid reaction
7:33 Flammable hand sanitizer


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Stuffz Hack
'Stuffz Hack' 2 hours ago
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Md Anam John
'Md Anam John' 3 hours ago
'B3IT' 4 hours ago
7 should be called how to open the gates of hell
Keke Lauren
'Keke Lauren' 5 hours ago
#9 How demon eggs hatch
Icecreambrownies Forlife
Yo the sugar was like some paranormal activity shit 😂💀
Chihaya Furu
'Chihaya Furu' 10 hours ago
The fire snake is like a never ending shit
Jonathan Alvarado Sandoval (386JonAlva)
how do you do that
'GAMER NTL' 13 hours ago
pero que mierda estas asiendo?no tiene sentido
Amal Alkubaisi
'Amal Alkubaisi' 19 hours ago
Any one muslim
zayen abdulwahed
'zayen abdulwahed' 20 hours ago
alwin cyriac
'alwin cyriac' 21 hours ago
is the last one is real
'Kashi' 1 day ago
11233455 weruiop
'11233455 weruiop' 1 day ago
Poké Legend
'Poké Legend' 1 day ago
does the flame thing hurt
Funny tube
'Funny tube' 1 day ago
yes i'll try it
pham giaphong
'pham giaphong' 1 day ago
akshay wayase
'akshay wayase' 1 day ago
Xx Iván xX
'Xx Iván xX' 1 day ago
I loved the summoning on the 7th place xD
Legocreator Production
Number nine is how to summon a strange and alive thing with heart
Evans Allison
'Evans Allison' 1 day ago
nice video
Legocreator Production
Number seven is how to summon one more gut
Iries Ghisijawan
'Iries Ghisijawan' 1 day ago
last one tho
Jose Ricardo Loza Morales
tequemo la mano
Jacob Rodriguez
'Jacob Rodriguez' 1 day ago
this guy is really good!
Jessie FireBlade
'Jessie FireBlade' 1 day ago
blown. Away... XD
4:18 and that's how you summon a bigass rock snake from hell
BreaCanDo . . .
'BreaCanDo . . .' 2 days ago
more like farts in a jar 😂
Grant Teuber (BOWMASTER325)
Hope you have a fume hood
Agirlwholovescats flores
Agirlwholovescats flores
And number 7 made me cringe
Agirlwholovescats flores
I TRYED 3 AND 4....
Hopeanuoli Tähdenlento
7 is gross !
Red Room
'Red Room' 2 days ago
very nice i like this channel
Ryan Brightwell
'Ryan Brightwell' 2 days ago
'CandyNightCloud' 2 days ago
I instantly thought of the Blue Exorcist on number 10.
Anbuge Five
'Anbuge Five' 2 days ago
What kind of hand sanitizer did he use?
The last experiment... WOOOOOOOW!!!
Sakshi Shukla
'Sakshi Shukla' 2 days ago
Ya so funny
Rudjennel Sanchez
'Rudjennel Sanchez' 2 days ago
'MrGoblin' 2 days ago
No. 7 should be called How to make your poop long

also at number 10 alcohol will do
Sacapuntas de Metal
7- Fire Snake
I call it: Fire anus :v
Luke Heflin
'Luke Heflin' 2 days ago
So all we have so do is light the hand sanitizer on fire? We don't have to do anything to it first?
Sophorn Till the one is
number 8 should be named how to make foam come out of a stupid bottle
mariana Bamouni
'mariana Bamouni' 2 days ago
it doesn't hurt ?
Jose van wersch
'Jose van wersch' 2 days ago
Thank you...
the wildernesss outdoor boys
did the sanitizer hurt ? Because I suddenly have an urge to try that! :)
Projeto Feed
'Projeto Feed' 2 days ago
In this last experiment, do you use alcohol in gel?

Sorry for the question, I do not know how to speak fluent English, so I do not know how to translate correctly
dalton cornwall
'dalton cornwall' 2 days ago
I'm totally gonna try number ten
'GlowingEagle' 2 days ago
does the tenth experiment hurt? If I mix it with some water would that help to absorb the heat?
'M3G4Gaming' 3 days ago
I did the fire hands experiment at my school and everyone was like dude are you not burning am like NO IM FIRE MAN FEAR ME !
jarmo rantaniemi
'jarmo rantaniemi' 3 days ago
nice video i like it:) more science
Jay Johnson
'Jay Johnson' 3 days ago
bro can you go bigger
Nunzietto Annunziato
Hamza 1 max
'Hamza 1 max' 3 days ago
I used flammable hand as my project in school (I wish that you may do more experiments). :)$$$$$$$$
Ro vlogs
'Ro vlogs' 3 days ago
i like the hand sanitizer
does it burn ???
Ekta Singhvi
'Ekta Singhvi' 3 days ago
what dish soap did you use
'TGKTRAG' 3 days ago
10 what sanitizer do u use and can u use any sanitizer?
v illains
'v illains' 3 days ago
Raj Kumar Subedi
'Raj Kumar Subedi' 3 days ago
'xX[MG][RPG]Xx' 3 days ago
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I came for the thumbnail,
and so did you
Sasu Saku
'Sasu Saku' 3 days ago
tries the candle one its legit
Victor Umahag
'Victor Umahag' 3 days ago
That was AWESOME video
hamzah English
'hamzah English' 3 days ago
For the first one,I thought the water was pooting!!!!!
Random Killer
'Random Killer' 3 days ago
Those fire ones where you put your hand in it, does it burn you?
'RODRY 995' 3 days ago
no hablo inglihs
Angel Cosme
'Angel Cosme' 3 days ago
that was so cool
Chloe GamerGoddess
wow that didnt burn you
'Synek' 3 days ago
Jason Bourne
'Jason Bourne' 3 days ago
what percent of alcohol are you using?
JDPancake - Clash Royale
does the last one hurt
Hackz Domo
'Hackz Domo' 4 days ago
5:49 look at the shape of that lol
Leena Elgabri
'Leena Elgabri' 4 days ago
i can use some of these for my science fair project
Agoston Gergely
'Agoston Gergely' 4 days ago
TO ME IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the 10 th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lil Manlet
'Lil Manlet' 4 days ago
what kind of hand sanitiser do you need. I bought some but it didn't work
the recon crew
'the recon crew' 4 days ago
9 looks like an alien popping out of a meteor
Schotttheirishh RobloxGamerTV
i subscribe!!!
Schotttheirishh RobloxGamerTV
so very very cool
13 dimensions
'13 dimensions' 4 days ago
wow 😮
Me Myself And I
'Me Myself And I' 4 days ago
Science Toons
'Science Toons' 4 days ago
Guys I just started my channel.☺
that's wooooo
Jose Portillo
'Jose Portillo' 4 days ago
Cheetahlover Al
'Cheetahlover Al' 4 days ago
The 3rd experiment was SOOO dangerous like if you agree
Harshul Jain
'Harshul Jain' 5 days ago
Wang Francesca
'Wang Francesca' 5 days ago
can i do those at home???
Sara Aldreny
'Sara Aldreny' 5 days ago
alvaro rincon
'alvaro rincon' 5 days ago
lo último que es yo no sé inglés lo demás si lo entiendo
Princess Star
'Princess Star' 5 days ago
sees thumbnail BILL CIPHER
Irene Javelosa
'Irene Javelosa' 5 days ago
(4:27) The Snake of Hell REVEALED XD
Dustin Ghabriel Castillo
nor mohd fadlie
'nor mohd fadlie' 5 days ago
haters always dislike lol 😂
Ritwik Magotra
'Ritwik Magotra' 5 days ago
thats some alien shit going on
José Alcalá
'José Alcalá' 5 days ago
'NuclearLimé' 5 days ago
How does 10 not kill you? Or at least burn your hand?!
swagqueen1337 9
'swagqueen1337 9' 5 days ago
How does number 3 not burn you???
Vinícius Heitor Marques
this is very very awesome!!!likesssssssssssssss
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