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Sing "Shake it off" Rosita & Gunter Sing Full Movie Clip -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: ForceTV

By: ForceTVPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Maliya Dacanay
'Maliya Dacanay' 2 hours ago
rosita was amazing
sandra karina martinez castro
Ayachin Pacete
'Ayachin Pacete' 3 hours ago
wow. that. is love paaaaaaaaarty
Brianna Towner
'Brianna Towner' 3 hours ago
omg I saw the movie it was pretty amazing
Brynn Holliday
'Brynn Holliday' 4 hours ago
I like this song.
art desire music
'art desire music' 4 hours ago
영화관에서 불법으로 찍지마라 신고당한다
Deni Thompson
'Deni Thompson' 4 hours ago
I think I made people mad when I giggled my ass off to buster breaking out of the machine while screaming
'MatthewDaelin' 5 hours ago
Gotta love Gunther at 1:06. He just burst out of that washing machine as if it were nothing. LOL
Diana Carolina BELTRAN ROJAS
jajajaja jajajaja
Erinn Simpson
'Erinn Simpson' 5 hours ago
can i get 1 like
Garnet Universe
'Garnet Universe' 5 hours ago
Ladyna Chupa
'Ladyna Chupa' 6 hours ago
SING ᴴ ᴰ =| F U L L M O V I E |=

Jose Diaz
'Jose Diaz' 7 hours ago

Ronin Elenion
'Ronin Elenion' 7 hours ago
Gunter was right. Major piggy power!
ricky panaligan`
'ricky panaligan`' 7 hours ago
do it closer
'Kilialo' 10 hours ago
im cringing but also lmao he lp
Matt Wigfield
'Matt Wigfield' 10 hours ago
Maria Jose Cortes
'Maria Jose Cortes' 12 hours ago
Dylan em
'Dylan em' 12 hours ago
I l o v e them
Cul spot
'Cul spot' 12 hours ago
that boy pig is so funny
pablo el juega cosas gaming 111
i like gunter
Britney Tipan
'Britney Tipan' 14 hours ago
Which shake it off song is better original or this one ????🤗😜😜
Mariom Cadena
'Mariom Cadena' 14 hours ago
esta pabre
Maria Eduarda
'Maria Eduarda' 14 hours ago
Quando vai sair esse filme
Jay Martin
'Jay Martin' 15 hours ago
lps léna
'lps léna' 15 hours ago
Maria Angelica Vidotto
'Joacop' 16 hours ago
Rosita is the best
Savianna Murray
'Savianna Murray' 17 hours ago
I love ash she's my fav her bf cheated on her, and she's really doing better with out, her bf so everything is good 🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭
yaki xieras
'yaki xieras' 17 hours ago
dlf vkdpd, f
Rebel 365
'Rebel 365' 18 hours ago
That is mega piggy power!
Tia Lamos
'Tia Lamos' 18 hours ago
10:16 Sing Movie Available in hd Quality
Stream Now
Alice Argy
'Alice Argy' 18 hours ago
Natasha Bermudez
'Natasha Bermudez' 18 hours ago
When I saw this scene in the trailer I thought they were going to do bad romance
Gilma AC
'Gilma AC' 18 hours ago
wau wtf
Phương Vi
'Phương Vi' 20 hours ago
Xem o rạp hay hơn
Gani Smajlig
'Gani Smajlig' 21 hours ago
tailor swift
Radio Girl
'Radio Girl' 21 hours ago
hahaha Gunter is a washing machine :`D
Melinda Tudgey
'Melinda Tudgey' 22 hours ago
This was one of the best parts of the film loved it when i saw the movie at my local hoyts cinema
Andre Alonzo
'Andre Alonzo' 22 hours ago
i hear coughing
Kim Van Uuden
'Kim Van Uuden' 24 hours ago
i realy do like it
Bone Head17
'Bone Head17' 1 day ago
it was at this moment that Johnny's dick turned 10 inches
Todd Stallworth
'Todd Stallworth' 1 day ago
That's what it's all about, having fun.
Ashley Rivera
'Ashley Rivera' 1 day ago
sing the movie is so so great and even the singers and dancers and the piano
anime lover 17
'anime lover 17' 1 day ago
I'm pretty sure that after the performance Norman paid more attention to his family. Especially his wife.

Call me cheesy but I like seeing a married couple work things out.
Briana Siska
'Briana Siska' 1 day ago
SING ᴴ ᴰ =| F U L L M O V I E |=

Jazz Harts
'Jazz Harts' 1 day ago
Uhhh Who's Gunter? I thought he was Rosita's husband, lmao.
Renny Dalas
'Renny Dalas' 1 day ago
laila perliux Caballero
l am laila
Amparo Tula
'Amparo Tula' 1 day ago
Trapqueen 1st
'Trapqueen 1st' 1 day ago
I fucking hate it when people record a video and they cant even keep the backround silent and why the fuck these bitches laughing because I should be laughing at their asses when I give them a dislike
nyle suffer tv Queen suffer tv
its not guter gonter
Neave Moore (InkPage)
Even Taylor Swift would be proud at that performance...
Music is my life
'Music is my life' 1 day ago
I think Gunter and Rosita had the best scene in the whole show
Victoria Moraes
'Victoria Moraes' 1 day ago
eu adoro essa musica
Big Woman
'Big Woman' 1 day ago
who keeps laphing
Angela Beck
'Angela Beck' 1 day ago
Olha esse sim foi um sucesso todo mundo adorou eu sou a fã eu sou fã número um e eu que criei o sim e eu adorei muito vocês gritando É verdade não é gritando adorando meu sig espetáculo no sangue Ainda mais eu amo assim é se eu amo
Apple iPad Air 2
'Apple iPad Air 2' 2 days ago
Gunter and Rosita is really good!!!
Sugar Lila :3
'Sugar Lila :3' 2 days ago
jamón c:
Josh Portillo
'Josh Portillo' 2 days ago
I love thier outfit sooo cool and pretty 😁😁😍
Derpypug msp
'Derpypug msp' 2 days ago
You can here me in the back round
Sophia Insignares
'Sophia Insignares' 2 days ago
this shit is pirated
Caden Johnson
'Caden Johnson' 2 days ago
I love it
Luis Alberto Blas
'Luis Alberto Blas' 2 days ago
Amparo Tula
'Amparo Tula' 2 days ago
SMG39 The PopplioFan
that song sounds familiar...
Claire Felman
'Claire Felman' 2 days ago
Gunter is so silly I'll tell you the silliest about caterpillars
Claire Felman
'Claire Felman' 2 days ago
Oh man that's green poop
Claire Felman
'Claire Felman' 2 days ago
C'mon c'mon
Claire Felman
'Claire Felman' 2 days ago
Sing sing sing ee sing sing c'mon letter A Come on come c'mon
On Sunday I Played with the letter Aa
On Monday I played with the letter Bb
On Tuesday I played with the letter Cc
On Wednesday I played with letter Dd
On Thursday I played with the letter Ee
On Friday I played with the letter Ff
On Saturday I played with letter Gg
On New Years Day I played with all letters! come on caterpillars we love you and we love to say c'mon
Claire Felman
'Claire Felman' 2 days ago
Alright!Piggy power! Gunter
Bonni kawaii : 3
'Bonni kawaii : 3' 2 days ago
me encanto muy buena la reproducsion solo que se ve un poco vorroso
Hernan Leon
'Hernan Leon' 2 days ago
'ThePugTDM' 2 days ago
For next one pls Do Meena
China De La Cruz
'China De La Cruz' 2 days ago
C huhejjkbjbj
Lizzie Fox
'Lizzie Fox' 2 days ago
They are so fantastic
Rainier Ybanez
'Rainier Ybanez' 2 days ago
luis aguirre
'luis aguirre' 2 days ago
ja ja ja
Peul70 Games
'Peul70 Games' 2 days ago
Big wide World
'Big wide World' 2 days ago
Gunter and rose are good buddy i also loved the beat
Aracely Reyes
'Aracely Reyes' 2 days ago
'MeganLPS' 2 days ago
Wait, was this literally filmed in a cinema😂
GD Trapp3r
'GD Trapp3r' 2 days ago
Fokin wat m8 batgirl is a fukin pig m8
katarina vladić
'katarina vladić' 2 days ago
Giulia Spoldi
'Giulia Spoldi' 2 days ago
sonia salvador
'sonia salvador' 2 days ago
RainbowAngel4 Blockie
rosita and gunter will be GREAT partners!
Max Mantell
'Max Mantell' 2 days ago
I saw this on Saturday
vivacia watts
'vivacia watts' 2 days ago
evan Sabri
'evan Sabri' 2 days ago
LDS German shepherd boy
woot woot!!!!😄😄😄😄😄
Frisk dremmurr
'Frisk dremmurr' 2 days ago
Pyroar Xp
'Pyroar Xp' 2 days ago
pause at 1:02 best scene in the movie
Jessie Wang
'Jessie Wang' 2 days ago
Ucvqhfjfgwgcrazy. CRAZYYYYYYYYYY
Alicia The Morgan
'Alicia The Morgan' 2 days ago
me guto muucho☺☺☺😊😊😊😊😊👌💐
Tamarin Bridlee
'Tamarin Bridlee' 2 days ago
9:19 S I N G ᴴ ᴰ   f u l l m o v i e :: GET IT ON
Daniela Diaz
'Daniela Diaz' 2 days ago
Gunter tho he reminds me from Gunter from shake it up lol it sounds weird bc Gunter sings shake it off but Gunter is in shake it up ( different Gunter)
Jimena iboy
'Jimena iboy' 2 days ago
me encanto cuando entra a la refi me gusta su traje y la pirueta de ultimo
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