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A Dream Came True: Home Made Full Auto Crossbow! -
Published: 1 week ago By: JoergSprave

By: JoergSpravePublished: 1 week ago

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When you make non gunpowder weapons at home, you are usually restricted to single shot contraptions or manual repeaters at best. But of course the ultimate goal is to build a full auto machine gun style weapon!

That is by no means very easy. Muscle powered weapons are simply not quick enough for a true Brat-a-tat action. Gas powered engines are too heavy and clumsy for a portable weapon.

Of course there are modern battery drills - plenty of torque in small packages, lightweight and affordable. It makes sense to use those as power sources. But how to turn rotational motion into a linear cocking process?

We finally, at last, had success using a rack and pinion mechanism. The wooden gears had to be reinforced with massive aluminum for a reliable operation, but the result is very convincing.

It is a reality - true machine gun feeling!

Now on to optimization.

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Sam Culbreth
'Sam Culbreth' 59 minutes ago
Heard they're reforming the Dawnguard. Vampire hunters or something, in the old fort near Riften. Might consider joining up myself.
'Antimanele104' 1 hour ago
For some reason,I totally love this guy's voice.
Jeff Rodriguez
'Jeff Rodriguez' 3 hours ago
Now it needs a detachable box magazine! :D
41Rithus 113
'41Rithus 113' 3 hours ago
You should do the car door test after you ramp it up a notch (no pun intended cause of the slide.)
'civilmel619' 4 hours ago
You are having too much fun with that! LOL!
mav Rck
'mav Rck' 4 hours ago
Amazing the innovations you come up with. Wondering if you could design a trigger system to engage the drill and allow for your hands to be inline in a more traditional fashion. Weight distribution would obviously be an issue but would like to see you explore that aspect in a next gen bow.
'KeepOnRollinFilms' 5 hours ago
Awesome channel and awesome video!
For future versions; consider replacing the rack and pinion with a slider crank mechanism. A common example is a piston in a engine. You could replace the gear interface with 3 pivot points, one being the drill, that will be more precise and wear less.
Keep making awesome videos!
Lenny Hastings
'Lenny Hastings' 5 hours ago
my favourite thing about your videos is your laugh :) however, i truely enjoy your home made weapons.
michael curry
'michael curry' 5 hours ago
You sir are a genius! This is the best thing I have seen in a long time!
Darkness Consumes All
this video right here has earned my sub. keep up the creativity out there man.
'internetwarrior666' 7 hours ago
Please do that john deer tractor hahahahahahaha
'Mattofcolumbia1783' 7 hours ago
Corvo Attano needs this.
'Lavatun' 7 hours ago
so the autocrossbow from van helsing is possible to make..
Jonel Rieta
'Jonel Rieta' 7 hours ago
Tito Rivera
'Tito Rivera' 7 hours ago
I love it awesome
Ken Johnston
'Ken Johnston' 8 hours ago
First of all, Joerg, you are a joy to watch; your laugh is infectious! Thanks for posting such an interesting video! Subscribed!!!
- Ken in Hawaii - Jan 2017
'Ranhosomau' 8 hours ago
cant stop laughing lmao
Gary Host
'Gary Host' 9 hours ago
Haha yes! Auto crossbow is a bit much but this is a great video. Just found your channel, can't wait to binge watch your stuff XD
Damon Khan
'Damon Khan' 9 hours ago
Hands down, one of the funniest channels on youtube...
'jedmarum' 9 hours ago
I love it! I need one!
Ivo Stružinský
'Ivo Stružinský' 10 hours ago
You could use brushless outrunner motor controlled by some RC model ESC or VESC that is popular among electric skateboard enthusiasts and some RC Li-Po battery pack to power this thing. ;-) No bulky drill and much more control over power and speed of the action would be awesome.
K bang FPV
'K bang FPV' 10 hours ago
Gday mate you crazy crazy man I love the way your mind works I want one now lmao lol please don't stop these fantastically crazy fun videos keep up the fantastic work waiting for the next one 👍👍🤘🏻
'klyana130' 11 hours ago
'TravelingAnvil' 12 hours ago
I love this channel. We really need a shirt that says "LET ME SHOW YOU ITS FEATURES!"
'Nickle' 12 hours ago
Lego version needed
Aldo Anugrah
'Aldo Anugrah' 13 hours ago
amazing jahajahajaha XD
JackAnd HisLantern
'JackAnd HisLantern' 13 hours ago
May God bless your heart jeorge. Otherwise the world is doomed.
Steve Blount
'Steve Blount' 14 hours ago
His laugh makes me smile.
MrLeonidas0001 Tactical Adventures
Hot DAMN 2017 is going to be a good year :D
Alex Oprel
'Alex Oprel' 14 hours ago
Tony Bamanaboni
'Tony Bamanaboni' 14 hours ago
If zombie apocalypse starts I want to survive with him
'eugkra33' 14 hours ago
this isn't regulated... but it should be lol.
Jason Diaz
'Jason Diaz' 18 hours ago
Simply fuckin awesome!!! You just got a like and subscribe out of me sir.
Quanqiang Zhuge
'Quanqiang Zhuge' 18 hours ago
The size and design looks a bit similar to the Giant Repeating Crossbows mounted on ships and carried by Heavy Repeating Crossbow Regiments the Chinese had during Ming Dynasty except this has a faster fire rate and each hit is probably as strong as it and he didn't coat the arrows with poison and the mechanism is more advanced.
K (Redfoxkt)
'K (Redfoxkt)' 18 hours ago
the more i watch the more im loving your videos
Stephan Mast.
'Stephan Mast.' 19 hours ago
you realy need to make one with the john deere engine hahaha
Nathan Kleczewski
'Nathan Kleczewski' 19 hours ago
I want this guy to speak at my funeral
'mystic1754' 20 hours ago
this guy is totally insane !  but dont tell anyone ! .just look at all the toys he has given us that are extreme lethal ! hehehe  !
B- Rand
'B- Rand' 1 day ago
I strive to be as happy and manly as this guy
Juan J Christo
'Juan J Christo' 1 day ago
Awesome auto
Travos Ymir
'Travos Ymir' 1 day ago

The full auto crossbow

Instead of the drill if can you make one with a lever, where the drill bit goes, and use your hand to rotate the flywheel.
Jyesta Elka
'Jyesta Elka' 1 day ago
his laugh is always priceless
Eric Eric
'Eric Eric' 1 day ago
I thought burger meister hated toys...
'Kanadian' 1 day ago
You must have a lawyer to consult before you upload these videos, Joerg!
Hermes Conrad
'Hermes Conrad' 1 day ago
haha haha I like this guy's accent it makes me hahahahaha
'stayfrosty555' 1 day ago
His laugh alone makes this video watchworthy. So genuine :-)
Ryan Margate
'Ryan Margate' 1 day ago
Awesome invention dude!
Brad Benedetto
'Brad Benedetto' 1 day ago
I really enjoy your videos and your inventions. It is highly evident that you love what you are doing. keep up the good work.
'olluman123' 1 day ago
Germans always have loved theyr machine guns XD
'llamapi3' 1 day ago
How much weight is behind the shots?
'choward3663' 1 day ago
you need to make a stripper clip for it
Michael Doger
'Michael Doger' 1 day ago
Jörg du könntest echt in einem Film den Bösen gut spielen, dein Lachen ist Legendär =D
Jacob Clark
'Jacob Clark' 1 day ago
This needs to be modded into a Fallout game.
Nageswar Chetia
'Nageswar Chetia' 1 day ago
hah hah hah
'sprocaster' 1 day ago
Please make a bigger one that would be so awesome !
Cocoyea Broom
'Cocoyea Broom' 1 day ago
now add chan saw
Charles Miller
'Charles Miller' 2 days ago
Joel Rampersad
'Joel Rampersad' 2 days ago
You get to do what all middle aged men dream of......building their own weapons. And the laugh wins.
Lampião Verde
'Lampião Verde' 2 days ago
Jorg if you want to get the trigger in line you can try to put the electronics of the drill on the handle but just the ´´trigger`` part of the drill
Joryan Sennesael
'Joryan Sennesael' 2 days ago
you could move the motor to the back and use a chain to transmit the rotation
Black Adder Gaming
Holy shit.
'HenriquePlay' 2 days ago
Can you make a manual version? Like old gattling guns.
Robin de Roos
'Robin de Roos' 2 days ago
how long did it take you to develop this beatifull constraption, and how hard was it to tune its function?
did you consider to make it more like an airsoft gearbox by adding a second gear which deceases wear and increases power transfer? also having the correct angle of engagement on the teeth reduces wear on the gears.
also a way of adding a magazine could be by using a drum mag on top, with a hole in the middle with a scope in it. or try chain-fed bolts/ nails (grind the edge down)
nukecola drinker
'nukecola drinker' 2 days ago
but mayby u should change position off that wheel to up and add a normal motor not a drill plus a batery and make it litle more compact also mayby drum magazine for about 15 bolts then u can change it to caomact look to atached aditional scope :) and other atachments like a blade on front (sry for my bad english ) :)
Ryan Newell
'Ryan Newell' 2 days ago
Do you have any pdfs or schematics so we can build these things by spec our-selves ?

Thanks in advance.
Sven Rütten
'Sven Rütten' 2 days ago
Schönes Video aber is das nicht ein bisschen Kalt mit T-Shirt 😅😊
Horst Horstwald
'Horst Horstwald' 2 days ago
Pete Buchanan
'Pete Buchanan' 2 days ago
My new hero
Bradd Petersen
'Bradd Petersen' 2 days ago
that's brilliant no barrel and no trigger. home made arrow thrower . must start making one in the next week thanks you can't beat ply form or marine ply smicko
Sam H
'Sam H' 2 days ago
pretty much just need s 24h loop of this man laughing.
Julius Gilbert Glahn Andersen
make a shotgun crossbow
Theodoros Xanthopoulos
That manly laugh, I love it
Hamdan Alharbi
'Hamdan Alharbi' 2 days ago
this guy is an anime character came to life
Claire Celestin
'Claire Celestin' 2 days ago
1) I think it would be possible to use the other 180 degrees of the drill's rotation to power a second band set if you had a second rail, second sled, and second arrow hopper, so that one is firing while the second is drawing back, all powered by the same drill. The gear would have a front plate and a back plate 180 degrees out of phase. I think the main challenge would be that this second rail and so on would need to be offset not just in the direction of the drill bit, but also vertically a little bit to keep the two band sets from interfering with each other. The weight of the weapon would increase some but not double, as you would likely need to make it 5 layers thick instead of 3, but you could use the same forks, same drill, and so on.

2) I believe you that it feels like a machine gun to fire, because every time you fire it, you start laughing. Your laugh when you are watching something be destroyed is one of my favorite things about this channel.

Thank you very much for all of your hard work. Slingshot channel is fun, interesting, and insightful. Please continue to stay safe around large amounts of stored energy.
'IchimaruGin19877' 2 days ago
Nothing to see here ! Just a dude in the snow with just a t-shirt !!!!!
Arved Ludwig
'Arved Ludwig' 2 days ago
Setze das Rad nach oben und das magazin nach unten wenn es geht. Der Akkuschrauber kann ja unten bleiben.
Arved Ludwig
'Arved Ludwig' 2 days ago
Setze das Rad nach oben und das magazin nach unten wenn es geht. Der Akkuschrauber kann ja unten bleiben
'michaelbianchi22' 2 days ago
When the zombie apocalypse happens, I'm coming to live with you.
Alan Blair
'Alan Blair' 2 days ago
I love how much joy you get with this DIY machine gun slingshot. Your laughter is a testament to the power of DIY!
Devin Cruz
'Devin Cruz' 2 days ago
"hahaha" just subscribed to hear this epic laughter over and over again.
'Elijah' 2 days ago
imagine how lucky this guys grandkids are
Daniel Lopez
'Daniel Lopez' 2 days ago
damn I'm impressed
JiWon Kim
'JiWon Kim' 2 days ago
congrats joerg. That must've taken so much time and effort to make that cool auto crossbow. :D
'egroj735' 2 days ago
full blown bond villain
'1976ClassicCelica' 2 days ago
Joerg I think you raised the bar on yourself one again. can't wait to see the bigger version and ballistic gel test.
'Andrey' 2 days ago
That John Deere engine idea, me like.
S.A. Rendon
'S.A. Rendon' 2 days ago
you are insane.... I love it... this the best thing I've seen since that air arrow gun you had....
'A Z' 2 days ago
3:37 This would be the last thing you that you would see if you broke into this guy's house.
'Iluminas' 2 days ago
John Deer engine i have an idea get big pickup put engine on the loading area tada full auto Balista
aaron levy
'aaron levy' 2 days ago
subscribed. this is so cool man
Vinny C
'Vinny C' 2 days ago
mark miller
'mark miller' 2 days ago
Crazy German... I like it
'Kilifun_HD' 2 days ago
nice Video ich nehme an du kannst nicht zeigen wie du so was baust oder???
'JoyBozz' 2 days ago
T-Shirt im Schnee, endlich jemand der mich versteht!
Jaem Maddog
'Jaem Maddog' 2 days ago
would this kill be able to kill a mountain lion?
The Swordguy
'The Swordguy' 2 days ago
You are my hero.

Consider making the magazine detachable an spring loaded, perhaps? You could then load up several magazines and keep shooting for longer?
Robin Bromander
'Robin Bromander' 2 days ago
Make room for an oval gear mecanism for longer draw and more power. Great video as allways 👍
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