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Bebe Rexha - I Got You [Official Music Video] -
Published: 4 months ago By: Bebe Rexha

By: Bebe RexhaPublished: 4 months ago

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Bebe Rexha - I Got You. From the album All Your Fault: Pt. 1:

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Bebe Rexha
'Bebe Rexha' 4 months ago
earth. air. fire. water. i'd go through all the elements for you.
Jennifer Sarmiento
'Jennifer Sarmiento' 8 minutes ago
U aré the best😘😱
Francisca Miranda
'Francisca Miranda' 12 minutes ago
legal a minha família é da Índia
'Sezgin' 16 minutes ago
1% music 99% porn (:
Eren Boyka
'Eren Boyka' 42 minutes ago
yalarim , istiririm bile 😀
أنين الصمت
'أنين الصمت' 58 minutes ago
piz the song in background
to be sure that The song is satanic 👹
Aphrodite Now
'Aphrodite Now' 1 hour ago
I would love to know who her wardrobe designer was for this video.
'Mincey918' 2 hours ago
Hello i make music myself i will appreciate if you can check it out on my YouTube channel thank you.
Elvine KB
'Elvine KB' 2 hours ago
i get nervous when she doesn't finish the last I Got You Like "I got y " no girl finish it
Zeke Piere
'Zeke Piere' 2 hours ago
this song so cool
ionut Bahnean
'ionut Bahnean' 3 hours ago
who listening this right now:))
I like this song👍👍👍
kitty cute
'kitty cute' 3 hours ago
yesi Desales
'yesi Desales' 3 hours ago
i love you bebé rexha
Ximena Moreno
'Ximena Moreno' 3 hours ago
Fall Leafer
'Fall Leafer' 3 hours ago
I like the first second and fifth outfit
'RUS NORMAN' 3 hours ago
Какаю, какаю 😂
Денис Кузьмин
такую девочку любить надо!
Денис Кузьмин
вот это попа!
'gleek' 3 hours ago
0:00 - 0:56 WIND
0:57 - 1:16 EARTH
1:17 - 1:37 WATER
2:35 - 3:13 FIRE

She is the new AVATAR !
'KafffWorld_' 3 hours ago
earth. air. fire. water. i'd go through all the elements for you.
Денис Кузьмин
о боже какая задница!
Rayssa Santos
'Rayssa Santos' 3 hours ago
i love the bebe rexa
Will Holygons
'Will Holygons' 4 hours ago
She's Albanian and so am I
caner kılıç
'caner kılıç' 4 hours ago
abi çok güzel
caner kılıç
'caner kılıç' 4 hours ago
yardım çok güzel
Simon Richards
'Simon Richards' 4 hours ago
why do noses run...but feet smell?
Эмиль Хакимов
Iz Jackson EXTRA
'Iz Jackson EXTRA' 4 hours ago
I started this Kylie Jenner thing on my other youtube account Iz jackson search through the comments and you'll find it
seven ties
'seven ties' 4 hours ago
Ece tacenur
Kız çok güzel👍😍❤️
Emee Dutremble
'Emee Dutremble' 4 hours ago
so prettyy
Lena Ingrassia
'Lena Ingrassia' 4 hours ago
Soooooo beautiful.
بنوتة صاكه
'بنوتة صاكه' 4 hours ago
nice vare😍😍
felix 8000 ita
'felix 8000 ita' 5 hours ago
Nahid Sultana
'Nahid Sultana' 5 hours ago
Babe Rexha   " U   🎆  ⤴  my   🌏   like nobody else
larih Tv
'larih Tv' 5 hours ago
best music.......
Jarosław Grabowski
'Jarosław Grabowski' 6 hours ago
Interesting girl...
Harshith M Gowda
'Harshith M Gowda' 6 hours ago
love you bebe....
Ve Girl
'Ve Girl' 6 hours ago
bebe is best singer.this song is BEST.she is better of shakira,justin bieber,and all of singers
Jaden Josue Clark
'Jaden Josue Clark' 6 hours ago
Beautifull Bletta i love you , I am obsessed with the song.
Maria Sardinha
'Maria Sardinha' 6 hours ago
'DEAD POOL' 6 hours ago
'vanflores125' 6 hours ago
me gusta la canción
creamy april
'creamy april' 6 hours ago
lol, is she sponsoring beats? I've noticed that she has worn them in some of her videos.
'IaMoDiNaRy' 6 hours ago
Forget her! I want the RUBICON!
Melike Ecran Oğuz
'Melike Ecran Oğuz' 6 hours ago
şarkı ve kıyafetleri bide sesi çok güzel 😍😍😍😚😚😙😘😗😗😘😙💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
aivars tjapusins
'aivars tjapusins' 6 hours ago
bravo nice.......
Cosmome GT
'Cosmome GT' 7 hours ago
Play this song backwards
Cyrena Feliciano
'Cyrena Feliciano' 7 hours ago
stop at 3:37
Adem Aktaş
'Adem Aktaş' 7 hours ago
dehşetü vehşet 😃😃
shaby 1
'shaby 1' 7 hours ago
i repeat it daily 2 or 3 times
bebe rexha 😘😘😘
Başak Deniz
'Başak Deniz' 7 hours ago
Bebe Rexha you are my best singer i got you song is good
johan mateo moreno gomez
my name is 12 yeald old
johan mateo moreno gomez
johan mateo moreno gomez
Maha Alamri
'Maha Alamri' 8 hours ago
I love this song
Maha Alamri
'Maha Alamri' 8 hours ago
الي عربي لايك شكلي انا بس
johnymad maddo
'johnymad maddo' 8 hours ago
love this song
Sezai Gürçınar
'Sezai Gürçınar' 8 hours ago
Baby rexha you are so beautiful very good
'ShelbeePlays' 8 hours ago
I Keep On Singing This To My Bff xD
Goran Georgiev
'Goran Georgiev' 8 hours ago
Chofia Velazquez
'Chofia Velazquez' 8 hours ago
Isabely Carvalho
'Isabely Carvalho' 8 hours ago
i got you love
Legolas Targaryen
'Legolas Targaryen' 9 hours ago
yeah, you're a beautiful body, WE UNDERSTAND !!!
Ann Marie
'Ann Marie' 9 hours ago
Love Bebe's new look, the blonde straight hair suits her new music style so well.
Настя Cat
'Настя Cat' 9 hours ago
You syper!I love you!
Bebe Rexha is Kylie Jenner with talent ;)
Xx_BruhItzMiniShep_xX graal
when your feeling dirty
Артем Рюмин
Grace Meade
'Grace Meade' 9 hours ago
Grace Meade
'Grace Meade' 9 hours ago
Nick Verras
'Nick Verras' 10 hours ago
Her best song hands down
Armel Cizarre Tan
'Armel Cizarre Tan' 10 hours ago
What's good in this song is the lyrics. Not about sex but to let someone you know that you got their back.
amigas pra sempre
'amigas pra sempre' 10 hours ago
i love this song
Shamraiz Ahmed
'Shamraiz Ahmed' 10 hours ago
she is prettiest girl in music industry
Abderrahman Mortaji
'Abderrahman Mortaji' 11 hours ago
تقودي القحب
Thu Hiền Bùi Thị
hayyy quá ><
Suraj Mehra
'Suraj Mehra' 11 hours ago
xaidos - geogroula
'xaidos - geogroula' 11 hours ago
'simge' 11 hours ago
bu klipte küresel ısınmaya dikkat çekilmiştir
stanislav petrov
'stanislav petrov' 11 hours ago
0:08 omfg I love this ❤😍
Alicia Fernandez
'Alicia Fernandez' 11 hours ago
bebe rexha forever 😍😍💋❤
Alicia Fernandez
'Alicia Fernandez' 11 hours ago
bebe rexha
Sagar Gond
'Sagar Gond' 11 hours ago
love her voice..😘
Hassan Raza
'Hassan Raza' 12 hours ago
MA this sister converted to Islam ,(proof thumbnail)
Doğukan Online
'Doğukan Online' 12 hours ago
Şarkı sözü ne acaba
Zoro Firaz
'Zoro Firaz' 12 hours ago
backwards i got you =we are god. are gou fucking serius
Kerem Yavuz
'Kerem Yavuz' 12 hours ago
bu şarkı yazın patlayacak rez alın
'Marion' 12 hours ago
sur la miniature sa ma fait penser à miss univers iris mittenaere pas vous ?
amasra amasra
'amasra amasra' 12 hours ago
süper şarkı yav nanaa diye dolanıyom aq
Martina Koleva
'Martina Koleva' 12 hours ago
I like your songs and I'm also a big fan. Continue to develop your voice and become better. :)
2 J
'2 J' 12 hours ago
bebe Rexha you are so beautiful
'SpieleTester' 12 hours ago
i got you
Maddie Cabello
'Maddie Cabello' 12 hours ago
I Love Her Voice 🙊🙈
travis Scott
'travis Scott' 13 hours ago
niezle dupsko
Ninad Marathe
'Ninad Marathe' 13 hours ago
who came here bcoz of musically ?? 🙈
'Sara' 13 hours ago
I love this song! ❤❤💪👫
حبيبت ماما امير
كلش حلوه الاغينه ابداع
Mario fdeegggddreedkManchini
beatuful song ♡
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