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Rae Sremmurd - Real Chill ft. Kodak Black -
Published: 3 weeks ago By: RaeSremmurdVEVO

By: RaeSremmurdVEVOPublished: 3 weeks ago

10, 344, 999 views

177, 138 Likes   8, 683 Dislikes

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Music video by Rae Sremmurd performing Real Chill. (C) 2016 Eardruma/Interscope Records

Josiah Arevalo
'Josiah Arevalo' 2 hours ago
who sees this comment?
Timo Ortiz
'Timo Ortiz' 2 hours ago
she shakin they feel real .
Lil Leafz
'Lil Leafz' 3 hours ago
1:32 when he was paddling his hands i laugged hard af
Captain Marvel
'Captain Marvel' 3 hours ago
I don't see why people say he's good
Captain Marvel
'Captain Marvel' 3 hours ago
kodack is fucking trash
abe lincoln
'abe lincoln' 4 hours ago
Kodak destroyed his verse
ziyhana H.
'ziyhana H.' 4 hours ago
"She be telling me baby boy don't steal I don't listen to her cause I still steal" probably the reason yo ass was in jail 
angel Garcia
'angel Garcia' 5 hours ago
Boy I got to say its fire I was going to put the fire emoji but I can't find it
Jordan Nelson
'Jordan Nelson' 5 hours ago
Vernetta Watkins
'Vernetta Watkins' 6 hours ago
Sway lee killed it with that hook.
Vernetta Watkins
'Vernetta Watkins' 6 hours ago
Sway lee killed it with that hook.
'geoffwakes54' 6 hours ago
Yall need to listen to Indigo Misfit Bronx Tale
Swae Lee
'Swae Lee' 6 hours ago
This whole song was just🔥🔥
Maris Lemus
'Maris Lemus' 6 hours ago
I love this song
Miguel Fuentes
'Miguel Fuentes' 7 hours ago
l ilttle dick Kodak
Chetlar Chey
'Chetlar Chey' 7 hours ago
Who is kirk????
'mcatriana' 8 hours ago
Why would he cutt his hair off 😭😭😭😭😭
cell den
'cell den' 8 hours ago
2: 19 is when the song Started
Takangaroa Waenga
'Takangaroa Waenga' 9 hours ago
black Kodak hair looks like Coral in the ocean 😂😂
'Youngbludd😏👌' 10 hours ago
'SARY GLD' 10 hours ago
Slim Jxmmi finally showing who da boss
'telepathy90' 10 hours ago
Kodaks verse was lit. im telling you he a young legend and people sleeping / hatin.
SHotThor 26
'SHotThor 26' 11 hours ago
Kodak make this song way better
Antonio Jones
'Antonio Jones' 11 hours ago
Kodak has all those gold teeth cuz he was suckin dick to hard and to much and lost them
Antonio Jones
'Antonio Jones' 11 hours ago
If everyone disagrees with me in my opinion sway lee and slim jimmy are the best singers of 2 years take kodak of this tho I can't even understand what he is sayin when he what in jail did he get nocked out so hard that he lost his speech. LOL
'Nylann LOUBER' 12 hours ago
nice very nice
Playing SA
'Playing SA' 13 hours ago
Fuck this shitty shit
Captain Wimmerlbeard
'Captain Wimmerlbeard' 13 hours ago
I Hope my next Party is like this one 😍
islame snouci
'islame snouci' 14 hours ago
nice work rae
%!00apachi%!00 %
'%!00apachi%!00 %' 14 hours ago
wooooow very
Jake Edison
'Jake Edison' 19 hours ago
theyre gona die like easy-e
safoine obbadi
'safoine obbadi' 19 hours ago
Shake it hahahahaha
Christian Tello
'Christian Tello' 19 hours ago
Ultimate fuckboy fuck!
RedShadowX {RSDWX}
'RedShadowX {RSDWX}' 23 hours ago
'xxhazer95xx' 24 hours ago
Gettin a huge stranger things vibe here
Jimmy Marison
'Jimmy Marison' 24 hours ago
kodak is crazyyyy
'WickedGames4Life' 24 hours ago
x Endzii
'x Endzii' 1 day ago
Dumbest shit I ever heard.
Lizette Montero
'Lizette Montero' 1 day ago
rae sremmurd ilysfm
Vanaya Jobin
'Vanaya Jobin' 1 day ago
This not that good his newer songs starting to become trash
axel lara
'axel lara' 1 day ago
only here for Kodak's verse
Hot Buckets
'Hot Buckets' 1 day ago
I first got here when this song had about 24K views, Like if you we're here early too!
'ALE FTW' 1 day ago
this is so fucken shitty idk how people can listen to this cancer like fuck this is bad
Cierra Williams
'Cierra Williams' 1 day ago
prove yall wrong they never one hit wonder
Gabriel Fancher
'Gabriel Fancher' 1 day ago
listen to my Channel🔥🔥🔥🔥
Corbett McDaniel
'Corbett McDaniel' 1 day ago
wait did he say Ben 10 man that was my show
Milan Hilaire
'Milan Hilaire' 1 day ago
Slim Jimmy "Peanut Head " LMAOOO still that video
Bape Preme
'Bape Preme' 1 day ago
spam the number 301-917-4616
'BISHOP K.R.W' 1 day ago
Elandre Costa
'Elandre Costa' 1 day ago
Sonzera Foda bicho.
darius graves
'darius graves' 1 day ago
I 💘 u sway lee ima girl but my brother. gave me his phone so I'm 19 and can u come to my house on sep 6 and smoke weed and drink with girls with big but and invite krew and kofat cause my sis and cousin love him but my cousin 💘 him more cause he got his hair like him and my brother look just like u sway
Jason Morris
'Jason Morris' 1 day ago
That hair tho
Matt Anderson
'Matt Anderson' 1 day ago
that big watch on feel like Ben 10 😂 cartoon network having ass
Andy Palacios
'Andy Palacios' 1 day ago
I fucking hate this nigger @Kodak Black
'suzuki400boi' 1 day ago
Songs pretty shit tbh
Harry 254
'Harry 254' 1 day ago
When Kodak Said "Mama told me not to steal but I ain't listen coz I still steal" 😂😂😂😂
sir faggot
'sir faggot' 1 day ago
Does anyone see the sea urchin dancing at 1:27?
I don
'I don't Care' 1 day ago
That Mannequin challenge at 1:27
The INFiNiTi
'The INFiNiTi' 1 day ago
Lol this has to be one of the worst features ever, I'd ask for my money back 😂😂
Food Stamp God
'Food Stamp God' 1 day ago
bruh kodak the type of nigga to eat alphabet soup and choke on the D
Food Stamp God
'Food Stamp God' 1 day ago
why......Why did you do this video.....really nigga....just why....
'OJSOCOOL' 1 day ago
sub my Channel if u a savage 5k on dis
Love Evie
'Love Evie' 1 day ago
Yo this song is fucking niccccceee
'Eliteee15' 1 day ago
'big dimonds in my mouth when i burp' best line in jimmy's verse looool
Osazuwa Iyamu
'Osazuwa Iyamu' 1 day ago
kodak black ugly
Gorane marowane
'Gorane marowane' 1 day ago
10.000.000. ? ❤️
Buzz Mixes
'Buzz Mixes' 1 day ago
Kodak Black would get the best smile in rap award
smokey king
'smokey king' 1 day ago
they telling Me slow down
Denis Grunewald
'Denis Grunewald' 1 day ago
My homies the real deal
Austin3dsxl Real
'Austin3dsxl Real' 2 days ago
told me to slow down
samuel sparrow
'samuel sparrow' 2 days ago
0:33 errrrrr
Jan Fink
'Jan Fink' 2 days ago
Kodak has haircut like Maggie from the Simpsons
'Tyro' 2 days ago
this is honestly an amazing collab
Red Panda
'Red Panda' 2 days ago
the guys who made black beatles - Real Chill ft. guy who dropped his phone whil live streaming in the shower and showed his tiny midget penis
Space Bound Broadcast
Damn if I could produce for Rae sremmurd or Kodak one day that would be unreal
Got more to come than what's on my channel already
i krayzie i
'i krayzie i' 2 days ago
how is this music
Nyquavious Simmons
do you have any money fuck
Honor Everette
'Honor Everette' 2 days ago
Kodak killed it
Roduen Ajubi
'Roduen Ajubi' 2 days ago
2:13 sounds like he's vomiting.. in the background
Stivenson Cadet
'Stivenson Cadet' 2 days ago
Kodak let's get it💪💪💯💯🔥
. “_flumE”
'. “_flumE”' 2 days ago
im a simple man, i see kodak black
i click on video
21 Savage
'21 Savage' 2 days ago
this isnt even new lol
stoked style
'stoked style' 2 days ago
nun better than seeing young niggas gettin money
Almighty Montana
'Almighty Montana' 2 days ago
Pluto Gotti
Tony Barrajas
'Tony Barrajas' 2 days ago
1:46 looking like the baby Grinch 😂 sorry sorry
Airron Chairs
'Airron Chairs' 2 days ago
'wazrasta' 2 days ago
Slim is fire lmao
12 savage
'12 savage' 2 days ago
if you to a kid rap then go to channal young12savage
Jacob Santiago
'Jacob Santiago' 2 days ago
player 1
'player 1' 2 days ago
the beat and kodak are the best of this song those two mf weak af
Christian Stokes
'Christian Stokes' 2 days ago
Kodak couldn't smile bruh 😂😂
'Diosa' 2 days ago
Slim Jimmy had the best verse.
Jason Juarez
'Jason Juarez' 2 days ago
yo kodak is 2pac yo
Clutching King
'Clutching King' 2 days ago
Kodakk 👺
Richlife Shon - NBA LIVE MOBILE
Kodak part was lit asf
'king' 2 days ago
Kodak is fat and ugly now
Nyquavious Simmons
no was not
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