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Aminé - Caroline (Vevo Show & Tell) -
Published: 5 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 5 months ago

458, 611 views

9, 960 Likes   267 Dislikes

We connected with Portland, Oregon-based MC Aminé to learn the secrets of his "Caroline" video. In our exclusive interview he explains the references to Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' and the reason they're eating a Big Kahuna burger in the video.

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Jahdon Clark
'Jahdon Clark' 1 hour ago
hi dod
ShineIman _
'ShineIman _' 12 hours ago
he's already my fav
Mori Jin
'Mori Jin' 2 days ago
is his voice legit? gaaaaah he be looking hot like dat hahahaha never knew yellow could look good
Snizzy Fizzy
'Snizzy Fizzy' 3 days ago
Im pretty sure hed had his friends in his new song REDMERCEDES too!
lulu caboom
'lulu caboom' 3 days ago
Is it just me or the boy with the jersey look like he musty and he try to flirt with all the girls he look like he has sweaty armpits but he still try to put them around every girl he try to talk to 😭😭😷
Michaella Dominique
he's so adorable 😁
Amanda Chek
'Amanda Chek' 4 days ago
'I want every girl to feel like they can be a Caroline' y can't he be my big brother :(
'wasabitch' 4 days ago
I love this guy
Babygurl .Tashauna
Bruh amine fine asf dame💯💯💯
'Dazza_Bo' 1 week ago
Has he done one for Redmercedes?
Rateda forAshley
'Rateda forAshley' 1 week ago
He's just so cute😶
Allison Sanchez
'Allison Sanchez' 1 week ago
The banana thing was really creative and it really made the song good! It was funny!😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤘🤘🤘
Marquis Lewis
'Marquis Lewis' 1 week ago
This is like my fav song
'emma' 1 week ago
hes so cute omgggggggg
Lou Savage
'Lou Savage' 1 week ago
He does even look bad
Alexandria Aris
'Alexandria Aris' 2 weeks ago
when he said he didn't put a girl in the video because he wanted every girl to feel like they could be a Caroline...priceless 😍😋
Kerri Coelho
'Kerri Coelho' 2 weeks ago
I love amine now❤️❤️😍
Amarie Farari
'Amarie Farari' 2 weeks ago
Caroline remix on my channe
Mirna Higuera
'Mirna Higuera' 2 weeks ago
do you like bananas
jordan bates
'jordan bates' 2 weeks ago
bananas are yummy😂😂
Rainbow Unicorns
'Rainbow Unicorns' 2 weeks ago
i liked the banana idea
Juliana Mitchell
'Juliana Mitchell' 2 weeks ago
Love your Album too.
This song and video will go down in history 4sho.
Krissoux Crmsl
'Krissoux Crmsl' 2 weeks ago
Biny Raleigh
'Biny Raleigh' 2 weeks ago
Abel ( The weeknd ) and Amine are Ethiopians ! nothing else ! plz ,
not Latin or mix just Black from Ethiopia, North East Africa. that how
we look . nice and kind people .
we have our own language ,culture, food,dress....... google,
Ethiopia means is Only Black
Misael Ramos
'Misael Ramos' 3 weeks ago
it's mine too
Desireé Henry
'Desireé Henry' 3 weeks ago
the banana thing was funny as fuck actually
Lorna Chatmon
'Lorna Chatmon' 3 weeks ago
He is so cool😎😎😎😎😎
SoftballPlaya Gamez
'SoftballPlaya Gamez' 3 weeks ago
Wait why isnt Melanie Martinez vevo 😩😪:(
Jess Ness
'Jess Ness' 4 weeks ago
My new obsession <3
Franziska Sneakers
'Franziska Sneakers' 4 weeks ago
Lol our birthday is on the same day
Brittany Cook
'Brittany Cook' 1 month ago
I subscribed and liked
Elias Sarabia
'Elias Sarabia' 1 month ago
vevo copied genius
craig martin tugas
'craig martin tugas' 1 month ago
amy williams
'amy williams' 1 month ago
they should be in a movie because I thought they were actually playing a video they did good
-TN- Rinkashimi
'-TN- Rinkashimi' 1 month ago
he should make a album called 'Banana'
Liza Shevchuk
'Liza Shevchuk' 1 month ago
He needs to collab with Logic. #BobbyTarantino
Savage squad savage
'Savage squad savage' 1 month ago
I'm caroline yay (my real name is valerie)
Lewam Amare
'Lewam Amare' 1 month ago
Shout out ladies holler :')
Project P05
'Project P05' 1 month ago
Me Am
'Me Am' 1 month ago
Alana Decu
'Alana Decu' 1 month ago
He's so cute 😍😘 I love this song!!!! Can't stop replaying the video ❤️❤️
'' 1 month ago
i want to be savage like 21 savage but have sick dance moves like Aminè
Shinobi Ninja Plays
'Shinobi Ninja Plays' 1 month ago
I got the same name as that friend
Azsiana Jacobs
'Azsiana Jacobs' 2 months ago
i like you smile
Sandra Rincón
'Sandra Rincón' 2 months ago
He is so goooofyyyy i love him
Arkeyla Harper
'Arkeyla Harper' 2 months ago
where you from
'Abbygail' 2 months ago
you can see the bananas in the back of the widow
Tyna Chavis
'Tyna Chavis' 2 months ago
Hampus Rydh
'Hampus Rydh' 2 months ago
can someone tell me where to buy them shorts?
FluffyWaffles Boii
'FluffyWaffles Boii' 2 months ago
hes pretty cool
'GoldenSmurfette5891' 2 months ago
Aminé is so cute and down to earth ❤
Stephanie Gomez
'Stephanie Gomez' 2 months ago
I think his favorite fruit is bananas
Wolfie A.J
'Wolfie A.J' 2 months ago
tbh Jonathan cute af
elilta Abera
'elilta Abera' 2 months ago
No joke. Is he Ethiopian?
Donavon White
'Donavon White' 2 months ago
i brought it to my school and uploaded CAROLIE
Bayleef Yakuza
'Bayleef Yakuza' 2 months ago
Bruh wasn't this video before the manakin challenge?!
'Glenn' 2 months ago
he's really unlikable
'53' 2 months ago
his obsession with bananas is almost on Somali levels
Crazy KidGaming
'Crazy KidGaming' 2 months ago
i understand this song now
Briel Davis
'Briel Davis' 2 months ago
I love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Savage 970
'Savage 970' 2 months ago
I'm only 8 and I'm in 2and grade and my Caroline is my girlfriend Clare and she's a west side nigga
Evondaa Nguyen
'Evondaa Nguyen' 2 months ago
Awww he's so cute);
Kristian Etheridge
'Kristian Etheridge' 2 months ago
why does he like bannanas so much
Stan Lighty
'Stan Lighty' 2 months ago
Oh my God I love his personality 😂
'mndvntrs' 2 months ago
if you dont know what my picture is its my cousin laying on me :)
'mndvntrs' 2 months ago
'Gia-Marie' 2 months ago
I loveeee himmmm bra😭💜
Mary Ann
'Mary Ann' 2 months ago
i really love this video. its so refreshing. Just black boys being silly and chill. No fancy cars or half naked girls.
shaniqua 184
'shaniqua 184' 2 months ago
my favorite song xxx
Tommiesien Hawkins
'Tommiesien Hawkins' 2 months ago
This is my song
'SirCharles246' 2 months ago
love this dude's sense of humor and this song goes hard!
Mariah Jackson
'Mariah Jackson' 2 months ago
my real name is Caroline
Yvette Alarcon
'Yvette Alarcon' 3 months ago
"I wanted all the girls to feel like they could be a Caroline." This man right here is amazing.
AlexRid 13
'AlexRid 13' 3 months ago
Banana Chronicles had me tho 😂😂😂😂
Tube Rodas
'Tube Rodas' 3 months ago
I love when he said nigga
James Tavai
'James Tavai' 3 months ago
I kind of like bananas
Abby Beltz
'Abby Beltz' 3 months ago
first of all what he first said made my day haha
lungiwe lungie
'lungiwe lungie' 3 months ago
he gay
V Fry
'V Fry' 3 months ago
I like this guy!
Meech Williams
'Meech Williams' 3 months ago
Yo my name is Demetrius to but people call me Meech for short
'QuackANoodle' 3 months ago
This music is hella lit 🔥🔥🔥
'DiamondMoonDash' 3 months ago
Beast in disguise
'Beast in disguise' 3 months ago
"So ladies hollar"

Shows creepy grin.*Dies
game tastic
'game tastic' 3 months ago
how can we stare at ur friend in the suns shirt when u sitting there so chill
Caroline Müller
'Caroline Müller' 3 months ago
Miranda Perry
'Miranda Perry' 3 months ago
aww I'm a Caroline
Natalia Gallegos
'Natalia Gallegos' 3 months ago
this song is everything!!!
'AshTheGamer' 3 months ago
"ladies holla"
JaeHwan is my Ken doll
Dude this man makes me laugh so very hard in every single video, he's hilarious and attractive goddamn
Zephra Gaines
'Zephra Gaines' 3 months ago
Demetrius so sexy lol 😍😍😍
Asia S
'Asia S' 3 months ago
Just Me
'Just Me' 3 months ago
His voice is so sexyyyyy😍😍 lawddddd
'artgoon' 3 months ago
he reminds me of Kenny Knox 😂
Chasity Brown
'Chasity Brown' 3 months ago
he is cute
wavion bulger
'wavion bulger' 3 months ago
i love your song amine and i have for a ringtone
boy bawang
'boy bawang' 3 months ago
this is one of the video that i watch who never use luxury cars and big butt girls
MLP Drawings And Things
yellow as fucking piss
'2011gogurt' 3 months ago
So this was filmed where I live (Oregon city) and when he said "a white couple kicked us off" I was not surprised because it's basically all white people on top of the hill. Also mikes drive in is hella good 😂
E Rico
'E Rico' 3 months ago
he look like Beyonce
Curry Asparagus
'Curry Asparagus' 3 months ago
Wait, what was the banana scene reference to?
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