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Aminé - Caroline (Vevo Show & Tell) -
Published: 3 months ago By: Vevo

By: VevoPublished: 3 months ago

384, 653 views

8, 455 Likes   207 Dislikes

We connected with Portland, Oregon-based MC Aminé to learn the secrets of his "Caroline" video. In our exclusive interview he explains the references to Quentin Tarantino's 'Pulp Fiction' and the reason they're eating a Big Kahuna burger in the video.

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Evondaa Nguyen
'Evondaa Nguyen' 2 days ago
Awww he's so cute);
Kristian Etheridge
why does he like bannanas so much
Stan Lighty
'Stan Lighty' 3 days ago
Oh my God I love his personality 😂
'mndvntrs' 4 days ago
if you dont know what my picture is its my cousin laying on me :)
'mndvntrs' 4 days ago
'Gia-Marie' 6 days ago
I loveeee himmmm bra😭💜
Mary Ann
'Mary Ann' 1 week ago
i really love this video. its so refreshing. Just black boys being silly and chill. No fancy cars or half naked girls.
Shanice Robinson
'Shanice Robinson' 2 weeks ago
my favorite song xxx
Tommiesien Hawkins
'Tommiesien Hawkins' 2 weeks ago
This is my song
'SirCharles246' 2 weeks ago
love this dude's sense of humor and this song goes hard!
Mariah Jackson
'Mariah Jackson' 2 weeks ago
my real name is Caroline
Yvette Alarcon
'Yvette Alarcon' 2 weeks ago
"I wanted all the girls to feel like they could be a Caroline." This man right here is amazing.
AlexRid 13
'AlexRid 13' 3 weeks ago
Banana Chronicles had me tho 😂😂😂😂
Tube Rodas
'Tube Rodas' 3 weeks ago
I love when he said nigga
James Tavai
'James Tavai' 3 weeks ago
I kind of like bananas
Abby Beltz
'Abby Beltz' 3 weeks ago
first of all what he first said made my day haha
lungiwe lungie
'lungiwe lungie' 3 weeks ago
he gay
V Fry
'V Fry' 3 weeks ago
I like this guy!
Meech Williams
'Meech Williams' 4 weeks ago
Yo my name is Demetrius to but people call me Meech for short
Juicy Milk
'Juicy Milk' 4 weeks ago
This music is hella lit 🔥🔥🔥
CrystalBlue Moon
'CrystalBlue Moon' 4 weeks ago
Beast in disguise
'Beast in disguise' 4 weeks ago
"So ladies hollar"

Shows creepy grin.*Dies
game tastic
'game tastic' 4 weeks ago
how can we stare at ur friend in the suns shirt when u sitting there so chill
Caroline Müller
'Caroline Müller' 4 weeks ago
Miranda Perry
'Miranda Perry' 1 month ago
aww I'm a Caroline
Natalia Gallegos
'Natalia Gallegos' 1 month ago
this song is everything!!!
'AshTheGamer' 1 month ago
"ladies holla"
JaeHwan is my Ken doll
Dude this man makes me laugh so very hard in every single video, he's hilarious and attractive goddamn
Zephra Gaines
'Zephra Gaines' 1 month ago
Demetrius so sexy lol 😍😍😍
Asia S
'Asia S' 1 month ago
Just Me
'Just Me' 1 month ago
His voice is so sexyyyyy😍😍 lawddddd
'artgoon' 1 month ago
he reminds me of Kenny Knox 😂
AB luv
'AB luv' 1 month ago
The guy in orange is so cute.
Chasity Brown
'Chasity Brown' 1 month ago
he is cute
zavion bulger
'zavion bulger' 1 month ago
i love your song amine and i have for a ringtone
boy bawang
'boy bawang' 1 month ago
this is one of the video that i watch who never use luxury cars and big butt girls
MLP Drawings And Things
yellow as fucking piss
'2011gogurt' 1 month ago
So this was filmed where I live (Oregon city) and when he said "a white couple kicked us off" I was not surprised because it's basically all white people on top of the hill. Also mikes drive in is hella good 😂
E Rico
'E Rico' 1 month ago
he look like Beyonce
Curry Asparagus
'Curry Asparagus' 1 month ago
Wait, what was the banana scene reference to?
'Mr.BenchWormer' 1 month ago
LowKey Famous
Justin Taylor
'Justin Taylor' 1 month ago
DAy old food in the fridge disgusting???????? man i'll eat somethin from 4 days ago if i'm hungry
Bayleef Yakuza
'Bayleef Yakuza' 1 month ago
He is so cute!:D
yung visuals
'yung visuals' 1 month ago
guy on the right at the end look like Taco from OF
Jess W.
'Jess W.' 1 month ago
😩I hate the color yellow but I've seen his video like 10×. 💚😘🍔 I LOOOVE the bananas so funny😂 🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌🍌
'MarinaADTR' 1 month ago
I have the biggest crush on him 😍
trinity gonzales
'trinity gonzales' 1 month ago
hey my name Caroline
Quan Qt
'Quan Qt' 1 month ago
this dude is really dope and his refrences to pop culture are slick Genuis.
Amira Judah
'Amira Judah' 1 month ago
Kenan Thompson/ The Weekend have a little brother? who knew
Amira Judah
'Amira Judah' 1 month ago
Kenan Thompson/ The Weekend have a little brother? who knew
'Yinksy93' 1 month ago
HE looks indian but his hair is afro?
beautiful jessica
'beautiful jessica' 1 month ago
🎼 I want Aminé to be miiiiiine.💖💖💖
beautiful jessica
'beautiful jessica' 1 month ago
🎼Thats my babiiiiiie😍😍😍 he's in the interview and he's so cute like..woah🎶💕💕💕
Marcos Rodriguez
'Marcos Rodriguez' 1 month ago
KitKat Naturals
'KitKat Naturals' 1 month ago
love him!!!!
Shybria Starkley
'Shybria Starkley' 1 month ago
i love this song❤❤❤
Cristian Pacheco
'Cristian Pacheco' 1 month ago
who else thinks johnathon looks like cameron payne
James Tavai
'James Tavai' 1 month ago
ye his color is yellow and I like yellow is well
Donte Gilmore
'Donte Gilmore' 1 month ago
I bet not see these Lil dudes with six gold chains on dey neck trying to act like trappers 6 months from now that would be so lame
Lit Ron
'Lit Ron' 1 month ago

Clashing with Sam
'Clashing with Sam' 1 month ago
Caroline was a banger but please make another song lol
'ARIANATOR824' 1 month ago
Haley Heeks
'Haley Heeks' 1 month ago
Dive Etaz
'Dive Etaz' 1 month ago
Kiarra Williams
'Kiarra Williams' 1 month ago
My hair was like his before
Nicole Jackson
'Nicole Jackson' 1 month ago
right.He funny doy
crave crap
'crave crap' 1 month ago
Master Shifu253
'Master Shifu253' 1 month ago
why they trying to copy Genius
Nikki Romave
'Nikki Romave' 1 month ago
TBH I liked the banana part🤔who else??And the end credits when he was like "don't need no water let it burn BURN MOTHERFUCKER BURN"😂😂🙈❤️❤️❤️
Alex Prila
'Alex Prila' 1 month ago
he's like a shorter hair version of weeknd
'QueenCB' 1 month ago
0:15 that face tho...
Son Goku
'Son Goku' 1 month ago
i hope he stays cool like this and won't become another shitty motherfucker
ur local meme
'ur local meme' 1 month ago
one part of me wants him to be very well known but i dont want him to be known enough that his fanbase only consists of shit people like top fans u get me
ur local meme
'ur local meme' 1 month ago
"i wanted every girl to feel like they can be a caroline" T H I S
'Hype' 1 month ago
Chelsea Brown
'Chelsea Brown' 1 month ago
you can rap
Xion Liddell
'Xion Liddell' 1 month ago
Manuel Bailey
'Manuel Bailey' 2 months ago
Guy in suns looks like kd and Paul George mixed together
'Downtistic' 2 months ago
the bananas made the videos better tbh
Beautiful Brown
'Beautiful Brown' 2 months ago
lol he does look weird and I am in LOVE with the song Caroline I am soooooo glad you made this song!!!!!!!😂😃❤
Dank B
'Dank B' 2 months ago
My baby for real
'jae' 2 months ago
Is it me or they all look alike
Kenyetta Walcott
'Kenyetta Walcott' 2 months ago
Hi I'm Caroline 💁🏽😘
Karolína Ondráčková
My name is Caroline 😍
Fabine Michel
'Fabine Michel' 2 months ago
He's so funny and chill. ❤❤
Samia Snyder
'Samia Snyder' 2 months ago
he is hot, his Voice is deep , perfect that's why i came to the video
Janelle Logan
'Janelle Logan' 2 months ago
white people joke lol so awesome love him
Krystal Wilson
'Krystal Wilson' 2 months ago
always listen to your vision bananas dope as ever 🍌🍌🍌
Shadae Brae
'Shadae Brae' 2 months ago
you're fine
Cheryl Quainter
'Cheryl Quainter' 2 months ago
I LOVE this song so so so so so so so much
Dean Power
'Dean Power' 2 months ago
where u actually singing in the video?
Kailee Collins
'Kailee Collins' 2 months ago
best song in the whole wide world I love this song
'PoHazard' 2 months ago
his sense of humor is so good
TheGoat YT
'TheGoat YT' 2 months ago
Still don't know what the whole banana thing was about
Jesse Averhart
'Jesse Averhart' 2 months ago
cool 😎😎😎😎😎
Stacie Thomas
'Stacie Thomas' 2 months ago
hes so cute omg
Carina Martinez
'Carina Martinez' 2 months ago
His friend in the white shirt and the banana scene are everything lol
Kendyll Bishop
'Kendyll Bishop' 2 months ago
love your music and nice singing Mack more to
Kendyll Bishop
'Kendyll Bishop' 2 months ago
your my favorite
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