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Prof: We need more outrage over Team Trump's Russian ties -
Published: 4 months ago By: Fox News

By: Fox NewsPublished: 4 months ago

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One professor-columnist tries to make the case to Tucker on why Americans should be outraged over the Trump administration's Russian ties and why there should be an investigation on Russia's attempts to interfere in the election

Chris Zarkov
'Chris Zarkov' 2 months ago
LOL please please lets investigate in public Clinton and Obama administrations links to Russia and other countries. Its clear to any sane person that the democratic party was controlled by commies for decades. Now that Putin turned against the commies, democrats are mad and blame Trump for what they are guilty of.
'QUEEN DEE DEE' 4 months ago
trump is so criminal, good luck voting for him was voting against America's survival not great again.
'ingle50' 4 months ago
'TheAudioman15' 4 months ago
Do you really expect him to answer differently the second time to the same question he answered the first time? He isn't a Dumpster you know
'chavruta2000' 4 months ago
'A T' 4 months ago
Shame on Fox News. Tucker asked for specifics but did not seem to follow the CIA and the FBI reports on the emails, for example. Tucker asked for specifics on weather if the emails had influenced the American people during election but did not seem to follow the Trump supporters repeated quoting in public that Clinton's email practice showcased her to be a dishonest candidate. Tucker, please do your homework before speaking.
David Applegate
'David Applegate' 4 months ago
I notice most of these RussianPhobes are bitter liberals with no proof and not the wons who get sent to war.
Andrea Francis
'Andrea Francis' 4 months ago
He is lying to try to steal the election from Trump as well as from the voters who elected him makes him an Immoral fool , and this is a professor?? Shame on you proffesor!! you should no more be teaching young people than a worm! You have been sucked into far left propaganda machine! Those emails were not hacked by anyone they were LEAKED from the DNC by a democrat! Do some investigation for yourself. before you start spouting of about something without a shred of evidence like a fool.!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrea Francis
'Andrea Francis' 4 months ago
This is absolutely crazy!! There was a LEAK not a hack!!! These people who lie like this to steal the electionfro
'MrMason283' 4 months ago
so d.j.trump's recorded tapes did nothing to hurt him, don't claim the email's hurt her tards
'MrMason283' 4 months ago
Natalie Vargas Chaykina
that is THE PROFESSOR?! holy sh***
Martin Mabbs
'Martin Mabbs' 4 months ago
Proffesser hides behind word to obscure what he says
'BigBadDogIV' 4 months ago
Man, it's clear what this guy's debate strategy was. "Just keep talking and when Tucker Carlson tries to say something, talk over him. Don't allow him a proper chance to respond". Tucker Carlson needs to start utilizing momentary "mic cuts" while he responds to counter this deceitful liberal tactic...
Lorica Lass
'Lorica Lass' 4 months ago
A 30 year veteran of the National Security Agency, who developed their computer security programs, said that he believes the NSA leaked the DNC info!  Why?  Because Clinton's breaches of national security were putting NSA operatives lives at risk.  Therefore they wanted to do something to keep her from becoming President and doing even more harm.
Russell Turley
'Russell Turley' 4 months ago
Could you put a dunce cap on this joke!
LiberalTears AreDrowningMe
I hate liberals soooo much. When I work on their houses, I always charge them a lot extra, I call it the asshole tax....
Watch The Skies
'Watch The Skies' 4 months ago
It would be absolutely insufferable to have to sit in this insane dude's classroom. And he's qualified to teach what?
Sean Kelly
'Sean Kelly' 4 months ago
Point 1: the DNC server was week, which is a guilty negligence. If the Chinese had hacked into the RNC server, we wouldn't have this discussion.
Point 2: over 50 separate entities hacked into that DNC server. Could Russia have been one of them ? Yes.
Point 3: if the Russians got into the server there is no provable evidence that the Russians had a real effect in the election over the other discovered hackers.
Connor Krauss
'Connor Krauss' 4 months ago
As much as I agree with this Tucker Carlson guy, let's be real, he is VERY argumentative.  I am too, I like to make people rage, but he's supposed to be professional.
James Vaughan
'James Vaughan' 4 months ago
Classic liberal fucktard talk over people dodge questions and facts anyone who disagrees is literally hitler 😂
'Jaguar' 4 months ago
Typical Jewish propaganda
Shame to you old ass
Mika Lee
'Mika Lee' 4 months ago
No proof that the Russians released emails. According to wiki-leaks, it didn't come from the Russians. So WTF?
Arty Grover
'Arty Grover' 4 months ago
i have Russia TIES. a black one and a blue one too. THIS GUY WITH THE GLASSES IS A DUMB ASS DOSE HE HAVE A DIPLOMA?
Michaell L.
'Michaell L.' 4 months ago
this man said no evidence for his statment. typical ignorant professor. no wonder college students are liberals . some not all
John Henry Reaves
'John Henry Reaves' 4 months ago
This is more PHONY news ... believing Trump is tied to Russia because he is being diplomatic with Vlad is as bad as not believing that Obama was a Muslim who would one day make a very bad deal with Iran because he wanted to "just sit down and talk to them" in 2008 before he took office

Russia has looked at "leaked" DNC internet feeds, they did not "Hack" them and they certainly did not "Hack" into voting machines that were not even attached to an internet feed.
Senor Cabeza de Grande
These far left professors are the most dangerous people in the USA. They are putting out the morons that are trying to steal the country.
Alex Beyer
'Alex Beyer' 4 months ago
Weird that the side that actively tried stealing the election with rigged voting machines, full media control, illegals, and dead voters you'd think they'd keep their mouth shut on the matter.
Ron Molina
'Ron Molina' 4 months ago
Incredible and this guy is a professor?
Robert S
'Robert S' 4 months ago
I hope I never meet this guy. Because I'll punch him in the f**** mouth. and now all the sudden none of the Democrats or liberals have any respect for the electoral process.
'Loopymcgee' 4 months ago
It is interesting that every lib is so up in arms about this. Why didnt they yell when wikileaks was releasing this stuff? And what about that little fact that what was released wasnt untrue, it was out there, they said it. If lies had come out then ya, theres something to talk about.
chris neville
'chris neville' 4 months ago
and we let idiots like this teach our children
Jack MeOff
'Jack MeOff' 4 months ago
Did the Russian steal the election from Bernie Sanders?
Sanette Vorster
'Sanette Vorster' 4 months ago
This man is a professor????????? He cannot even answer a question
'SupaEMT134' 4 months ago
shut up
Gary Boyer
'Gary Boyer' 4 months ago
America isn't upset because it isn't true. Like Tucker said, all previous attempts to overturn the election have failed so they are falling back on their failed argument from before November 8th about the Russians. If anything, it shows how immature the left is when throwing a temper tantrum.
'JediMormon' 4 months ago
This guy is an idiot.
Sergio Peixoto
'Sergio Peixoto' 4 months ago
they are teaching our youth.
'MrMnmn911' 4 months ago
The democRATs aren't distressed over Trump winning. They're distressed over Hillary losing. She was the anointed one. The "one" who "deserved" to win. Just as the distressed butt hurt Republicans are not upset Trump won but really distressed that the anointed Jeb Bush was knocked out of the race so early, by Trump. The establishment heads are still spinning over their loss. The democRATs are angry Hillary lost. It would not matter who won. She lost...and their bitterness has increased threefold. peace.
Melora Foy
'Melora Foy' 4 months ago
That interviewer is such an idiot. What proof does he need? Anyone with half a brain knows the leaks made the DNC and Hillary Clinton look bad. But the right-wing was happy to use them although they were stolen. Were they true, I don't know. Isn't it possible the hackers edited some of them, yes. But people in what Fox now calls "non fake newa" made up Pizzagate and promoted it based on a Podesta email. So they obviously weren't interpreting them correctly. I remember all of them thinking it was alright to use them no matter where they came from, because it HELPED them. Poor Trump! People are SO MEAN to him. All he has to comfort himself is his billions of dollars. Take pity on the man!
Thomas Brow
'Thomas Brow' 4 months ago
THIS JUST IN! The CIA reports that a secret source confirms that millions of Hillary supporters were abducted by aliens throughout battleground states on election day, 2016. Russian doppelganger replacements were then beamed down to polling booths in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and other states where they cast fraudulent votes for President Elect Donald Trump. The CIA further states that it will not offer any actual proof and demand that all must take their word concerning the matter...
Douglas Santis
'Douglas Santis' 4 months ago
And this kind of "PROFESSORS" are the ones that teaches our universities???
'botekp' 4 months ago
Professor where? Rather a douchebag. Fanatics like him start real wars that kill innocent people.
'99hoolio' 4 months ago
Americans, you have a cancer in your university system (well, you're not the only ones, admittedly...)
David Bradley
'David Bradley' 4 months ago
everyone at fox need to hang in the streets....just a matter of time.
Paul F
'Paul F' 4 months ago
this is why our education system is 32nd in the world.
Thanks IDIOT professors..... teaching idiot philosophies so kids can have a $200,000 of student loan debt at age 21.
More government slavery.
EvalionHyphae Diederichs
Fucking warmonger piece of shit, but you can't tuck the cuck babe!
Steven Smith
'Steven Smith' 4 months ago
Oh! Gee! He must be extremely competent & learned, after all he is a college professor. Then again, with this kind of professor teaching college students, God Help Us!
Lisa A.
'Lisa A.' 4 months ago
Nothing but opinion, and no proof!
'klcbsoft' 4 months ago
What America needs is way more outrage against that kind of "professors". I'm not a US citizen, but gosh, folks ... reclaim the education of your children!
Joe Saliba
'Joe Saliba' 4 months ago
This guy shouldn't be allowed to teach kindergarten let alone university students.
'David's Daily Dirt' 4 months ago
Russia did not hack the e mails the e-mails were leaked! get it straight phuckers!
'David's Daily Dirt' 4 months ago
Oh America is pissed about Russia ties. about the fact that you neocons are trying to hinder our building relations with Russia back off and let the adults run the country you tryed to destroy. Obama is a war criminal and so is Hillary!
Parker Fly
'Parker Fly' 4 months ago
Whatta f*uckin idiot, couldn't even answer the question. Sad!
Danny Somers
'Danny Somers' 4 months ago
it all bullshit they change it to make them look good prove it then run your mouth ass
Robert Fowler
'Robert Fowler' 4 months ago
tucker "asshole" carlson . never lets his guests answer questions. he steers the convo and facts dont matter to this fox news moron.
Vyviane Dole
'Vyviane Dole' 4 months ago
Retire, please, dumber! Go home and raise pigs instead because you're not any smarter than them. You are not only dumb, but you also look dumber!
Russian did not write all of those back stabbing, rotten emails! They didn't tip questions to Hillary, or plotted to get Sanders off the primary!
'V P' 4 months ago
Hyperbole or a lie.
Darlene McCarthy
'Darlene McCarthy' 4 months ago
This is typical leftist behavior skirt the question, don't answer, and try to push their own view on people who know the truth already. The truth is the Democrats gave no proof of Russian interference in the election, it is time to stop all the nonsense. Admit you had a candidate that sucked.
Jon West
'Jon West' 4 months ago
We are a republic, not a democracy. We have an electoral college, it's not a mass vote. Professor? Really? The truth in the emails hurt her. Too bad the media didn't investigate and put her in jail before the election. "I know you like to argue" way to be dismissive.
Terry VanderSchaaf
'Terry VanderSchaaf' 4 months ago
This is the sad sad state of the education system.
Teri Pruitt
'Teri Pruitt' 4 months ago
Huffington Post is trash!!
Terry VanderSchaaf
'Terry VanderSchaaf' 4 months ago
The INFORMATION is locked in his little, little brain. And he cant seem to get it out.
Ian Stradian
'Ian Stradian' 4 months ago
Well at least we know his class's are easy to write papers for, no research has to be shown or proven or fact checked.
Rick Payne
'Rick Payne' 4 months ago
it was big foot!
evie bklyn
'evie bklyn' 4 months ago
The emails would not make a difference for diehard Hillary voters , she has been a crook for years.
Appalachian Monitoring Station
He probably jerks off to "Red Dawn" at night after his boyfriend goes to bed.
Ozzy Guy
'Ozzy Guy' 4 months ago
Prof Bullshit Artist...leftism is indeed a mental illness. Stupid delusional bastards...
True Grit
'True Grit' 4 months ago
McElvaine has made a total fool of himself in front of millions of viewers!  Parents - Please do not enroll your kids to Millsap College!!
Cloudhost Website
'Cloudhost Website' 4 months ago
Everyone must read these emails that exposes their blatant corruption and perversions. Seth Rich, a DNC staffer probably leaked them before being murdered.
'nt3523' 4 months ago
This is the problem with libtards, they think their own opinions are fact. They think that they are so smart that whatever they believe, must be true. They believe that anyone who disagrees with them and their ideology, must be wrong and is an idiot. Sorry libtards.......the people have spoken. Shut up, sit down, (we dealt with obumma for two terms) or get the fuck out.
Cynthia Soroka
'Cynthia Soroka' 4 months ago
Thank YOU so much for this Interview! This Professor of a University WAS ALLOWED to SHOW PROOF of His Article written & Published. *WASN'T ABLE TO PROVE ANYTHING BUT HIS OWN OPINION! Your Reporter stood his ground and CONTINUED to REPEAT the SAME QUESTION & DIDN'T LET UP. It must have been frustrating for him BUT HE PROVED TO FOX VIEWERS That this so called Professor HAS BEEN EXPOSED as a FRAUD!
Russia had nothing to do with OUR election!
Hillary LOST because She is a Liability to herself & Nationally, She is the Queen of Scandals throughout her career! We are not GOING TO TOLERATE HER (& Her Groupies) Corruption SHOW TIME TRICKY.

TRUMP Supporters MADE our own CHOICE! We voted and TRUMP WON LEGALY AGAINST ALL ODDS! It's a Miracle!
( in my own opinion)
Chris Hawkins
'Chris Hawkins' 4 months ago
A professor.... the education system of the west..... the indoctrinated teaching the indoctrinated.
Clinger Butnotonmash
'Clinger Butnotonmash' 4 months ago
The real conspiracy is Obozo's ties with the Muslim brotherhood. These liberal scumbags are calling for war with Russia is really scary.
'TheStarToursTraveler' 4 months ago
(Sit's down for a late dinner, checks YouTube subscriptions, finds this Tucker Carlson video) "OOH! Dinner and a show!"
Jay Spades
'Jay Spades' 4 months ago
Tuckers is asking an impossible question to make him look dumb. You can't objectively measure if a certain leaked email resulted in a certain amount of votes. The question should be if Russia stole the emails and leaked them or not.
Sandra Ward
'Sandra Ward' 4 months ago
This professor needs a hearing aid! He cannot hear the question that was asked 3+ times!
Sabrina Massie
'Sabrina Massie' 4 months ago
Academia has become a public enemy. These professors are truly a danger to our country - brainwashing our youth and imposing their skewered view on impressionable young people.
Edward Sutherlin
'Edward Sutherlin' 4 months ago
Can we deport this stooge professor to Russian Siberia?
Roman G
'Roman G' 4 months ago
Awesome! Awesome ! How they become professors when they can't answer one question?
'TastyCritters' 4 months ago
Happy with Tillerson--- AND his Russian ties!!!!! 🌞😁😁😁👍👍
Naybor Tfm
'Naybor Tfm' 4 months ago
only send your kids to college if you hate your children and your money. cuz they're going to charge you a mint to indoctrinate them with secular socialist, pc horse shit. Trade schools are one better option
'Robnord1' 4 months ago
How the HELL can this 'professor' be allowed to teach ?  He can't even answer a direct and clearly stated question. Unbelievable !  All tucker asked for was one specific Russian influence, and the guy just keeps repeating 'I know they did'. That's INSANE to base damning claims given to national media based on nothing more than a feeling.
Edward Ross
'Edward Ross' 4 months ago
So this guys logic is that the Russians showing Americans the truth about Hillary Clinton (in that she is corrupt) stole the election from her? This is flawed logic at work. Hillary Clinton stole the election from herself by being corrupt.
Mario Cantani
'Mario Cantani' 4 months ago
Wake up World
'Wake up World' 4 months ago
Just because these fuck heads from the left say something it does not make it true.
They have no facts at all They are so butt hurt they are just trying every last trick, including blatant lies with no evidence to turn against the will of the people.
Diane Godbout
'Diane Godbout' 4 months ago
He's not answering the question on HOW? because there in NO answer..
Trapasaurus Flex
'Trapasaurus Flex' 4 months ago
How can these assholes be angered at people who look at those emails and came to the conclusion that Hillary is a scumbag? How is this even possible?

Get your heads out of your asses...
'721deco' 4 months ago
How do they know people's minds weren't made up before the emails? There is no way to know if it swayed anyone.
'BigBearHuskyMusher' 4 months ago
Glad that Dobie Professor does not teach logic. With educators like this in our system no wonder our youth are so misguided
'Shibumi' 4 months ago
Hey asshole liberal- Russia and the US SHOULD have great relations, two great Western powers need to work together to help promote peace among nations and free trade!
The Cold War is OVER dipshit, Russia is no longer a nation of atheist communists- we SHOULD get along!
Robert D
'Robert D' 4 months ago
This was a LEAK not a hack.
Jorge abuauad
'Jorge abuauad' 4 months ago
Go Russia
Tech Experience
'Tech Experience' 4 months ago
Guy has no Idea what he's talking about.
'pbreedu' 4 months ago
Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin did more to help Trump than Russia.
Anthony Maddison
'Anthony Maddison' 4 months ago
Andy Mak
'Andy Mak' 4 months ago
It is scary to think that this man is a professor!
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