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Cam - Burning House -
Published: 1 year ago By: CamVEVO

By: CamVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

25, 639, 143 views

170, 833 Likes   8, 096 Dislikes

Burning House is from Cam's album, Untamed. Purchase Untamed here:

Kristina Cornejo
'Kristina Cornejo' 14 hours ago
Why does she look so happy singing? Kind of misleading
sable sturgis
'sable sturgis' 20 hours ago
Love this
'ThatLoganGuy' 2 days ago
as someone that's been in an abusive relationship this song hits me hard.
Olivia Keck
'Olivia Keck' 2 days ago
this is the BEST SONG EVER😓😓😓😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘💓❤❤💖💖💖💖💕
Brenda Dennie
'Brenda Dennie' 3 days ago
I'm spechless
Meagan Collins
'Meagan Collins' 3 days ago
this song reminds me of staying in a relationship that's unhealthy because you love the person, even though that's not what it's really about
Latchmin Maraj
'Latchmin Maraj' 3 days ago
Sara Davendonis
'Sara Davendonis' 4 days ago
love it
so much. 🍝☕🚖☕🍻☕🚖🍛🎉☕☕🍛
Elizabeth Johnson
'Elizabeth Johnson' 4 days ago
I love this song but it makes me cry
min thant
'min thant' 4 days ago
min thant
'min thant' 4 days ago
Breanna Azevedo
'Breanna Azevedo' 5 days ago
ericka donaldson
'ericka donaldson' 5 days ago
so good tutu ou need a grammy
Megan Russell-bowman
You can tell that's not real
cassidy warren
'cassidy warren' 5 days ago
love it
Jenn Jenn
'Jenn Jenn' 5 days ago
Love this song!
Makenzie Foster
'Makenzie Foster' 6 days ago
love the song
April Webster
'April Webster' 6 days ago
what is this song about ?
Kanda Green
'Kanda Green' 6 days ago
I've been using losing my ex boyfriend rayn peldo and I lost him and it's hard to lose a guy who is really loved by u and I don't Want to lose him
stella phillips
'stella phillips' 6 days ago
love it
brianna mclean
'brianna mclean' 6 days ago
who's waching in 2017
'Abbythegymnast01' 6 days ago
good song
cassidy warren
'cassidy warren' 6 days ago
Best song to listen to when your down
jason petrie
'jason petrie' 6 days ago
i love this song
Music freak Natloc
if I could thumbs this up 1000 times I would
Kanda Green
'Kanda Green' 7 days ago
sorry about your loss
**Valerie** *
'**Valerie** *' 7 days ago
I love her voice and this song
'boo081216' 7 days ago
Love song.
Olivia Bragg
'Olivia Bragg' 1 week ago
bhzgjnn Dhaka's 0
Christopher Konieczny
awsome soing
Laura Navitsky
'Laura Navitsky' 1 week ago
meaning my opinion: the cost of being burned alive is worth it for singer just to be able to spend time with her love.
Pamela Jones
'Pamela Jones' 1 week ago
where my baby
Joel Eastwood
'Joel Eastwood' 1 week ago
Reading through the comments has left me with major depression
Gracie Blue
'Gracie Blue' 1 week ago
My cousin died at 3 yr old last year and this what her song was love and miss you Aubrey
Shelby Wallace
'Shelby Wallace' 1 week ago
i love her dress!!! she is very pretty!!
Mark Zaloga
'Mark Zaloga' 1 week ago
on my bf's account listening to my playlist while he's in jail and music sure will alter ur mind and pull u In all kinds of directions
Stacy gargano
'Stacy gargano' 1 week ago
Miss my husband more than ever...I've been sleep walking for a long time go back in time would mean the chance to do things differently and I would
Aleigha Reiber
'Aleigha Reiber' 1 week ago
I love this song so much my house burnt down a month ago and my cat died in it .every time I listen to this song I start crying I love this song !
Veronica Osuna
'Veronica Osuna' 1 week ago
last time i didn't​ know this song and i new the words to it😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😊😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😚😚😚😃😃😃😌😌😌😌
Melania Heredia
'Melania Heredia' 1 week ago
Thanks Spotify💚
Emilee Wilson
'Emilee Wilson' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Autumn Burnette
'Autumn Burnette' 2 weeks ago
I am so sorry about that
'Agar.Minecraft' 2 weeks ago
Diamond Wolf aj
'Diamond Wolf aj' 2 weeks ago
100 K subs that's. Insane
Elizabeth Alarie
'Elizabeth Alarie' 2 weeks ago
Richard Jernigan
'Richard Jernigan' 2 weeks ago
this is richards daughter this song every time i listened to it reminds me of my ex michael:((
Dolly Diaz,anderson
'Dolly Diaz,anderson' 2 weeks ago
this for ally from bob yellow ford van this is my buddy to her husben for the girl that told me i can have my money light
Red Delirious
'Red Delirious' 2 weeks ago
my girlfriend cheated on me this song keeps me from killing my self:'(
'8tomtoms8' 2 weeks ago
How in the Hell does this song have 7,847 thumbs down?
Kristianna Policia
'Kristianna Policia' 2 weeks ago
This song is not about another but yourself. An inability to let go.
Kristianna Policia
'Kristianna Policia' 2 weeks ago
A question mark after God put a period. Why am I still holding on?
Addisyn Hollingshed
'Addisyn Hollingshed' 2 weeks ago
that's sad I am sorry for your loss
Melanie Hale
'Melanie Hale' 2 weeks ago
This is the only song i have heard from her
'MACKENZIE FURLAN' 2 weeks ago
i love this song but ,it is sad to.
Xan Kainene
'Xan Kainene' 2 weeks ago
😢 ....loved it!
Sherie Jones
'Sherie Jones' 2 weeks ago
This reminds me so much of my ex...
Rileigh Bryant
'Rileigh Bryant' 2 weeks ago
love this song <3
silke leusche-weigel
A fantastic song- and i like her hair in this video ;)
Richard Bixler
'Richard Bixler' 2 weeks ago
this how I fill
Roxanne Wyatt
'Roxanne Wyatt' 2 weeks ago
So sad.I had some of my family die in a fire.
Spirit Fox
'Spirit Fox' 2 weeks ago
Spirit Fox
'Spirit Fox' 2 weeks ago
Spirit Fox
'Spirit Fox' 2 weeks ago
Right as I put this on my face bleeds
Spirit Fox
'Spirit Fox' 2 weeks ago
I love this song
Jesse Flanagan
'Jesse Flanagan' 2 weeks ago
I'm taking a walk cause its way to hot in here
Angie Lancaster
'Angie Lancaster' 3 weeks ago
why is cam's vevo not have the verified check?
Jennifer Gonzalez
'Jennifer Gonzalez' 3 weeks ago
Call 559 631 5344
Emily Jones
'Emily Jones' 3 weeks ago
I love this song.
Wendy Drew
'Wendy Drew' 3 weeks ago
I love 😘😊😘😊😘
'JEDIAH' 3 weeks ago
Ever seen that viral video where the mom was singing to her baby and he started to tear up getting really emotional?...Yea, that's me when listening to this song lol
Veronika Kassin
'Veronika Kassin' 3 weeks ago
She did him wrong but he did too. Now there castle is burning!!
Shatara Jackson
'Shatara Jackson' 3 weeks ago
Beautiful song
alyix kai
'alyix kai' 3 weeks ago
Played this song at my daughters funeral
Tammy Callaway
'Tammy Callaway' 3 weeks ago
Surfer Dude
'Surfer Dude' 3 weeks ago
ever have a song you've listened to so much while you're sad that you start to associate the song with sadness? this is that song.
Dylan Carey
'Dylan Carey' 3 weeks ago
my friend maddie says hi and she loves your songs
Sophia Murder
'Sophia Murder' 3 weeks ago
sometimes in another life,my darling..
Rachael Campbell
'Rachael Campbell' 3 weeks ago
it reminds me of my life i just love this song.
'Bubblepetal' 3 weeks ago
I saw her in concert and she was amazing!
Kylie Luethje
'Kylie Luethje' 3 weeks ago
why she smiling though?
Tabatha Kee
'Tabatha Kee' 3 weeks ago
This song speaks volumes to me. I have been in some crazy situations when it comes to love . and it is like a burning house sometime
Ronan Cosgrove
'Ronan Cosgrove' 3 weeks ago
This is my favirete song
Jordan Winters
'Jordan Winters' 3 weeks ago
I love this song good job
Ashley Cook
'Ashley Cook' 3 weeks ago
I love burning house so much!!!😻😻😻😻
Michelle Jones
'Michelle Jones' 3 weeks ago
I had a dreem all most like the one she rout but mine was like I was at high school agin and me and this dude I like and had a crush on hame when I met hime in 4th grad and how whin I got upset or I would cry he had to all ways cheer me up every time and i never told him how I felt about him in till it was to lat and he had got marryed but I don't karr at all I am still going to like him just like in my dreem how I had said that I was still like him no mader what evein if he was marry or not
destiny lopez
'destiny lopez' 3 weeks ago
I lay down when I listen to this song and just cry because my dad left me at six years old and he came on Christmas to give us a used toy and then when I went out side I seen another girl in his car and I started to cry then he hurried up and ran out the door and left fast because he seen me crying about it
Jaqueline Fusinello
'Jaqueline Fusinello' 3 weeks ago
Carla Richardson
'Carla Richardson' 3 weeks ago
You know who you are...
Michele Henson
'Michele Henson' 3 weeks ago
I've been, "sleep walking," my entire marriage. Thought he was doing the right thing, but he wasn't.
Madilyn Hazen
'Madilyn Hazen' 3 weeks ago
You are good good background and singing
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