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Cam - Burning House -
Published: 1 year ago By: CamVEVO

By: CamVEVOPublished: 1 year ago

24, 782, 404 views

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Burning House is from Cam's album, Untamed. Purchase Untamed here:

Felisha Justin Sadler
hi my name is Tori and do you no my Mimi
Belinda McCain
'Belinda McCain' 8 hours ago
omg lol first time really listening to new country music and I find this song  ( usually country icons  on Pandora)
bug life
'bug life' 12 hours ago
rip Lil bill jr.. u aways be missed
Taylor Elkins
'Taylor Elkins' 1 day ago
im very sorry for your loss:(
its yo girl serena
cool song
Tim Ryan
'Tim Ryan' 2 days ago
Out-freaking-standing song!!!! Beautiful. Awesome acoustic guitar riff. Bitter-sweet. Fantastic lyrics. Fantastic vocals. Invokes emotion. Pretty girl singing it. A timeless song.
'Venuslenscap' 2 days ago
No, They burned a guitar for a visual effect. Sons of bitches. Musical instruments are sacred.
Jaden Marks
'Jaden Marks' 2 days ago
she should do another song
'rondamommie' 2 days ago
Love this song!
April Yates
'April Yates' 2 days ago
I don't know how to do the same we can sing with you
eri marie
'eri marie' 3 days ago
Love this song, but am I the only one that thinks it's a little creepy how she's smiling throughout singing the song? lol
Sara Barnett
'Sara Barnett' 4 days ago
i love your song 😭😭😭
KitKatKitty Girl
'KitKatKitty Girl' 4 days ago
You know...just hearing this song makes me think of my nanny who died from surgery and nothing has been right for me ever since...but at least I know she's in a good place now😢
Amanda Delacruz
'Amanda Delacruz' 4 days ago
that song was great but it made me feel so sad.
Amanda Schofield
'Amanda Schofield' 4 days ago
I. have. been. sleep. walking
Amanda Schofield
'Amanda Schofield' 4 days ago
you. so. pritty
Amanda Schofield
'Amanda Schofield' 4 days ago
love. you. cam. me. and. mamaw. love. you. and. your. songs
Leanna Suite
'Leanna Suite' 4 days ago
i love your song you are the singer ever heard😍😃
teresa Iglesias
'teresa Iglesias' 4 days ago
luv this songs soo much
Bodhoyita Nath
'Bodhoyita Nath' 5 days ago
i love you cam... its so innocent... i loved this video with no bad scene.. 😊😊
Rachel Houtchens
'Rachel Houtchens' 5 days ago
I would love to see you and your mother burn up in a house! And I wouldn't attempt to get either one of you out! Very true! In the end you put Eric above all your kids- it's obvious to me anyway!
Sergio Casas
'Sergio Casas' 5 days ago
like the song yes
Marlena Crookedhand
Rodney Bauer
'Rodney Bauer' 6 days ago
you will never get over it just cherish the time you had together
Grace Anderson
'Grace Anderson' 6 days ago
i love this song
Tristan Myers
'Tristan Myers' 6 days ago
i love this song
rebecca burns
'rebecca burns' 7 days ago
me and my mom love this song:}
Christina Reed
'Christina Reed' 1 week ago
hell ya. i love this song so much
Alexa Pilkenton
'Alexa Pilkenton' 1 week ago
best song ever 😊😊😊😊😊😊
Renee Bales
'Renee Bales' 1 week ago
Love. this. song. too
michael smith
'michael smith' 1 week ago
trying to hold on to a memory
Kimberly Sexton
'Kimberly Sexton' 1 week ago
you are a good singer
'kAYANNA mARTIN' 1 week ago
"trying to take what's lost and broke and make it right"
for my matty 😔 💔
'kAYANNA mARTIN' 1 week ago
"people don't really change"
for my matty 😔 💔
morgan sellers
'morgan sellers' 1 week ago
Lisa Sweeney
'Lisa Sweeney' 1 week ago
nope , I'd still get hit
Kaylee Tetwr
'Kaylee Tetwr' 1 week ago
I love this song 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Christina Goodrich
he wants to make things back but top much bad has happened in our marriage out was a good almost 8years I pray he finds happiness.
Christina Goodrich
this song hits home me and my husband separated then our house burnt he almost burnt in it thank God he got out. we've tried making things work but it just won't. he sent me this song and it's beautiful it describes my life to a t.
Mariah Ousleyu
'Mariah Ousleyu' 1 week ago
for some odd reason
Mariah Ousleyu
'Mariah Ousleyu' 1 week ago
reminds me of when my house burned down and my boyfriend died 😿😿😿😿😢😢😢😢
Christopher Castro
Who's cam?
Shane Conrad
'Shane Conrad' 1 week ago
I love you
Mikahla Sudarsky
'Mikahla Sudarsky' 1 week ago
it's been a year since I lost the love of my life a year since I sent him this song and never heard from him again. i can't believe it's been a year. I miss him so much. I'm lost without him. rip my love
Cash & Ryder
'Cash & Ryder' 1 week ago
The riff at the beginning, and the song for that matter, was inspired my Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters." Just an interesting tidbit.
Angie Morgan
'Angie Morgan' 1 week ago
so this song just went off in my jeep and my 7 yr old says mama she died she was sleep walking by the fire and fell in.🔥🏡
Kenni Is Bored.
'Kenni Is Bored.' 1 week ago
Something about this song reminds me of Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
Arica Adams
'Arica Adams' 2 weeks ago
Follow my page. For amazing ItWorks products 😊
Ashlie Jim-Stringer
'Ashlie Jim-Stringer' 2 weeks ago
good song👍
Allisa Simmons
'Allisa Simmons' 2 weeks ago
Kaesyn Miner
'Kaesyn Miner' 2 weeks ago
makes me cry
Kenzie Gates
'Kenzie Gates' 2 weeks ago
love you cam!!!!! 😘😘
Cali Robertson
'Cali Robertson' 2 weeks ago
this song broke me...
'Daisy' 2 weeks ago
The first time I heard this song it made me think of my husband and me.  He is an alcoholic that knows he has a problem, but won't get help.  So, he'll go 2 - 3 month being sober and then he'll drink again for a few months.  When he's sober he's a loving husband and father.  When he's using he's just a worthless, sad drunk.  He needs a reason to drink and it's always me.  Something I said, something I did and most of the time it's completely fabricated.  So, because of the person I know he really is, I stay in the burning house and hold him close, because he's stuck inside and I can't get him out.  We used to be so good together, but he has demons he just can't beat.
Abena Adu-Offeh
'Abena Adu-Offeh' 2 weeks ago
why do i feel like this will be a great song to see someone parody
Craig Stewart
'Craig Stewart' 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the heart felt... loss....with understanding.
Jada Bunch
'Jada Bunch' 2 weeks ago
love you so much
'arromac' 2 weeks ago
...Sonic Alchemy...
Heather Mikaelian-Howard
too many thoughts dusted and
to ash.
Heather Mikaelian-Howard
too many thoughts dusted and burnt to ash.
Heath Spears
'Heath Spears' 2 weeks ago
she hot
Holly Trevino
'Holly Trevino' 2 weeks ago
I love this song so much more than happy songs
Alissa Schultz
'Alissa Schultz' 2 weeks ago
I love your songs but you make me c
Caniyah Kelly
'Caniyah Kelly' 2 weeks ago
I love you
charlie Hendricks
'charlie Hendricks' 2 weeks ago
I fell in love with the love of my life on this song
Michelle Crowe
'Michelle Crowe' 2 weeks ago
I love you
mattie preedin
'mattie preedin' 2 weeks ago
first time I heard it I had my radio on in my bedroom and thot it was mir Lambert and had a weird dream
jennifer kindle
'jennifer kindle' 2 weeks ago
Aimee Birkett
'Aimee Birkett' 2 weeks ago
So good!!! X
Kristina Hirtentreu
'Kristina Hirtentreu' 2 weeks ago
Splash Dundee!
'Splash Dundee!' 2 weeks ago
They had an extra house to burn just for the video. Thank God
'MiniPlays' 2 weeks ago
who else here searching for burnt house recorded with a cam and this keep showing as a result
AnaeReactsAndPlays Andhdhdhdhdh
ever since my aunt died this song made me cry...dies anbody else cry from this song?
April Yates
'April Yates' 2 weeks ago
April Yates
'April Yates' 2 weeks ago
I love it
Made4 SocialMedia
'Made4 SocialMedia' 3 weeks ago
this song is alright.
MHK None
'MHK None' 3 weeks ago
Cam I love you song burnt house
David Tidwell
'David Tidwell' 3 weeks ago
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tatyanaliz abreu
'tatyanaliz abreu' 3 weeks ago
ive been sleep walking been wondering all, i love this song
Elizabeth Tribley
'Elizabeth Tribley' 3 weeks ago
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Timothy Wolford
'Timothy Wolford' 3 weeks ago
Tiffany Caperton
'Tiffany Caperton' 3 weeks ago
this song really speaks to me. reminds me of my first husband
'BIG J' 3 weeks ago
this used to be mine and my ex girlfriend's song, and I can't help but think of her when this song comes on 😡
Katelyn Brown
'Katelyn Brown' 3 weeks ago
I love this song because it's one of the few songs where the girl actually admits she did wrong and deeply regrets it/has to come to terms with it. #Me.
'abby' 3 weeks ago
i like your song😁
Carisa Crouch
'Carisa Crouch' 3 weeks ago
My mom loves this song. ..............Love keirra ♥ ♥
nunya buissness
'nunya buissness' 3 weeks ago
Raesha Vierra
'Raesha Vierra' 3 weeks ago
my God mother sang this song on New Years eve.
Brooklyn Drew
'Brooklyn Drew' 3 weeks ago
French you later on to night just got home I will call you tomorrow morning to get one a little girl I will always love you baby have the shop I need some one ever said that we had the shop now what time are have a user to get one for now yield the road saga of a good idea to go to work today's world of them love you too late to work today's New coupons for
'BizarrFlo' 3 weeks ago
I hate 99.9% of country. This is a beautiful song/video.
Matthew Baxter
'Matthew Baxter' 3 weeks ago
Those awful 7K people that don't like this song... tisk tisk.... You must be the beiber fans... lol
Allen Frank
'Allen Frank' 3 weeks ago
it reminds me of my bad fight in april 2016
Bailey Alford
'Bailey Alford' 3 weeks ago
i cried so hard when i first herd this song....I can relate to this
Ambyr Caldararo
'Ambyr Caldararo' 3 weeks ago
keep up the good work!
Kourtnee Simpson
'Kourtnee Simpson' 3 weeks ago
This song makes me cry every time I hear it 😿😭😿😭😿😭😿😭😿😭😿😭
Allison Karleskint
'Allison Karleskint' 3 weeks ago
What movie is this song from? it sounded so familiar when I heard it on the radio.
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