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Can You Make Crystal Clear Ice with this Gadgets? -
Published: 3 months ago By: Taras Kul

By: Taras KulPublished: 3 months ago

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Clear Ice System -

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Sam Roberts
'Sam Roberts' 2 days ago
"This gadgets" much English
GoodGamer888MC :D
'GoodGamer888MC :D' 6 days ago
Did anyone notice the title of this video? At the end, it says "this gadgets". Isn't it suppose to say "these gadgets"?
Sunil Pun
'Sunil Pun' 2 weeks ago
his videos are true defination of imperfection tbh
Aarons Animals 2
'Aarons Animals 2' 2 weeks ago
toothpaste and dry ice vs vacum chanber
or you could boil it...
Davone Hampton
'Davone Hampton' 1 month ago
i like all of yoru video and wy. do have all of bowns i gave you a like
MaltRush MinecrAft
'MaltRush MinecrAft' 1 month ago
simple - just put water in a water balloon and freeze it, take it out, boom.
Dave L
'Dave L' 1 month ago
I LOVE your accent! :D
'TheDp1965' 1 month ago
No Vodka????
Aslam Tariq
'Aslam Tariq' 1 month ago
He all ready made this video on CRH
pikah 90
'pikah 90' 1 month ago
If you want to make crystal clear ice, just use boiling water.
Kalpesh Desai
'Kalpesh Desai' 2 months ago
'Ssc KAT' 2 months ago
I was expecting somebody to say that in the title it says this gadgets but everybody is talking about the nipplefection
Melody Napoles
'Melody Napoles' 2 months ago
does it mealt
Priscilla Murray
'Priscilla Murray' 2 months ago
Zamir Ahmad
'Zamir Ahmad' 2 months ago
Andrei 9789
'Andrei 9789' 2 months ago
Crishtel clear
Anuradha Bajpayi
'Anuradha Bajpayi' 2 months ago
give me 200 like for no reason
'Matstrosity' 2 months ago
2:20 I thought he was going to say it has a little bit of a nipple
meow master
'meow master' 2 months ago
taras is so kul
'Carphy' 2 months ago
4:51 Heres a good guide how to make a minecraft ice block
Vladimir Fors
'Vladimir Fors' 2 months ago
Порадовал русский мат на 2:55 =D
Крутые видео, люблю твой канал!)
if you don
u mean these gadgets not this gadgets
'CORNDOG APPLE' 2 months ago
Mohammed Muju
'Mohammed Muju' 2 months ago
'Rockadelic' 2 months ago
Use this instead of a snowball
Alvin Macatangay
'Alvin Macatangay' 2 months ago
boom just like that
'Wade' 2 months ago
2:46 Nice... an icy tit
'luisbanbino' 2 months ago
You could boil the water and it will be clear when frozen
Divided Reality
'Divided Reality' 2 months ago
Luis Duque
'Luis Duque' 2 months ago
<Crishtal clear >
Cheechee Dragneel
'Cheechee Dragneel' 2 months ago
Boom! Five seconds later, BOOM!!! 😂😂😂
mark layton
'mark layton' 2 months ago
to get clear ice , or make clear ice cubes - use BOILED water , allow it to cool down then use in ice tray . the boiling removes the oxygen and stops it being cloudy
Chris Marshall
'Chris Marshall' 2 months ago
Try using distilled water
dylan robinett
'dylan robinett' 2 months ago
this is so sexy
'LoneWolf4127' 2 months ago
" put it in very firmly" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣
Happy Thug
'Happy Thug' 2 months ago
Rutvik Chaudhary
'Rutvik Chaudhary' 2 months ago
way say boom boom all videos.
Ivan Arroyo
'Ivan Arroyo' 2 months ago
bowl the water first... 100% clear no cloud
'NightWolfK' 2 months ago
What is this gadgets in title it doesent make sense
Crafts Collection
'Crafts Collection' 2 months ago
my favourite was the third one square
Mel Laknanurak
'Mel Laknanurak' 2 months ago
I misread the title as "How to Make Crystal Meth" Haha 😂
Koby Nicholson-Lindley
Hey big boy...
'jaspr1999' 2 months ago
I've had good luck using distilled water in cartoon character molds (from kids plastic molds for clay) sprayed with either nonstick cooking spray or a light coating of olive oil. I also printed out Care Bears, Star Wars, and Star Trek molds for chocolate, candies, and ice cubes in the shapes of the ships. Again, coating the molds with oil or cooking spray before use keeps everything in one piece.
bryce wells
'bryce wells' 2 months ago
using hot water will get you clearer ice for sure
'AYAAN GAMING' 2 months ago
At 3:58 to 4:00 he said "oh no I dropped it" even though when he's opening it it just flys away Lmao!
Ryan Friesen
'Ryan Friesen' 2 months ago
try using boiled water in the molds .... you will have much better results
'RoboJack09' 2 months ago
When I initially saw this video I though the title was "Can You Make Crystal Meth"
Tyler Lam
'Tyler Lam' 2 months ago
Use hot water. It freezes faster.
youtube Subtitles
'youtube Subtitles' 2 months ago
these kind of ice are used by rich people and guess what?? for them this costs 1400$😱😧😭😭
Sophan Ward
'Sophan Ward' 2 months ago
Do the ice Bucket challenge
Sophan Ward
'Sophan Ward' 2 months ago
Hamsterz_HD Gaming
'Hamsterz_HD Gaming' 2 months ago
2:20 he almost said nipple
Josi Craig
'Josi Craig' 2 months ago
Boil water before filling, then run lukewarm water over the gadget when you release the ice.
'GALAXY PUPPY' 2 months ago
Am I the person that I get likes for no reason❓❓❓❓❓
Ashley Lynn
'Ashley Lynn' 2 months ago
i peep that jager in the corner
'Nostal-G' 2 months ago
He was about to say nipple but instead opted for imperfections xD 2:19
John Cena
'John Cena' 2 months ago
Question: why does his english suck answer: because he's Russian
Blinks The wølf
'Blinks The wølf' 2 months ago
" on the top it has a little bit of a nip .. ( god dang I can't say nipple ) imperfections
Sivakumar Selvaraj.S
'Sivakumar Selvaraj.S' 2 months ago
can clear ice be used as a lens to start fire??
'TechRise' 2 months ago
Why wait? Use dry ice :)
sophia soh
'sophia soh' 2 months ago
what did he say in 4:00?
Maria Navarro
'Maria Navarro' 2 months ago
The second one looks like a "D" if you know what I mean
'AnAwesomePotato' 2 months ago
Hamless Venom
'Hamless Venom' 2 months ago
Be careful bang urrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh
'StopMotionBro's' 2 months ago
Wisnu Nata
'Wisnu Nata' 2 months ago
let me vipe it off a lidle bit
'PyroSaurus' 2 months ago
freeze the ice for 12 hours?! how hot is your freezer
'aReleasedKraken' 2 months ago
I cant be the only one thinking to themselves at 3:45 that he was going to drop it either behind the bench or fling it across the room. only to see it play out after having so much hope to see this perfect clear ice ball
'RobloxGAMER' 2 months ago
This guy is way to nice for this super cruel world be the good believe there is got in the world
'Faceless' 2 months ago
"Wow it's almost not even a ball.. What happen to it" 😂😂
'MITHICAL MAGE' 2 months ago
Freaze a mint and put it in diet coke and normal coke
Eve and Sophie
'Eve and Sophie' 2 months ago
His grammar is goosed then mine 😆
Eve and Sophie
'Eve and Sophie' 2 months ago
His grammar is goosed then mine 😆
'Candylollipop101' 2 months ago
Wanna make more ice videos?? Well.............SNOW PROBLEM badum tch
'NoobDood' 2 months ago
Boom just like that
'ReDLiGHTRuNNER2' 2 months ago
I sense a hot knife video being created
jack crooky
'jack crooky' 2 months ago
Just like that?
'blackfang' 2 months ago
i use those ice balls to throw at a brick wall its it soo fun
the enactus
'the enactus' 2 months ago
wowwww i couldn't beleive that u still making video?god blessed.. im watching youtube firstime in 2010,and first vdeo was 2017 love this guy. ^_^
Osama Kurd
'Osama Kurd' 2 months ago
and bom😉
Suburban Backwoods Entertainment
we want to hear that dirty little mouth say nipple!!! juusssttt dooo itttt. seriously thought thats pretty cool
jaydev chhagan
'jaydev chhagan' 2 months ago
Use warm distilled water
'Kaso' 2 months ago
i love jäger meister :)
(left side at the beginning)
Sunny Suny
'Sunny Suny' 2 months ago
did anybody notice jager...??
Fried Bacon
'Fried Bacon' 2 months ago
"cryshtal clear"...
Jhaneen Magahis
'Jhaneen Magahis' 2 months ago
this gadets is non sense you dont even know what to do with this clear ice
Nathamel Camel
'Nathamel Camel' 2 months ago
I love how he low key has a bottle of jeyger
'Venus' 2 months ago
Check the title there is 'this gadgets' instead of 'these gadgets'
David Mason
'David Mason' 2 months ago
Now I know what to use for Christmas decorations next year!
'gicchi14' 2 months ago
"much much much more clearer"
carl tong
'carl tong' 2 months ago
use distilled water
Jorge Chavez
'Jorge Chavez' 2 months ago
do a giant ice ball
'O.G.alex' 2 months ago
Looks like an ornament
hajrah rubbani
'hajrah rubbani' 2 months ago
the ice is like people. they aren't perfect there are going to have imperfections and you can't help it you can't change it
'CyanideSurprise' 2 months ago
To get crystal clear ice all you need to do is boil the water before freezing it
'FxmousArm' 2 months ago
there's a little bit of nipple in perfection 4:01
minecraft pro
'minecraft pro' 2 months ago
my name is David from Milwaukee Wisconsin and my name family is David from Milwaukee
Rick Van de ven
'Rick Van de ven' 2 months ago
"You see there's a little bit of imperfection, but.."
'TheAnushir' 2 months ago
6:08 SUKA Cloudy
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