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Starboy (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris) -
Published: 2 months ago By: TheWeekndVEVO

By: TheWeekndVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

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Starboy ft. Daft Punk (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris)
Taken from the new album Starboy

Watch the full episode of The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 from Paris on and CBS All Access!

Music video by The Weeknd performing Starboy ft. Daft Punk. © 2016 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

marky mark
'marky mark' 3 hours ago
beautiful faces but terrible bodies way too thin love the song
Rick Hazard
'Rick Hazard' 4 hours ago
The first girl looks like Megan fox
Faizan Pathan
'Faizan Pathan' 6 hours ago
3:43 - 3:50
Best visuals.
David 10
'David 10' 6 hours ago
1:02 the best
Sergej Stokuca
'Sergej Stokuca' 7 hours ago
best song so far... that and hills
Aysel Orucova
'Aysel Orucova' 8 hours ago
Adriana and Ming are the best
Алина Avakan
'Алина Avakan' 8 hours ago
Я одна такая? РУССКАЯ?
'Sindi' 8 hours ago
Cindy and Sara killed those wings!
rosa gonzalez hernandez
hola soy hugo de los resultados del mundo 🌍 de las empresas españolas
Gouchene Daris
'Gouchene Daris' 9 hours ago
1:36 😍
Vasilije Vuckovic
'Vasilije Vuckovic' 11 hours ago
Notice how he didn't say the words motherfucking, nigga
Adnan Ahmad
'Adnan Ahmad' 12 hours ago
the look she gives to the camera as if she wants her every lover to grab her
Adnan Ahmad
'Adnan Ahmad' 12 hours ago
Adriana bitchy thirsty & sexy pose make every boy feel out of the world, every one wana grab her make her love like thirsty tiger so much that she gets her peace
Irma Life
'Irma Life' 12 hours ago
I SHIT ON HIS SKIN COLOUR I LOVE HIM ANYWAY😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤💛💛💛💛❤❤❤💓❤❤💓💗💗💗💛💛💗💗💛
özgür sarı
'özgür sarı' 14 hours ago
02:19 ???
özgür sarı
'özgür sarı' 14 hours ago
01:29-01:31 who ?
'natsidrukdruk' 15 hours ago
Adriana woowwww
'NPK TV' 17 hours ago
1)Adriana Lima (00:21)
2)Valery Kaufman (01:04)
3)- Swedish Elsa Hosk (2:20)
Morgan Arnaud
'Morgan Arnaud' 22 hours ago
I like you're music for listen and dance!
'GinoRipper' 23 hours ago
Some of these models are so 😍😍
Mitsu 731
'Mitsu 731' 23 hours ago
Name of the second one
After Adriana Lima
'hashvid' 24 hours ago
Adriana Lima gave the best opening ever!
123 000
'123 000' 1 day ago
Jonathan Toroche
'Jonathan Toroche' 1 day ago
For some reason I can't see the video but only hear the audio of it. It's the only video where it happens. Anyone a hint?
'BRAZERsss' 1 day ago
best girlssss////ouffff
Mike Krivec
'Mike Krivec' 1 day ago
skiny bitches everywhere 😂
FaZe Reaper
'FaZe Reaper' 1 day ago
1:14 Bella Hadid's ass!!😲😲😵
Sisi Knott
'Sisi Knott' 1 day ago
Bella Hadid 🔥
Mr. Nice
'Mr. Nice' 1 day ago
Ravenous 2222
'Ravenous 2222' 1 day ago
Damn , they are so tall😮😱
Terrance LeBeau
'Terrance LeBeau' 1 day ago
Adriana Lima ♥♥♥ still the hottest
Mila Terenteva
'Mila Terenteva' 1 day ago
Hilal baba
'Hilal baba' 1 day ago
the weekend agzinin tadini biliyo hahhah 😂
Hemant chongad
'Hemant chongad' 1 day ago
adrianaa has no comparison what a elegance just look at her eyes it is blue in colour
Hamoo barwari
'Hamoo barwari' 1 day ago
Bella hadid was like omg this is real him what can i do
'Lisa' 1 day ago
why is there any ginger in vsfs ?
RAM Gaming
'RAM Gaming' 1 day ago
who noticed the camera man at 0:34. Best view in the house
nurul iman
'nurul iman' 1 day ago
3.04 what is her name??,
'MeDicenRey' 1 day ago
LADY GAGA'S PERFORMANCE >>>>>>>> This shit and Bruno Mars
Ur the best draft punk
Tenzo Official
'Tenzo Official' 2 days ago
these were The ugliest Models ive ever seen. Polish Models are more sexy.
p tlp
'p tlp' 2 days ago
Sui he i love u ❤
Elaf Osman
'Elaf Osman' 2 days ago
I liked the second girl smile
Niloofar Mehr
'Niloofar Mehr' 2 days ago
Bella Hadid is so beautiful!!!!
'TheNomadWandering' 2 days ago
Main main put of your league, side side out..... Stupid American censors.
Артем Кеек
Ира Шейк красотка.
Blake Mendez
'Blake Mendez' 2 days ago
The first and last girl tho , so fine!
'곽소영' 2 days ago
the weekend very sexy
Deactivated Account
1:24 Bella looks pissed because the weeknd flirts with other girls
Peter Thomasser
'Peter Thomasser' 2 days ago
omg everytime i see that girl l get some goosebumps
does anyone knows the name of that angel at 2:20
Casey Connor
'Casey Connor' 2 days ago
Get back with Bella Hadid 💔💔
'MachinePolitics' 2 days ago
bella Hadid needs to learn how to smile .. like chill with the bitch face.. no wonder the weeknd left u for selena , smile .
Çiğdem Öztürk
'Çiğdem Öztürk' 2 days ago
adriana killed
the first angel that came out omggggg she badddddd af 😍😍😘
Žaneta Šumskienė
stargate 7777
'stargate 7777' 2 days ago
Cart Man
'Cart Man' 2 days ago
omg those models have no breasts or ass, skeleton
Eyüp Muhammed Özdemir
Adriana Lima is so so sexy very hot perfect wonderful so so beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍😍
'Wolf-' 2 days ago
wtf ” im a im a im a starboy” ? i understand that mutherfuckin wouldnt be a great word to say in such a context, but really? im a im a im a starboy? sounds like his cd disk is scratched and he keeps repeating saying the same word until he goes on.
L. Cs.
'L. Cs.' 2 days ago
Bella Hadid looks dead :D
TAI Nguyen Minh
'TAI Nguyen Minh' 2 days ago
Wow. what material used to make those wings, look like they're flowing O.O
RR Clart
'RR Clart' 2 days ago
Daniella Silva
'Daniella Silva' 2 days ago
Adrianaaaaaa ❤😍
'LISONG F' 2 days ago
奚梦瑶是不是有点太丢人了...见个明星都这么激动= =!
Kadiyyah Aiken
'Kadiyyah Aiken' 3 days ago
Oooooo Abel! I see you checking out them girls booty's 😂😂
Pyrex Tv
'Pyrex Tv' 3 days ago
imma lama lama starboy
Amandeep Singh
'Amandeep Singh' 3 days ago
everybody talkin about the girls. am i the only one who enjoyed the weeknd performance....he slayed it
Lily Cortès
'Lily Cortès' 3 days ago
i thought it said fall out boy who the fuck is starboy?
rheal castro
'rheal castro' 3 days ago
Pretty Bella hadid!!!! So pretty!! Gorgeous!!!!!
Addy BuBBlegum
'Addy BuBBlegum' 3 days ago
'HaMMaD' 3 days ago
im a simple guy
Robert smith
'Robert smith' 3 days ago
Hot girls hot song wow mmmmm
Carlos RS
'Carlos RS' 3 days ago
I fuckin love Elsa Hosk.
Jasmine Sweets
'Jasmine Sweets' 3 days ago
Love this performance
nukri samyurashvili
last model was better last ear than now
Samridh Sharma
'Samridh Sharma' 3 days ago
damn those legs😍
Bellatrix White
'Bellatrix White' 3 days ago
No si la ex greña entonces
Cristina Salas
'Cristina Salas' 3 days ago
model's name at 1:05 ?
An Hồ
'An Hồ' 3 days ago
Chung Khả Ái....
Deactivated Account
i need to lose weight
Velvet vines
'Velvet vines' 3 days ago
Adriana hermosa esa mujer sabé que es bella y grita al mundo diciendo que es bella, Idolaaaa 💕💕
Nikos G4nas
'Nikos G4nas' 3 days ago
just say fuckin and nigga ffs
Renato Gashi
'Renato Gashi' 3 days ago
Why didn't he do any cursing
kumar rahul
'kumar rahul' 3 days ago
Wow they walk like a dream..
Ananas Neurotic
'Ananas Neurotic' 3 days ago
I'm sure the only reason people came to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is to see all of those artists. Yup. Totally sure. 100% certainty. No doubt. Not even a little.
Stevie Jones
'Stevie Jones' 3 days ago
Needs the women on stage to take you off the fact how awful he is live
Waleed Khan
'Waleed Khan' 3 days ago
Dames at 2:15 & 2:31 were gorgeous! Need to know their names, please!
The Yellow Goblin G
Every one looks disgusting, Victoria secret is shit. They are just a bunch of anorexia girls....😖🖕
'이명후' 4 days ago
2.17 who?
Lucas Reis Alves
'Lucas Reis Alves' 4 days ago
the first girl stole the show!
Negen Zaluu
'Negen Zaluu' 4 days ago
adriana lima number 1
Samuel Cruz
'Samuel Cruz' 4 days ago
I love how serious Irina Shayk is. She didn't even acknowledge him. 2:25
Darken Yuki
'Darken Yuki' 4 days ago
Sara looks amazing.
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