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Starboy (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris) -
Published: 5 months ago By: TheWeekndVEVO

By: TheWeekndVEVOPublished: 5 months ago

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Starboy ft. Daft Punk (Live From The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris)
Taken from the new album Starboy

Watch the full episode of The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 from Paris on and CBS All Access!

Music video by The Weeknd performing Starboy ft. Daft Punk. © 2016 The Weeknd XO, Inc., Manufactured and Marketed by Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Ben Roberts
'Ben Roberts' 2 hours ago
Really where's Kendall Jenner???
Sal Esk
'Sal Esk' 3 hours ago
Can someone please name all of them in row, Thanks.
ระพีพัฒน์ ศิริธร
ใครเป็นคนไทยบ้างขอไลค์หน่อย 👍 🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
Selin Akk
'Selin Akk' 5 hours ago
My favorite live video! Abel is king 👑
'belieberforever' 5 hours ago
attention when bella walked😂
Sreya Sanil
'Sreya Sanil' 5 hours ago
What is the name of the girl in 2.23
Лада Андреевская
2:30-2:34 Ирочка, ты ли это?
Queen And King
'Queen And King' 14 hours ago
Zérker The Exilé
'Zérker The Exilé' 17 hours ago
2:15 who is she?*.*i think i fall in love
Paola Pierce
'Paola Pierce' 17 hours ago
adriana, não tem modelo melhor para representar o Brasil
Shadae Elliott
'Shadae Elliott' 19 hours ago
Adriana Lima is slaying
Jayson Severight
'Jayson Severight' 19 hours ago
Marie Ryder
'Marie Ryder' 20 hours ago
He was really connecting with the models. Too focused on just singing the song. He sounded great though but I think he missed the point of performing there with the models.
'Ilavíos' 21 hours ago
Everyday a .......... try to end me AH 😂😂😂😂
reema b
'reema b' 21 hours ago
Adrian is the first right cause I don't rember is she still with cr7
reema b
'reema b' 21 hours ago
I love Bella parts
Nadeen Hope
'Nadeen Hope' 21 hours ago
best live version of live versions!!!
Tin Thanh Nguyen
'Tin Thanh Nguyen' 1 day ago
you guys are so beautiful .girls.
Di T
'Di T' 1 day ago
he is 🔥🔥😍😍
School Para Pattys
Tu é meu e vai se comportar
Olya Nik
'Olya Nik' 1 day ago
AR7 Gaming
'AR7 Gaming' 1 day ago
who's adriana lima
Sofča Naďová
'Sofča Naďová' 1 day ago
Bellaaaaa 😍😍😍😍😍 1:16
Hassan Memon
'Hassan Memon' 1 day ago
2:03 who is that??
Hanit Assouline
'Hanit Assouline' 1 day ago
irina was supposedly pregnant here and i swear i saw a baby bump???
Beny Peralta
'Beny Peralta' 1 day ago
That moment when they give a not so beautiful outfit to Adriana Lima but she still managed to steal the whole show. Yaaaaaas! Queen! 💖
Efran_ 2455
'Efran_ 2455' 2 days ago
Now This is the real Starboy singing with Girls walking around himself
'Don' 2 days ago
How does God make these people ... angel tears
Андрей Лаптев
2:30 is pure sex. Irina, you are beautiful!
Ghaitsa Mahira Ariadna
2:45 omg so cute xD who is she? is this her first VS walking? that'd explain why she looks so happy😂
Jose Delorme
'Jose Delorme' 2 days ago
'Luftwaffe' 2 days ago
Intan Nicole
'Intan Nicole' 2 days ago
Georgia Fowler killed it for the first time she in !
'Arrynek01' 2 days ago
Just once I would like to see one of the ex-relationships blow up on stage...
Сергей Зубрилов
просто класс, красиво....я бы хотел по присутствовать..
Viwe Mbava
'Viwe Mbava' 2 days ago
Abel should date that black model from 1:35 She's soo beautiful 😍
ksusha kkk
'ksusha kkk' 2 days ago
2:01 who is it?
Eline Correia
'Eline Correia' 2 days ago
Wow!!! One complete artist, perfect voice, pleasant, wonderful, he is the greatest artist of all time definitely a legend. Selena Gomez You're very lucky...I'm Brazilian
Uau!!! Um artista completo, voz perfeita, agradável, maravilhoso, ele é o maior artista de todos os tempos definitivamente uma lenda. Selena Gomez Você tem muita sorte ...
'hAk' 2 days ago
that's a lot of ass for this starboy
Stephanie Gonzales
Is no one going to talk about how amazing that girls timing was at 2:06
Kisé Ryota
'Kisé Ryota' 2 days ago
2:02 anyone know that girl name plsss help mee .
Melik Köksal
'Melik Köksal' 2 days ago
adamsın dibisin seni çok seviyorum
Phuong Tran
'Phuong Tran' 2 days ago
His voice ... OMG
Michael Chad
'Michael Chad' 3 days ago
I rap
Debora Cardoso
'Debora Cardoso' 3 days ago
Adriana rainha. Você nadinha.
Harjeet Singh
'Harjeet Singh' 3 days ago
What a perfect combination
soy Alex
'soy Alex' 3 days ago
Ken Taylor
'Ken Taylor' 3 days ago
On My B Day Lol
Gökhan Hıtır
'Gökhan Hıtır' 3 days ago
Claudia 5H
'Claudia 5H' 3 days ago
whats the name of tje first one?
Barbora Čopíková
am i the only one that thinks that Bella isn't actually pretty?
Thư Hồ
'Thư Hồ' 3 days ago
the girl who have short hair is so beautiful
Shafikul Islam Tipu
1st model whats her name ?
'Nawaf' 3 days ago
Gabriela Carbonero
Gisele Bundchen is the only ex - VS model who represented women's grace. Not women's slutty and superficial character.
Gabriela Carbonero
if you want, you can check every catwalk that Gisele Bundchen has done and not in one it of has she ever flirt with the performance artist and niether with the audience
Gabriela Carbonero
Gisele would never flirt with any artist on the catwalk because that is not what the VS fashion show is about
Gabriela Carbonero
the only and true supermodel is Gisele Bündchen😎
nobody does catwalks like she does!!! STARGIRL!!!
mya mya oo
'mya mya oo' 3 days ago
When the Asian model smiled,I couldn't believe that I smiled back
Ashok Mishra
'Ashok Mishra' 3 days ago
No matter any program is their......THE WEEKEND doubles all the fun of any occasion
lorein lorenzo
'lorein lorenzo' 3 days ago
Adriana, Sara and Irina my favorites 😍😍😍
moayed hasan
'moayed hasan' 3 days ago
Josiel Rodrigues
'Josiel Rodrigues' 4 days ago
Quem é essa puta aqui no seu face? to excluindo ela a 3 vez! (8
Mila Barrientos
'Mila Barrientos' 4 days ago
who is she 2:02 ??
kiti167 Estrada
'kiti167 Estrada' 4 days ago
クラリッ Kuralissa
ming xi myy true love
bieber lovex
'bieber lovex' 4 days ago
Why Abel and Bella broke up?! They we're so cute together :(
Amazing funny Indians Gulzar
Its a Motherfukcing Lip Job
ellen lins
'ellen lins' 4 days ago
Adriana 😘😘😘😎😎😉😉
Dana tailb
'Dana tailb' 4 days ago
nigga 🖕
Dana tailb
'Dana tailb' 4 days ago
ما دورت غير سلينا
Dana tailb
'Dana tailb' 4 days ago
صوتك وع وع
Dana tailb
'Dana tailb' 4 days ago
'MsoP' 4 days ago
Who's the asian one in red?
u forgot i'm mother .......... starboy 😂😂😂😂
Vedant Narain Agarwal
Models are filthy creates "BAD BOYS II"
Black King
'Black King' 4 days ago
Use those anorexic models for fire wood.
Black King
'Black King' 4 days ago
They started the beat while he was still in the parking lot. 😂
loi tran
'loi tran' 4 days ago
2:02 . So beautiful =)))
amelia xoxo
'amelia xoxo' 4 days ago
I told myself that I'd be happy for Abel and get other abella finally yet here I am, almost crying because my two all time faves aren't together anymore ahah fml
Asmaa Emadd
'Asmaa Emadd' 4 days ago
what,s the nam of the model in the minute 2:22
Robin Beals
'Robin Beals' 5 days ago
You can see him literally eye-fucking every girl that walks down the runway. I love him. lol
misha adams
'misha adams' 5 days ago
I can understand how Gigi is a supermodel but Bella? I don't get it
X Hawks
'X Hawks' 5 days ago
This guy fucks
Gabriel Waggoner
'Gabriel Waggoner' 5 days ago
Who's that at 1:07 please
'Kevin' 5 days ago
i'm a motherfukin starboy!!!
Jagveer Loky
'Jagveer Loky' 5 days ago
THIS is LIVE. Weeknd is the best singer ever with his marvellous voice. <3
Anna Apo
'Anna Apo' 5 days ago
Adriana's walk was life
Kartik Gogia
'Kartik Gogia' 6 days ago
Such a good show and with awesome music.....Really enjoyed the whole video....
Karla Medina
'Karla Medina' 6 days ago
2:00 y como se llama ella? Era tan linda! <3
Karla Medina
'Karla Medina' 6 days ago
Woaah! Hermoso!! <3
Andreza Rebeca
'Andreza Rebeca' 6 days ago
adrianaaaaaaa 😍😍😍
Diego Samperio
'Diego Samperio' 6 days ago
que rikolino papu
NoobHater TurtleOg
Starboy is his best song
'Bleachcool' 6 days ago
Whats her name 2:43?
'Jacky's Edits' 6 days ago
When Bella passed by and he started looking at that other chick😂😂
Larissa Duarte
'Larissa Duarte' 6 days ago
tade os BR? da up
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