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5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: Top 5s Finest

By: Top 5s FinestPublished: 2 weeks ago

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5 Mysterious Google Maps Events Caught On Camera By Google Earth!


Trust me on this one: Google Earth is the most unbiased and non-selective photographer in the world. It uses satellites that capture images all over the world. The proof in this is in the unsettling amount of pictures released online. Google Earth will capture footage of animals and humans on both sea and land. The next time you want to do something illegal, especially in public, you had better think twice. We may just be talking about you next. With this being said, brace yourself for the 5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth! Lets begin!

1. Huge Sea Creature

If you are a lover of nature, you may want to reconsider your love for the ocean. Google Earth has captured what looks like the biggest shark ever roaming around the docks of the marina. And you know what, it’s mouth is constantly open… like it is waiting to make a kill any time. You may be saying, ‘I like the ocean beach’ or ‘There are so many beautiful sea creatures out there’ or ‘I only venture into the shore and not the deep parts’. Well, if you see the size of this creature, it will make you avoid the beach entirely! I know I would avoid it…Seriously, I am not ready to be anyone’s dinner!

2. Strange Object In The Sky

You have heard of UFO ships in the sky but that is nothing when compared to this weird cloud formation caught on Google Earth in Italy. Search for ‘weird cloud formations’ and you will see the supporting evidence of this strange sighting caught at different angles. While some may dismiss it as a weird cloud formation, there has to be more that meets the eye, especially because Google Earth is involved here. Can you see that pointed pale tower toward the left side of the formation? I mean, I don’t think that freaky thing is a cloud formation….at all!

3. Woman Appears To Get Abducted

Take a close look at this. There is a bald, angry man grabbing onto a woman. The second guy, near the open trunk of the car, appears to be getting ready for a midday abduction. The woman seems to be getting dragged towards the vehicle…against her own will…right? Wrong! What you think is happening in this photo may not really be the case. The major reason why this may not be abduction is that the woman is holding on to a cigarette stick. I have watched a lot of abduction films and victims do not come out holding cigarette sticks! There are many theories that can explain this: the woman may have been taken by surprise, or she is being tickled, and the man in the car is a random passerby.

4. How Did The Cow Cross The Road?

The cow did get to the other side but the reason as to why it would be pulling itself across the road on stumps makes an observer scratch their head. Another puzzling question is why is it crawling toward a bloody scene instead of away from it? A possible reason may be that the other side of the road had more horrors as compared to the one it is crawling towards. Or maybe, just maybe, the cow is backing up while keeping its eyes on the deadly scene. I advocate that an investigation be launched to find out what happened to this cow! …But we will never know…will we?

5. Pentagram

In an uninhabited, archaeological ruin in Kazakhstan, where cemeteries and burial grounds existed in the Bronze Age settlement, Google Earth took a picture of a pentagram etched into the ground. An experienced archaeologist explained that the pentagram had been formed by Soviet Union members who once used the area as a campground. The archeologist went on to explain that at this time, stars were used as decorations in almost everything: flags, buildings and monuments as a sign of beauty. For all the fans of conspiracy theories out there, the star was not drawn by unknown forces wanting to unleash havoc on Kazakhstan.

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Ankit T. Suthar
'Ankit T. Suthar' 3 hours ago
please share link of google map of all Mysterious Events.
Noah Reed
'Noah Reed' 7 hours ago
The star with a circle around it is also a sign of satan worship
'Landrew0' 7 hours ago
Paraplegic cows exist. I'm from a farm.
'jakektp123476' 9 hours ago
ime sub
Brian Malsch
'Brian Malsch' 11 hours ago
Idrk but maybe Google Earth puts these in as easter eggs or something? well some of them the cow probably not
'dlondon1144' 14 hours ago
Number 1 is a dismantled old Soviet era surface-to-air radar and missile site.
Holly Bell
'Holly Bell' 1 day ago
There's no way most of these are from Google Eath and the one with the weird thing in the sky is actually a city. The smog is making it look like it's floating on a cloud.
Please stop posting things that aren't real. I'm a paranormal investigator and videos like this make it hard for people to believe in things that actually do exist. So frustrating.
'mr.fartsparkles' 1 day ago
that's not a cloud formation it's a star wars ship o:
spymonky 789 (Summer.potter)
poor cow D:
'M' 2 days ago
Great compiliation but it's not "more that meets the eye" but "more than what meets the eye".
Bloody Macbeth
'Bloody Macbeth' 2 days ago
Half of these aren't even google earth pictures, you fucktard.
Kat Martin2016
'Kat Martin2016' 2 days ago
Cigarette "sticks"? LOL
Anthony Maughan
'Anthony Maughan' 2 days ago
Harvey Hyke
'Harvey Hyke' 2 days ago
sun runner
'sun runner' 3 days ago
all bull shit.
Edd Marc
'Edd Marc' 3 days ago
We will not believe this unless we did'nt see the videos
Everett Hoke
'Everett Hoke' 3 days ago
Google earth is known for censorship. It especially erases people or any undisclosed locations.
'TacomaPaul' 3 days ago
At 2:41... that is obviously a picture of a tree branch inserted into a picture of the sky.
There is a much clearer version where you can even tell it is a birch tree !
I mean, come on. And NO other pics of it ?
I think that a few thousand people might have noticed it. Laughable.
Jack Sanders
'Jack Sanders' 4 days ago
I think the last one is just a random sea creature that died and just went belly up.
'Finnwaltz' 4 days ago
a cigarette what ?
André Scott
'André Scott' 4 days ago
"Cigarette stick"? Just "cigarette", surely. Also, it's "more than meets the eye", not "that".
TheTattooedCat X
'TheTattooedCat X' 4 days ago
So, for leaving a comment about illiteracy on your part starting with the title, you delete my comment. Nice... just about what I would expect...
TheTattooedCat X
'TheTattooedCat X' 4 days ago
"5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured By Google Earth", really? This title alone speaks volumes as to the 3rd grade vocabulary of the author, making it that much less likely that any truly literate person would take anything said here seriously! Try leaving out the word "ever" OR adding the word "most" right after the 5, either way would make a proper sentence.... As it stands it just looks stupid!
John Grabowski
'John Grabowski' 5 days ago
"Unexperienced archeologists"? How about "unexperienced" writers/YouTube posters?
Barnaby Hughes
'Barnaby Hughes' 5 days ago
The sea creature is the wake of a small boat. Google took a similar shot over Loch Ness and everybody thought it was Nessie
'Dan' 5 days ago
Putting words on things is only speculation. No facts.
Bill Gleason
'Bill Gleason' 5 days ago
Bald angry BLACK man appearing to kidnap a woman. Why can't you say BLACK man?
'TheMichguff' 5 days ago
Cigarette stick?
Christine jones
'Christine jones' 5 days ago
A cigarette "stick" .........whaaaaaaa?
'0ptimus1984' 6 days ago
3:28 if u know anything about sharks u know that they cant swim belly up, they become paralyzed belly up & that shark is belly up, so its clear hint that this is fake or the shark is dead
'TheHocmaster' 6 days ago
Btw the pictures taken from the ground are from google street, not google earth
Darth Vader
'Darth Vader' 6 days ago
That weird cloud looks like a star destroyer
Anne Saunchgrow
'Anne Saunchgrow' 6 days ago
I'm looking for a Google Earth picture .how can I get it?
Carvanni Andrew
'Carvanni Andrew' 6 days ago
well this all just lies why cuz this dumb ass is is a bad liar
rapbot exe
'rapbot exe' 6 days ago
your channel unequivocally sucks
bryson birchfield
'bryson birchfield' 7 days ago
2:47 Its a Missle
'xToxicx' 7 days ago
#1 the most logical explanation is a small speed boat. The "fins" and "tail" on the sides is wave produced by the boat.
The mouth is just a shadow from the window on the front.
Kristi Karatisti
'Kristi Karatisti' 7 days ago
what did i do
'fragilefrank' 7 days ago
Grammar much, Corky?
Fire Dragon798
'Fire Dragon798' 7 days ago
Robert Jox
'Robert Jox' 7 days ago
garbage content
Highgamer 7274
'Highgamer 7274' 7 days ago
number 2 is a star wars imperial star destroyer
Sally W.
'Sally W.' 1 week ago
Do we really need to be watching this!
chesa gall
'chesa gall' 1 week ago
so annoying so scrunchy
Thom V
'Thom V' 1 week ago
NO such thing as satellites !!!. "All done with balloons, planes, etc..but no satellites.......Have you ever really seen one, much less two of the 13, 000 satellites that are supposed to be in orbit???? They NEVER seem to be photographed in front of the moon or by other "satellites". ISS is just a high flying plane like the U2, much like the so-called Hubble telescope. All b.s.....All GPS, t.v., communication, etc, is done thru the ocean cables, land lines, land-based antennas, not to and from a satellite. Read, study, watch videos on the subject, think and you will easily dismiss the thought of satellites in the heat and vacuum of space.
Conor McDarby
'Conor McDarby' 1 week ago
It's a basking shark, surely...
Lewis Stanek
'Lewis Stanek' 1 week ago
google satellite photos taken from the ground? looks pretty fake to me.
Tracy Birkland
'Tracy Birkland' 1 week ago
Just so everyone knows "conspiracy Theory" was a term created to make people disregard anything the Government did not want JQ public to know about. Most are now Conspiracy Fact. FYI
The Emerald Minecart
maybe that shark was megaldon
hobo itup
'hobo itup' 1 week ago
what the hell is a cigarette stick?
- ]TARKUS[ -
'- ]TARKUS[ -' 1 week ago
They once had a scramble to get the UFOS off the map as they were removing / covering them up.
Aymar Tas
'Aymar Tas' 1 week ago
i think that "shark" is a boat
itchy robot
'itchy robot' 1 week ago
Ok Listen up, school's in...
It's either:
"*The 5 *most mysterious events ever captures..." or "5 Mysterious events, captured by..."
There is no situation that it is correct to say "5 Mysterious Events Ever Captured..."

Also, what the fuck is a "cigarette 'stick'" who the hell talks like you? LOL
"Stick"? WTF who calls a cigarette a 'Cigarette Stick"?

Are you an Alien? From another planet? ...making videos about humans? LOL!

You seem to speak with an American accent, but as if you are ESL.
You observe things that are pointless, and give them incorrect meanings.
A lot of your explanations for things are simply wrong, or from outdated sources. The things you say are obviously from the perspective of someone who's never actually done, or seen, in real life, the particular thing you're explaining.

Where does your info come from?
How come you make these videos?
Who are you really?
'wordreet' 1 week ago
Dude, your title has a serious grammatical error. The word ever requires some previous definition within the sentence. Such as in "This is the best book I have ever read."
"5 of the most mysterious events ever caught by google earth" for example.
Or just leave it out altogether, because, "this book I have ever read", sounds odd.
The irony behind my comment is that I almost never complain about grammar on YT, in spite of my YT name indicating that I want people to get their words reet. ;¬)
Hunter Smith25
'Hunter Smith25' 1 week ago
At 3:04 that looks like a star destroyer from star wars
JJ du Plessis
'JJ du Plessis' 1 week ago
Maybe it should be "5 MOST mysterious events ever captured by Google Earth."? He sounds American, but his grammar says otherwise.
mads nergård
'mads nergård' 1 week ago
some sharks have to open their mouth to be able to breath
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Ullas Snehasudha
'Ullas Snehasudha' 1 week ago
I just love to watch stupidity.
Đ.magyar Đollar
'Đ.magyar Đollar' 1 week ago
The sharks' mouth is open constantly cause that's how the breath, or am i wrong?
Ulbazar Jakaria
'Ulbazar Jakaria' 1 week ago
well i know NASA are watching as walking on the streets via satelite camera. well thats possible because of the technology we have in these modern days and also they have might discovered everything hidden on these world like monster or island inhabited by dinosaur or some strange events in a wide forest or in deep ocean and even are the north and south pole.
Cyrus Xander
'Cyrus Xander' 1 week ago
#1 is a boat making a turn at speed......
Harlequin Productions if he's a deaf donkey..
petrifyer L
'petrifyer L' 1 week ago
the shark is a boat and the lines are white ripples in the water.
'ST0PxistingN0W' 1 week ago

Your looking at it upside down!
'PuroYO' 1 week ago
"there has to be more to this, especially since google is involved"....
Why does there have to be more and why especially since google is involved?
You think Google can manipulate clouds?

This shit .. xD
'626bigSGV' 1 week ago
2:42 It's not a cloud that's a pine branch flying in front of the camera. I have a pine tree in front of my house, I see those on the ground all the time.
The Maloney
'The Maloney' 1 week ago
You mean "popularity stick". Obviously a nerd.
Nidra Blades Dottir
So -- Google is live and filmed daily?  I can google my house today and see my car, but tomorrow it will be gone to work?  Or is there an updated Google I have to pay for? Curious.
no way jose
'no way jose' 1 week ago
"cigarette stick"???
'RRK RED' 1 week ago
#5 is for Dean and sam to trap demons
Luke Dossett
'Luke Dossett' 1 week ago
(Pun intended)
God I need to get a life
(Ok I'll stop now)
What the hell am I doing
(Ok I'll stop FOR REAL now)
Ser Hunts Reviews
'Ser Hunts Reviews' 1 week ago
this guy is a fucking moron.
'eleveendays' 1 week ago
this is street view, a tool, not by google earth satelite, thumbs down for lie
Bobby C.
'Bobby C.' 1 week ago
its called bluebeam project and HAARP and nikola tesla project the gov have of his
'syanceardenna' 1 week ago
I think that 'shark' looks more like a boat
Austin izzyton
'Austin izzyton' 1 week ago
cigarette stick? UFO ship? are you retarded or something????
Austin izzyton
'Austin izzyton' 1 week ago
the guy sounds like a goofy ass queer
Joshua Soileau
'Joshua Soileau' 1 week ago
Google earth is a plane that flys over and takes pictures not satellites
'moopindo' 1 week ago
i just wish i can click thumb down 300000 times one day..
Lawmang Mang
'Lawmang Mang' 1 week ago
Dan Tribble
'Dan Tribble' 1 week ago
I want the last 4:11 of my life back
EmilieFaded xD
'EmilieFaded xD' 1 week ago
2 one is just a bird flying by...
PC Legendary Gaming
2017 and they still haven't found a way for us to click on the other videos in video
Pv†. Oldschool
'Pv†. Oldschool' 1 week ago
i want links to sourcematerial
Dire Wolfy
'Dire Wolfy' 1 week ago
You forgot to put my dab on here
'mudbug212' 1 week ago
the pic of the so called shark if you can see the mouth of the shark means its belly up so no worries lol
Nicolas Koslasky
'Nicolas Koslasky' 1 week ago
That shark is probably a harmless whale or basking shark which swim with their mouths open constantly because they eat plankton.  It even looks about the same size.  There are also "Megamouth" sharks that do the exact same thing, so, I am not convinced that its a Megalodon or anything like that yet.
ANOTHER FUCKED UP FUCKTARDED ASSWIPE THINKING YOUTUBE IS FAME..... I " almost " feel bad for moronic imbeciles like this poor useless fool !
'Knotdead' 1 week ago
That lady is probably a product of slavery prostitution. Sad picture.
jasehfushipgfh ndoshfgs-9dfhbgiosjf
the cow had broken legs
'AVBlaster' 1 week ago
Another amazingly shitty video. No wonder this guy killed himself.
Rhys James
'Rhys James' 1 week ago
cigarette stick
'Luminositymusic' 1 week ago
Jesus! Shut up! Waste of time
KanaiaM AJ
'KanaiaM AJ' 1 week ago
I will love the ocean till the day i die
Boopmeister johnson
You talk too much it's ruined
Em Phoenix
'Em Phoenix' 1 week ago
I don't know what are they talking about with the "biggest shark ever". It's obviously not that big when compared to the boats. It's just mindboggling how some people don't hesitate to make great scary statements over something that is clearly not even happening. It doesn't even have to be a shark, it looks a lot like a plain water scooter. Google water scooters and compare the shape of the water tail they leave behind, you will see that it could be just that.
Scott Clarke
'Scott Clarke' 1 week ago
OK so I only saw two Google Earth pics..pentagram and the would be sea creature. waste of 4 min
'UNICORN WAFFLES' 1 week ago
The government is total shit!
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