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Best News Bloopers Compilation -
Published: 4 years ago By: RockadellEdits

By: RockadellEditsPublished: 4 years ago

59, 346, 699 views

74, 562 Likes   12, 059 Dislikes

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✔ From:

Agent Smith
'Agent Smith' 6 hours ago
4:58 And you will see a surprise under her red dress
KENNEDY the Cosmetologist
I am so in love with guy at 10:07. he is the fucking MAN!
'xCodas' 21 hours ago
1:35 " i know the vacom cleaner man, he's seen my tits " yoo i'm dead XD
Eurandi Corvello Antunes de Oliveira
thumb bait! :(
'enderman_30' 4 days ago
and wow this was halirous
'enderman_30' 4 days ago
2:20 where the hell did that come from
Too Wavvy
'Too Wavvy' 4 days ago
9:58 dude look like juicy j 😂
tony woodward
'tony woodward' 4 days ago
he's seen my tits I'm dead
Fuzzy EpicTnt
'Fuzzy EpicTnt' 5 days ago
2:45 shit waddup
'meowgoesthedog' 5 days ago
If you put the aint nobody gat time woman on the thumbnail instead, you would have x10 views ez
Shane de Leon
'Shane de Leon' 6 days ago
"He's seen my tits; I'm not here to lie to you."
Scarlett Klemm
'Scarlett Klemm' 1 week ago
The guy walked into a pole ow that must hurt
iesu hernandez
'iesu hernandez' 1 week ago
3:00 mission failed, we'll get em next time.
1Petey Green
'1Petey Green' 1 week ago
this just about breast and so forth
Jacque Millers
'Jacque Millers' 1 week ago
LOL That's how you get views: big breasts.
'ALLTHESAVED' 1 week ago
Get me off...the air. After all that canoodling talk. My god.
'Guest4703' 1 week ago
Gotta love the sausage fests that you judge. Pick-a-dick. Hah.
Polar Gaming
'Polar Gaming' 1 week ago
2:16 lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
'Redeyz' 1 week ago
Where r my Clevage
André C. Monteiro
'ezank46374545363830' 2 weeks ago
Ended in a tie!!! lol
'br0adsw0rd' 2 weeks ago
hehe boobies
'bantalee2002' 2 weeks ago
Everyone wants to know what was that female TV news Anchor in the red dress was doing when the camera trained in on her. She was sitting down, had her skirt up and was adjusting something black in-between her legs? what was she fiddling with?
Senji Kiyomasa
'Senji Kiyomasa' 2 weeks ago
PickaDick sound like a real . com
Matthew Perez
'Matthew Perez' 2 weeks ago
OMG my weatherman made it to this video !😂 idk if I should be proud for upset
Jarrod Keene
'Jarrod Keene' 2 weeks ago
"I so pale"
"We are on air"
And then she reports like nothing happened
wladyslaw koss
'wladyslaw koss' 2 weeks ago
i like the girl who boobs were falling out when doing excercise
Undertale is gay bro
Nicole Mora
'Nicole Mora' 2 weeks ago
My name is Nicole :)
Jonathan Huang
'Jonathan Huang' 2 weeks ago
"And Then it got me! I have BRONCHITIS"
Jonathan Huang
'Jonathan Huang' 2 weeks ago
"I know the vacuum cleaner man, he's seen my tits" WTFFF
Raven Lauefyson
'Raven Lauefyson' 2 weeks ago
"I know the vacuum cleaner guy, he's seen my tits." I love that lady
'AlfieRB' 2 weeks ago
Eat the sausage, Sausage is another name for Cock i think lol
Ryan Qin
'Ryan Qin' 2 weeks ago
4:58 what is the woman hiding with her skirt? xD
'conskate' 2 weeks ago
I know you just came to see if the first comment was about the thumbnail
Matthew Cuellar
'Matthew Cuellar' 2 weeks ago
I think that dude knew exactly what canoodling means.
Anynymous Girl Avakin
"I know the vacuum cleaner man. He's seen my tits."
'DodgeRam' 2 weeks ago
Bucketloads of cunt
Bush Did Harambe
'Bush Did Harambe' 2 weeks ago
roses are red
violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
and you did too
David Jimenez
'David Jimenez' 2 weeks ago
Fuck her right in the pussy
iCrossBoss V
'iCrossBoss V' 2 weeks ago
wanna see my tits?
'ItsSparkles' 2 weeks ago
5:00 dildo up her clit?
Orlando Coombe
'Orlando Coombe' 2 weeks ago
sweet brown
Jimmy Watts
'Jimmy Watts' 2 weeks ago
Thanks rayyy
Jimmy Watts
'Jimmy Watts' 2 weeks ago
"I so pale" much respect tho she recovered like a champ
'najeeBS78' 2 weeks ago
58 million WTF
'rollinglad' 2 weeks ago
2.48 - that made me lol the most.
'Firsty97' 2 weeks ago
4:58 Does she have a dick?
omar bernal
'omar bernal' 2 weeks ago
probably shocked by the gas prices.
Mr Sweetchuck
'Mr Sweetchuck' 2 weeks ago
American news stations are so unprofessional!
James Wildes
'James Wildes' 2 weeks ago
Why the fuck do these assholes use sexy babes to get people to watch this shit, its not like they're going to make a living off of this.
Kerth Gersen
'Kerth Gersen' 2 weeks ago
Anchor: (after embarrassing himself by not knowing what "canoodle" meant):

"Sorry, Astrid. Go ahead and get me"
Panda Gamer
'Panda Gamer' 3 weeks ago
I'm dead now
Panda Gamer
'Panda Gamer' 3 weeks ago
"Pick a dick"
Sttill Irnkman
'Sttill Irnkman' 3 weeks ago
Gotta love the clickbait thumbnail
miguel reyes
'miguel reyes' 3 weeks ago
The first one is the funniest I SO PALE!! Lol
JD Painter
'JD Painter' 3 weeks ago
Women Pick their DICKS
Hailee Kay
'Hailee Kay' 3 weeks ago
WhTs with 4:56 to 5:00
'HEAVYWALL 70' 3 weeks ago
No I DO NOT want to see them
'Tyler' 3 weeks ago
I know the vacuum man. He's seen my tits
tony seamen
'tony seamen' 3 weeks ago
Anyone else want to punch the white guy in the face that was like wawawa. That dickless fuck never had any kids, because no one would sleep with that prick.
'ElexGaming' 3 weeks ago
pick a dick
Dennis Menace
'Dennis Menace' 3 weeks ago
At 9:25 a little coon show what coons are always up to: precocious rapistas And near the end there a few niggers ruining everything fo everybody
Royden Amoah
'Royden Amoah' 3 weeks ago
9:17 ...winters day, bucket loads of cunt we duuh...
Royden Amoah
'Royden Amoah' 3 weeks ago
2:42 "Oh my God! That hurt..."
'VIPAN' 3 weeks ago
'15seconds99' 3 weeks ago
nothing exciting...except of course for the plane going down on king drive...LMMFAO
Gustav Nilsson
'Gustav Nilsson' 3 weeks ago
The most successful clickbait video on youtube.
'Mara' 3 weeks ago so pale
The Sole Survivor
'The Sole Survivor' 3 weeks ago
[Speech 38%] we can kanoodle before you can get it to uhhh...
[FAILED] were no going to be kanoodling...
Mary Guerrero
'Mary Guerrero' 3 weeks ago
@ 5.11🏆
'BoNNe' 3 weeks ago
Camp Lo
'Camp Lo' 3 weeks ago
Lmao the first two
Max pineda tello
'Max pineda tello' 3 weeks ago
ghost of Cali
'ghost of Cali' 3 weeks ago
NO boobs..
'ELI NEFF' 4 weeks ago
I can relate to the lighting news guy I HATE sudden lighting booms too
'Sentinel' 4 weeks ago
"This is a major-"
Jim A.
'Jim A.' 4 weeks ago
What the fuck are we doing out here?
Lee Bee
'Lee Bee' 4 weeks ago
The first 6 seconds of this video are comedy gold. Also loved 3:26 "Get me off. Camera." and "Get your shit together" at 5:30 :D
'Wolf GIRL' 4 weeks ago
pick a dick XD
sfdafsad areesf
'sfdafsad areesf' 4 weeks ago
I love those retarded reporters who step outside in the middle of a storm, only to tell everyone to stay inside (4:20). They should be reacting like the guy @ 10:03
'Rejich89' 4 weeks ago
damn it... got thumbnail baited again.. fk off
'C Q' 4 weeks ago
very nice
Tom Wing
'Tom Wing' 4 weeks ago
Oh, that nasty bug at the end ... yikes!!!
Tom Wing
'Tom Wing' 4 weeks ago
Damn, I don't get the tied basketball score one. What's amiss here?
Gig Pig
'Gig Pig' 4 weeks ago
The horse mask guy is my hero
evelyn stever
'evelyn stever' 4 weeks ago that old lady!!!!
'Hijodelaisla' 4 weeks ago
10:35 was definitely the most cringe-inducing.
Richard P Smith
'Richard P Smith' 4 weeks ago
Pimple popper
Scrappy Streams
'Scrappy Streams' 4 weeks ago
4:38 Tokyo drift
'Greenranger8' 4 weeks ago
"yeah we didn't need to see that..thanks ray...."
Nate Roe
'Nate Roe' 4 weeks ago
4:04 😂😂😂
kate chebet
'kate chebet' 4 weeks ago
I know the vacuum cleaner man, he's seen my tits..uuum deep breath and nervous calm pause I know that's not going on TV but its true its true am not here to lie to you
'EpicUltraKingSmizzy' 1 month ago
i swa the clip of the guy standing there and i didnt see any photobombing or slip ups on words. so i paused it and played it back slowly... whats that on his shoulder... OMFG I WANT TO DIE, THIS IS MY PHOBIA, FUCKING NIGHTMARE FUEL, HOW CAN I LIVE NOW
Marsha Smith
'Marsha Smith' 1 month ago
This is so funny and cute
iAmeer Exploits
'iAmeer Exploits' 1 month ago
pick a dick
William Ferge
'William Ferge' 1 month ago
William Ferge
'William Ferge' 1 month ago
fuck haha
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