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Lil Uzi Vert - Ps & Qs [Official Music Video] -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: LIL UZI VERT

By: LIL UZI VERTPublished: 2 weeks ago

7, 414, 940 views

107, 795 Likes   9, 960 Dislikes

Lil Uzi Vert - "Ps & Qs" [Official Music Video]

Directed By: YASHXANA

Animated By: Joe Bullard and Reisen 9k

Styled By: Babes on Legs - Mackenzie Crawford and Alicia Angeles

Connect with Lil Uzi Vert:

'Mincey918' 12 seconds ago
I'm an upcoming artist trying to get some recognition help me out by checking out my channel
BMW e90 M3
'BMW e90 M3' 24 minutes ago
This nigga gay AF his mannersim are of a gay nigga this nigga gay
John Carter
'John Carter' 27 minutes ago
I'm autistic and I can produce better shit than this
'TeRe' 28 minutes ago
Lol the background music sounds like an Irish band based in Boston, Massachusetts
'WFBG' 39 minutes ago
Lil Uzi the first nigga to put snapchat filters in a music video
carrie weist
'carrie weist' 47 minutes ago
sum big ass eyes n vape pens?
Michael Anderson
'Michael Anderson' 48 minutes ago
lmao he compared his song to gta food
TheHomie James
'TheHomie James' 54 minutes ago
This music is shit first time in search this foo up. Wack asss rapper. Oh yeah, oooooo yeah all I heard
'iYunique' 1 hour ago
Some Yandere Simulator Stuff...
Obey lil G
'Obey lil G' 1 hour ago
'Vegeta' 1 hour ago
Anyone know the asian guy with the white/pink/blue hair's social media?
PeDroZa Jnr
'PeDroZa Jnr' 1 hour ago
these eyes are crippin me out
'MANNY BOY' 1 hour ago
Hey i'm an artist trying to get my music heard. Give me a shot, you
might like what you hear. Please Subscribe, Like, Comment, and share
thank you! I also got hip hop beats for sale! Subscribe for my new ones coming soon!
Da Man
'Da Man' 2 hours ago
Creative in a scary way 9 out of 10 lol
Carter Robinett
'Carter Robinett' 2 hours ago
What's up with the spongebob beat?
Billy Lynch
'Billy Lynch' 2 hours ago
This a ravioli commercial?
'sLanX.' 2 hours ago
watch this on acid.
jose barron
'jose barron' 2 hours ago
Tupac sucks lil uzi vert is better
madden over 2k any day
broooo his animated character go hard
Backwoods Uploads
'Backwoods Uploads' 2 hours ago
Uzi and Yung Evil should do some songs together for sure!
Kasim zaman
'Kasim zaman' 2 hours ago
More views than Kano's Ps and Qs, damn
Cortex Bladezz
'Cortex Bladezz' 3 hours ago
Lil uzi and D.R.A.M are like the most happy and cheerful rappers
Veyonce Hendricks
'Veyonce Hendricks' 3 hours ago
Lil uzi vert look gay
xLead Gamez
'xLead Gamez' 3 hours ago
lil uzi the type of nigga to smack a dudes ass
'cloroxbleach' 3 hours ago
why people down in the comments salty af for no reason like you clearly typed in the fucking search box lil uzi ps and qs why search something up if you clearly dont like it it makes no sense at all
Queen Liz
'Queen Liz' 3 hours ago
Uzi: Aye girl you hot

Girl: Ik I am

Uzi: Yeahhh thats who we are getting friendzoned
'Happytaco_890' 3 hours ago
Chef uzi💀
'Timmering' 4 hours ago
Matt 16268
'Matt 16268' 4 hours ago
Love you lil uzi
'mrcmxoner' 4 hours ago
wtf he looks like britney, those chockers look gay as shit bro fucken weaboo, stickin ya tongue out like a b
Adan Mendoza
'Adan Mendoza' 4 hours ago
its pink
MajorG8or _
'MajorG8or _' 4 hours ago
The ult Weaboo music video
Adan Mendoza
'Adan Mendoza' 4 hours ago
new wig wtf hahaha
Adan Mendoza
'Adan Mendoza' 4 hours ago
new wig wtf hahaha
Yohannes The Flagstone
Lol doggo do flip
'ItzNebula' 4 hours ago
Oh for Christ sakes, I think I took the wrong pills again.
Koala Gam3r453
'Koala Gam3r453' 4 hours ago
This my 32 time I've seen this
Kay Fresh
'Kay Fresh' 4 hours ago
I will give you 1.00000000000000 likes
Pasha Nestor
'Pasha Nestor' 4 hours ago
Ugly hair,like nest
'chris' 4 hours ago
Worst rapper ever
Mr Turner
'Mr Turner' 4 hours ago
Little Uzi is a weaboo
Alek Bowers
'Alek Bowers' 5 hours ago
I always been a menace to society judges trying to deliberate me from existence faculties wanting me to tell them everything like I was an infant I was that dust bunny that you swept underneath the rug in the kitchen now listen I was known as the delinquent that chip off da old block running the streets then like it was some kind of achievement hitting stains just so I could eat then you letting this seep in
or do you need it beat in
Jadyn Thomas
'Jadyn Thomas' 5 hours ago
Lookin at his hair givin me a damn seizure
Arkangel Son
'Arkangel Son' 5 hours ago
silly looking demon haha cast him out ya ya!!
Nadiah Gilbert
'Nadiah Gilbert' 5 hours ago
his smile is life😙😙
Yungg Goat on the Scene
Why is this Garbage on my recamended
Jin Kim
'Jin Kim' 5 hours ago
uzi is such a weeaboo.😂 still fuck wit him tho
'YRN_Creed' 5 hours ago
uzi-san? dbz references like shit
'Gooby' 5 hours ago
This song is lit but this video wtf.
Turkish Delight
'Turkish Delight' 5 hours ago
Dude the song good, but wtf is up with the music video😂😂😂
Alexis Kulla
'Alexis Kulla' 5 hours ago
It is a wallpaper thank you very much you stupid bitch
Alexis Kulla
'Alexis Kulla' 5 hours ago
Well you are
leah henderson
'leah henderson' 5 hours ago
omg i love it
Pelon Dominguez
'Pelon Dominguez' 5 hours ago
I bot this 4 a 1$ in gta5
Robinette Henry
'Robinette Henry' 5 hours ago
lil yachty is your friend right if he talk smack I get on him
'Omare' Lottie' 5 hours ago
i like your hairstyle Lil uzi
'Omare' Lottie' 6 hours ago
Vi Duz
'Vi Duz' 6 hours ago
Uzi is just childish and old lmao
Isiah Erlandson
'Isiah Erlandson' 6 hours ago
go follow me on soundcloud! im almost at 500 and hoever gets me there will get a repost, likes on all tracks, and a follow
Julian Arroyo
'Julian Arroyo' 6 hours ago
Ooh sing it he ain't got no money" what I say to my crush's crush
uglyboikei TV
'uglyboikei TV' 6 hours ago
hes not doing it for yall hes doing him get over it
Anime for all you American ass bitches! Tokyo stand up
uglyboikei TV
'uglyboikei TV' 6 hours ago
bitch ass niggas
uglyboikei TV
'uglyboikei TV' 6 hours ago
uzi is my nigga yall dont like him ill really cut yo fingers off and send it to yo grandma house then shoot yo her in the back and let her bleed out on the floor
'I'm G' 6 hours ago
Whole song i heard yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah
'ii-TERINTINO-II' 6 hours ago
trashhhhh baggg
Thei Soe
'Thei Soe' 6 hours ago
dis nigga is niggato,niggtar,niggachu,niggaku etc
Space Ghost
'Space Ghost' 6 hours ago
what is this shit
rosa soto
'rosa soto' 6 hours ago
The Ravioli commercial brought me here ..
Tronald Dump
'Tronald Dump' 6 hours ago
1/5 stars I didn't get the plot of the hentai it was really all over the place like why was the teacher getting mad at him and there was very little diolouge so it couldn't explain really explain what was going on and why was there a total of like 11 students in uzi-sans class there should be at least 20 and also there eyes were randomly going big and small not sure if that was a drawing error or not
'Deathshock77' 6 hours ago
Music I catchy but singing is shit; or rapping if you can even call it that
iiAlex GamerOmq
'iiAlex GamerOmq' 6 hours ago
Lil uzi prolly in the stall practicing Naruto Jutsu's.
Benjamin Choyyuen
'Benjamin Choyyuen' 7 hours ago
Dammmnnnn this shit is trash.
Jakari Williams
'Jakari Williams' 7 hours ago
PS As haha bro
'SnipeGhost' 7 hours ago
Lil Uzi the type of dude to speak without being able to make out a single word
Brockz Modz
'Brockz Modz' 7 hours ago
He look high as F$#K in dis video!
Anthony De La Cerda
'Anthony De La Cerda' 7 hours ago
This generation definitely does not know what real music is.... why are they being paid to produce crap like this???? I'm definitely highly confused!
Tymareon Brown
'Tymareon Brown' 7 hours ago
Niaskye Smith
'Niaskye Smith' 7 hours ago
Love this video!d
ViralGaming Minecraft & More!
it looks like he pretend holding a di*k around here not trying to be a negative thinker tho:
ViralGaming Minecraft & More!
just came out of high school
ViralGaming Minecraft & More!
he looks 19
ViralGaming Minecraft & More!
I'm guessing this Chinese guy's name is Austin because he had said austin and the Chinese guy wanted the girl with purple hair and Lil uzi took her
Anthony Offutt
'Anthony Offutt' 7 hours ago
D3adshot Ninja
'D3adshot Ninja' 7 hours ago
someone watches too much anime
'lil' Turtle T' 7 hours ago
Lil Uzi the nigha to run down the halls in school like naruto
D3adshot Ninja
'D3adshot Ninja' 7 hours ago
D3adshot Ninja
'D3adshot Ninja' 7 hours ago
D3adshot Ninja
'D3adshot Ninja' 7 hours ago
just how
'-_-KFC-_-' 7 hours ago
A mixture of assassination classroom, attack on titan, and a 5 year olds imagination.
Weaver Frederick
'Weaver Frederick' 7 hours ago
whos the chick at 1:52 she cute af
Janina Polk
'Janina Polk' 7 hours ago
i swear i think this lil nigga is gay ass fuck him and lil yachty fag boys he make good music doe most fags do
Player 1 Ass Nigga
'Player 1 Ass Nigga' 7 hours ago
Lil God - Simple . Search that song yall
Nine Trey
'Nine Trey' 7 hours ago
clown with makeup
Nine Trey
'Nine Trey' 7 hours ago
Nine Trey
'Nine Trey' 7 hours ago
faggot assssss rappers niggas like dis shit amfh
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