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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation -
Published: 3 months ago By: AmazingStuff

By: AmazingStuffPublished: 3 months ago

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TOP 8 SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS - Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation
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Aaron Arcelio Tamtomo
wow cool
'LEONARDO MANNI' 2 days ago
Sei un popone😂😂😂😂😂😂
The Dark_one
'The Dark_one' 2 days ago
I dont get the first
Krisztib Székely
'Krisztib Székely' 3 days ago
Mohammed Bangi
'Mohammed Bangi' 4 days ago
What was the first one?
María Gaymer
'María Gaymer' 4 days ago
esto es del canal exp caseros hijo puta
Kala Jackson
'Kala Jackson' 4 days ago
the good stuff looks nasty how do they eat that!!!
Diamond Trainer
'Diamond Trainer' 4 days ago
esto es del canal de exp casero
Akram Satar
'Akram Satar' 5 days ago
Valentino progaymer
este canal se llama expcaseros
Sophia Carey
'Sophia Carey' 5 days ago
Are you sure number 4 is edible?
Sophia Carey
'Sophia Carey' 5 days ago
I know you might not see this. But for the people who do Have a great day!
Xx_DESTRO_xX auer
'Xx_DESTRO_xX auer' 6 days ago
number 8 is like a mini vacuum chamber
'Nartrox' 6 days ago
exp caseros en version gringa :v
Rebekah Davidson
'Rebekah Davidson' 6 days ago
Why did the box float?
Sniper Sharp107
'Sniper Sharp107' 1 week ago
Gaz:" Your watermelon skills are remokabole."
Masteryt 55
'Masteryt 55' 1 week ago
this is from ExpCaseros
Georgina Githungo
'Georgina Githungo' 1 week ago
is the milky Red Bull drinkable ?
Squidman Goldsmith
'Squidman Goldsmith' 2 weeks ago
Number 6: is that edible? 😂😂😂
'124Lydia' 2 weeks ago
I love experiment number 3
Sherif said
'Sherif said' 2 weeks ago
number 2 isnt real
aldo imam juliansah
'aldo imam juliansah' 2 weeks ago
so slovenly
sandy khan
'sandy khan' 2 weeks ago
You are not good and amazing stuff not at all 👎
'Ditto' 2 weeks ago
Te copias de EXPCaseros
Ura Tg
'Ura Tg' 2 weeks ago
Kinga Margan
'Kinga Margan' 2 weeks ago
'DNT TALK TO ME' 2 weeks ago
what d heck is number 4?
Chii Suigintou
'Chii Suigintou' 2 weeks ago
Has nothing to do with experiments.,. >.<
KirkkoNummi LP
'KirkkoNummi LP' 2 weeks ago
hahahaha Number 1 is fake
Lucas Gutierrez
'Lucas Gutierrez' 2 weeks ago
Pon sonido
Veronica Kukurudza
'Veronica Kukurudza' 2 weeks ago
Number one is so fake 😂😂oh jk I didn't finish the video yet
FIFA 17 and More
'FIFA 17 and More' 2 weeks ago
I am going to use 6 for my science project
moises alberto vazquez
oye te robas los vídeos de otros y ni siquiera lo ocultas las portadas hasta son igual
Abril De La Cruz
'Abril De La Cruz' 2 weeks ago
tu robas los vídeos
ItsmeJhulia Fun
'ItsmeJhulia Fun' 3 weeks ago
The Gamer.etc.
'The Gamer.etc.' 3 weeks ago
the video is this exp caseros is a spam
Chloé xoxo
'Chloé xoxo' 3 weeks ago
Water melon at 2:32 sec
Belen Nieto Garcia
'Belen Nieto Garcia' 3 weeks ago
los esperimentos son de exp caseros gilipollas no copiessss
ori nir- winter
'ori nir- winter' 3 weeks ago
Queen K
'Queen K' 3 weeks ago
Just say what did you use in number 7&8. You stupid
Naarai Carmona
'Naarai Carmona' 3 weeks ago
jajajaja lo mejor de todo es que el video se lo robo a exp caseros
Nur Mohammad
'Nur Mohammad' 3 weeks ago
Badshah Abrar
'Badshah Abrar' 3 weeks ago
Correct even I am here for it
Krystel Hernandez
'Krystel Hernandez' 3 weeks ago
Copian este es contenido de expcaseros
Ryan Rafter
'Ryan Rafter' 3 weeks ago
cool video, and wow you're so cute!
'QuimidorYT' 3 weeks ago
este roba videos de un chico y chica españoles
Claiby Misael
'Claiby Misael' 3 weeks ago
Estos vídeos son de epx caseros
Aislyn Clark
'Aislyn Clark' 3 weeks ago
4:32 I swear, every guy who does this stuff on youtube is like a gay porn star or something. I really don't see the need to seductively eat slime. I really don't.
super blackman
'super blackman' 3 weeks ago
Tomáš Urbášek
'Tomáš Urbášek' 3 weeks ago
'Ashlynii' 3 weeks ago
Rayan Ehab
'Rayan Ehab' 3 weeks ago
Not me
1k subs challenge with no videos.
the main thing u wanted to see begins at 2:32
hahaha thank me later. 😜
1k subs challenge with no videos.
0:05 anyone can do thatt
Eno Ananda
'Eno Ananda' 3 weeks ago
I like my vidios
'НЕТИ Г.' 3 weeks ago
nomet 4 and nomer 6 ☠😷😣
'MINOX 711' 3 weeks ago
Io iscritto e lasciato like.per favore ricambi
Romy Dito
'Romy Dito' 3 weeks ago
number four sliem
nibedita kundu
'nibedita kundu' 3 weeks ago
Science is very joss.
Sudip  Roy
'Sudip Roy' 3 weeks ago
Sudip  Roy
'Sudip Roy' 3 weeks ago
that wine and water one is soooooooooooo good to see...♥♡♡♥
'TheKevinNerd' 3 weeks ago
this guy is stiling videos of a yt spanish chanel !!! >:( the ne name is expcaseros! dislike dude make your own stuff!!
'mk05man' 3 weeks ago
Actually you use watermelon jelly and I did the watermelon trick
Stephanie West
'Stephanie West' 3 weeks ago
If you put blueberries or something in the watermelon it might look like seeds. As long as they didn't sink 😅😊
Benjamin Dreyer
'Benjamin Dreyer' 3 weeks ago
number 4 looks like mucas
Lps on a donut
'Lps on a donut' 3 weeks ago
No. 6 is so cool and satisfying 😇
Abiyyu Harits
'Abiyyu Harits' 3 weeks ago
number 6 like a poo yuks
Raúl Delgado
'Raúl Delgado' 3 weeks ago
es de excaseros
Raúl Delgado
'Raúl Delgado' 3 weeks ago
el vidio no es toyo gilipollsd
sak n
'sak n' 3 weeks ago
not real magic
Murad Murad
'Murad Murad' 3 weeks ago
মা ওশিশু
agustina choque
'agustina choque' 3 weeks ago
esos son videos de expresión caseros😡😡
Bacha Tanisha
'Bacha Tanisha' 3 weeks ago
Jimena Molina
'Jimena Molina' 3 weeks ago
the number 6 was very satisfying😝
'Chicken' 3 weeks ago
defo gunna try the waterman jelly xD
kitten мяу
'kitten мяу' 3 weeks ago
Hey !
'Hey !' 3 weeks ago
That number 4 tho, eww you're basically playing snot..
فرح الغامدي
Princess Noor
'Princess Noor' 3 weeks ago
Can anybody explain to me what is number 7
Ognjen Kuzmanović
'Ognjen Kuzmanović' 3 weeks ago
Šta je Vinegar
kemylly gomes
'kemylly gomes' 3 weeks ago
Que legal amei essa i
'Marvelmania360' 3 weeks ago
Water melon at 2:36
Azar Yousef
'Azar Yousef' 4 weeks ago
zisis vounidis
'zisis vounidis' 4 weeks ago
'German2435Gamer' 4 weeks ago
el cnal de los chicos que estan en el video se llama expCaseros
* *
'* *' 4 weeks ago
* *
'* *' 4 weeks ago
روعة روعة روعة
efren enima
'efren enima' 4 weeks ago
the water melon supper amazing
efren enima
'efren enima' 4 weeks ago
wow amazing
Hassel Acosta
'Hassel Acosta' 4 weeks ago
The vídeos are of expcaseros :v
Mia Mia
'Mia Mia' 4 weeks ago
Kayden Fernandes
'Kayden Fernandes' 4 weeks ago
vedeo is cool
Omar alfayez
'Omar alfayez' 4 weeks ago
how is number 3 a science experiment
Dominika Eva Balog
'Dominika Eva Balog' 4 weeks ago
az elsőtökjo
Paulitax 20
'Paulitax 20' 4 weeks ago
Copiota eso no lo has hecho tu!!!!!!!!! 😠👎👎👎👎👎
'wind0gear' 4 weeks ago
This was really stupid. 1. These "science" experiments show nothing. The jelly-filled watermelon and the microwave goo were the worst, as they don't even count as experiments. The others could have been okay for kids, had it been explained what they were trying to demonstrate in each case. Otherwise, it's just for people who want to say "wow, cool!" and nothing else, without even understanding the chemical/physical principles involved. Awful.
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