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David Bowie - No Plan -
Published: 2 months ago By: DavidBowieVEVO

By: DavidBowieVEVOPublished: 2 months ago

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No Plan EP available now for download and streaming:
"No Plan" video directed by Tom Hingston

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'Blackstar' available everywhere now:
'Lazarus Cast Recording'available everywhere now:

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'Mikedg' 10 hours ago
My heart goes out to Iman, Lexi, and Duncan.

We got off easy, we just lost a rock star.
Connie Limer
'Connie Limer' 3 days ago
What a great send off to his fans.  David Bowie is pure energy..My favorite part is when you see him rising like The Star Man he is..Telling us he is with his fans with No Plan..
michael anthony hilario
I feel so sad to this video
Massimo De Nittis
'Massimo De Nittis' 4 days ago
Visit my you tube channel😉!
'Nyconic' 5 days ago
it still hurts.
'aramanth' 5 days ago
Bowie still sending us great music from beyond the ether...
gregory stuart
'gregory stuart' 5 days ago
Really love Bowie s late material,. mature and thought provoking
Barry Spencer
'Barry Spencer' 6 days ago
This will be added to my collection as usual. Join me one and all.
M Grigoryan
'M Grigoryan' 1 week ago
Immortal...I don't know why but i really can't listen to this..not cuz it's bad, it's done with a message that I can't help...makes me cry
John Doe
'John Doe' 1 week ago
I feel like this is his ghost talking to us from Heaven through poltergeist events after his death in Blackstar
Dario Hall
'Dario Hall' 1 week ago
This made me cry for real man.
Joelle Zazzarino
'Joelle Zazzarino' 1 week ago
im so shook to the core im crying
'Silko' 1 week ago
David Bowie allready died...
'MsCygnusX1' 2 weeks ago
I'm crying all over again.
xXx Fire_Blaze xXx
'xXx Fire_Blaze xXx' 2 weeks ago
Are my eyes working?! One month ago??!!!
'Genny' 2 weeks ago
The voice of a dead man. Kinda disturbing if you think about it
'Sparkina' 2 weeks ago
Pure. Bowie. Enchantment. The Gentleman did it again, even from beyond. Bowie = emperor of music
Sergeant Bambi
'Sergeant Bambi' 2 weeks ago
inspiring, very few will understand this
NichoGamer 007
'NichoGamer 007' 2 weeks ago
So beautiful
NichoGamer 007
'NichoGamer 007' 2 weeks ago
So sad
'BykovTV' 2 weeks ago
Покойся с миром, Дэвид... Спасибо за творчество!
Haley Stanley
'Haley Stanley' 2 weeks ago
This is such a unique song and video i love it
Moni D
'Moni D' 2 weeks ago
even though he's gone he will never stay quiet.
awesome message to a legacy of music <3
'ssstev' 2 weeks ago
This was perfect. hope there are more to come but this is a great final song. just has a beautiful arc to it.
Cheesy butt
'Cheesy butt' 2 weeks ago
beautiful video 😢❤
Stephen Rrency
'Stephen Rrency' 2 weeks ago
fuck ads
Jojo Sagewitch
'Jojo Sagewitch' 2 weeks ago
To go into every aspect of his genius, every part of his beautiful imperfections would take me forever. I miss him greatly but his place in the world will never be replaced.
Franceska Luther King
LOVE you SO much ...always Xxxx
Don Francisco
'Don Francisco' 2 weeks ago
.....thank you Mr. Bowie that you been with me
dar cooper
'dar cooper' 2 weeks ago
Colossus - the come back - no pun intended !
Ramiro Arroyo Allende
"Be of good heart," cry the dead artists out of the living past. "Our songs will all be silenced, but what of it? Go on singing."
Orson Welles
Ringo Wagner Wagner
'Ringo Wagner Wagner' 3 weeks ago
'D WAR' 3 weeks ago
'crypttonite' 3 weeks ago
still alive
Jose Pérez Tello
'Jose Pérez Tello' 3 weeks ago
Bowie from the stars !
'IM ANGRY' 3 weeks ago
How if he's dead
A. Romanov
'A. Romanov' 3 weeks ago
I finally got the courage to listen to this.. And I started crying the moment I heard his voice.

Always the most beautiful shinig star 👨🏻‍🎤⚡️
Paulo Trindade Santos
Nossa como você faz falta nesse mundo careta! Pena que você partiu tão cedo, tinha tanta coisa ainda pra fazer e nos lega essa saudade doida que não passa! Ainda bem que. nos deixou sua música, seu melhor legado e até o último minuto aí dá compôs pra gente. Te amamos cara, obrigado por tudo!
Jimmy Cooper
'Jimmy Cooper' 3 weeks ago
Here, there's no music here
I'm lost in streams of sound
Here, am I nowhere now?
No plan
Wherever I may go
Just where, just there
I am

[Chorus 1]
All of the things that are my life
My desire, my beliefs, my moods
Here is my place without a plan

[Verse 2]
Here, second avenue
Just out of view
Here, is no traffic here?
No plan

[Chorus 2]
All the things that are my life
My moods, my beliefs
My desires, me alone
Nothing to regret
This is no place, but here I am
This is not quite yet
Tanya Cavner
'Tanya Cavner' 3 weeks ago
There was no way he didn't have death on his mind when he did this album. He may not have known he was terminal at this point but once you hear the "C" word, your brain never let's go of it. He knew it would be terminal eventually...I sure miss you David. RIP
Artur Neves
'Artur Neves' 3 weeks ago
Absolutely beautiful!
Geano Rocha
'Geano Rocha' 3 weeks ago
what does the expression "This is not quiet yet" mean??
Geano Rocha
'Geano Rocha' 3 weeks ago
Muisc of my life, my anthem! How can an artisit be so prolific!
'MATT ROGERZ' 3 weeks ago
this song should have been the final track in "Blackstar"
Stefania Partini
'Stefania Partini' 3 weeks ago
Bellissima canzone che evoca dimensioni oniriche sfumate. Bowie geniale come sempre❤
bertie most
'bertie most' 3 weeks ago
i'm panning out at the end and watching you direct this shit video.
bertie most
'bertie most' 3 weeks ago
wackaday lazy shit video that doesn't do justice to, in my opinion, one of david bowie's finest tunes.
Daniel Gopal
'Daniel Gopal' 3 weeks ago
what the he'll another new song from David bowie I'm confused
Sarah Annabelle Voldonigz
mary cigarettes
'mary cigarettes' 3 weeks ago
oh i love it i love it i love it
Krunislav Savinov
'Krunislav Savinov' 3 weeks ago
Nuovo capolavoro di Bowie che diventa lentamente in una delle mie canzoni preferite
'MONDO GYPSY' 3 weeks ago
So beautiful and so painful. I was wondering , incredible , how a human being can touch our soul and lives with this kind of essence and magic ? True Bowie. Everyday I think about him and just love all about him, during my business, and my meetings here in Europe. Thank you, Mr. Jones, for keeping my love for life. Cheers !
'MACIKICA100' 3 weeks ago
I'm a never forget you, Space Boy. Miss you so much...
TheSilverHand 362
'TheSilverHand 362' 3 weeks ago
Anyone else think Newton Electrical may be some sort of reference to The Man Who Fell to Earth?
'MONDO GYPSY' 4 weeks ago
Such a masterpiece, again and again...
Irk Hammock
'Irk Hammock' 4 weeks ago
What an amazingly captivating music video. You really become one with the viewers in this.
jane bell
'jane bell' 4 weeks ago
'flatlobster' 4 weeks ago
It's Starman
HorseMorgane Schleich
Oh God, nothing never hitted me so hard. This was beautiful, thanks M. Bowie.
Sebas Tian
'Sebas Tian' 4 weeks ago
its not bad, but this emotive song deserves better video i think. thanks david.
'MrShadowFilmz' 4 weeks ago
Nice, the sax part reminds me of "Pink Floyd - Us and Them".
Angelique Kuijs
'Angelique Kuijs' 4 weeks ago
<3 I miss him
marianna borner
'marianna borner' 4 weeks ago
he s in rockn roll hell with soooooo muuuuuuch others genius
Roger Sargent
'Roger Sargent' 4 weeks ago
Love the song - hauntingly beautiful!
"FOXGROVE ROAD"....This is
the road I used to work in every year many years ago in Bowie's
Beckenham (in Kent). Bowie I believed lodged here for a while in his
earlier musical days.
Saw Lazarus recently in London (NO PLAN is from this musical) - magnifico Bowie and his everlasting music!
Shining Bright
'Shining Bright' 4 weeks ago
Melancholy tune....very sad.
eze mejias Juhl
'eze mejias Juhl' 4 weeks ago
Bowie eterno!!
Fonguz Grimm
'Fonguz Grimm' 4 weeks ago
David yo no creo que te hayas ido, con esta canción dices todo...
'RedWolf' 4 weeks ago
david isn't death?????????
Absolute Beginner
'Absolute Beginner' 4 weeks ago
Словно в того света
Jacob Wiebold
'Jacob Wiebold' 4 weeks ago
I actually love this song! It's creepy and jazzy like much of the material on the Blackstar album
Bill Rohane
'Bill Rohane' 4 weeks ago
I think this is our last trip togerher, David.
Pablo pablo
'Pablo pablo' 1 month ago
I also do not have a plan and time
crash over
'crash over' 1 month ago
David Bowie is a real artist.
'LLJ55' 1 month ago
the master....
Yung Sloth
'Yung Sloth' 1 month ago
He decided it's time to return to his home planet
Alexis LexT
'Alexis LexT' 1 month ago
how did he pass away
David Hudson
'David Hudson' 1 month ago
Very good
Andie Cayne
'Andie Cayne' 1 month ago
I cannot believe there are some 'dislikes' of this. So very moving, so very sad. What an amazing artist to share his private feelings with us.
'Thaddeus61' 1 month ago
I can't believe it's already been a year...
Lily chubs
'Lily chubs' 1 month ago
R.I.P david bowie i love you
Fierce Fury
'Fierce Fury' 1 month ago
2016 was a tragedy... I mean Prince, Harambe and now David Bowie..
'leifjellow' 1 month ago
Generation No Plan is up now. :-) seems not to be funny ...
'somebowie' 1 month ago
Thomas Jerome Newton is back in his home planet
Nuck Chorris
'Nuck Chorris' 1 month ago
its pretty weird listening to a man thats already dead. Still , a beutiful performance.
i came here to pay respect , im really not that old to be knowing his career.
HℹFiVE™ Animation
He had No Plan to die this early.
'ersway' 1 month ago
this is a Bowie ballad for those who can't understand it..listen to it long enough and it WILL ingrain!..Trust me!..
Bowie London
'Bowie London' 1 month ago
Oh! wonderful.
Bowie is my dream forever.
Stefania Partini
'Stefania Partini' 1 month ago
Un grandissimo Artista fino al suo ultimo respiro!!!
Mike Wazoski
'Mike Wazoski' 1 month ago
oh, looks like 1,619 people missed the thumbs up.
Arnaud Combe
'Arnaud Combe' 1 month ago
Stacey Tahiri
'Stacey Tahiri' 1 month ago
just pure bowie
Marcathur Julio
'Marcathur Julio' 1 month ago
just like the Michael Jackson's record company did, there are a lot of tracks that the company never released, now that he's dead, they can do whatever they want with them.
they do that to many singers !
Rodrigo Alonso
'Rodrigo Alonso' 1 month ago
bowie is a blackstar ! amazing
'LedSabbathQueenie' 1 month ago
My poor David. I love you so much.
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