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David Bowie - No Plan -
Published: 1 week ago By: DavidBowieVEVO

By: DavidBowieVEVOPublished: 1 week ago

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No Plan EP available now for download and streaming:
"No Plan" video directed by Tom Hingston

'Blackstar' available everywhere now:
'Lazarus Cast Recording' available everywhere now:

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I Am Lonely
'I Am Lonely' 24 minutes ago
I hope he is having a great time on Mars
Throwback Music
'Throwback Music' 30 minutes ago
Forever may he rest in eternal peace, will never be forgotten a king will always stand the tests of time.
lolita idle
'lolita idle' 45 minutes ago
So beautiful he was a true artist
daniel ball
'daniel ball' 1 hour ago
I get a very painkiller, euphoria feeling at the part where it shows the rocket soaring in the nightsky on t.v. like I imagine that's what David Bowie's doing at this very moment, endlessly aiming thru the night and stars where its always 1982 with "No plan".
Daniel Leon
'Daniel Leon' 1 hour ago
This is too sad to watch
Scott Gordon
'Scott Gordon' 2 hours ago
Why David? Why? I miss the fuck out of you . thanks for the memories and the tears.
'MAELO GRRR' 5 hours ago
2:31 <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
'assassinsfates' 7 hours ago
Is this his last song? But he's dead
Daniel Hammond
'Daniel Hammond' 8 hours ago
When the sax comes in towards the end, it completely sooths the heart and soul.👍👌🤘
Connie Jones
'Connie Jones' 9 hours ago
This is heart breaking... he sounds so alone
Then and now 💔
I pray he rests in peace
Zoe lla
'Zoe lla' 13 hours ago
Replaced by look alike
Алексей Лялин
Он человек мира....супер!!!!!
Alexis “Al” Jozet
<3 :'(
Constable Skeletor
This hurts to watch, it's been a year, but it's hard to think such a genius is gone.
The Light In Life
writer: David Bowie (1947-2016)

mariela williams
'mariela williams' 1 day ago
well i cried when i heard he died and now i feel just as bad if not worse :''(((
Laura MEP
'Laura MEP' 1 day ago
How could this be made by David Bowie since he is dead and this was posted the day he died but a year later
Eileen Johnson
'Eileen Johnson' 1 day ago
Fuck, I miss him so much
'(Not)James' 1 day ago
Absolutely stunning.
'jippjones' 1 day ago
Have you seen Rock and Roll Suscide from the 1980 Floor Show?
'flowpellizzer' 1 day ago
Here, there's no music here
I'm lost in streams of sound
Here, am I nowhere now?
No plan

Wherever I may go
Just where
Just there
I am
All of the things that are my life
My desires
My beliefs
My moods
Here is my place without a plan

Second Avenue
Just out of view
Is no traffic here?
No plan

All the things that are my life
My moods
My beliefs
My desires
Me alone
Nothing to regret
This is no place, but here I am
This is not quite yet
Lorena Minneri
'Lorena Minneri' 1 day ago
if I was Iman I loved .David so!!!
Lorena Minneri
'Lorena Minneri' 1 day ago
I love David
Lorena Minneri
'Lorena Minneri' 1 day ago
I hate Iman!
Jicky Farina
'Jicky Farina' 2 days ago
...if You don't like "No Plan". Within 24 hours You back. On the third listen, something magical happens ... Goosebumps, NOW it's Beautiful!!
billy casper
'billy casper' 2 days ago
Newton electrics,the man who,spaceship,was this made after he died ?
Kevin Dixon
'Kevin Dixon' 2 days ago
What is that spinning gold disc coming in on the left of the screen at 2 mins 48?
Kevin Dixon
'Kevin Dixon' 2 days ago
Kevin Dixon
'Kevin Dixon' 2 days ago
Foxgrove road was where David had a flat and wrote "Space Oddity" in. I love the little homage the video plays.
Daniel “Aragon” Of Tamriel
David Bowie is neither an immortal or a god, but a being of incomprehensible power, bringing happiness for all to hear.
'Existential0' 2 days ago
He flipped us off
raynaldi ray
'raynaldi ray' 2 days ago
He knows his last day and make a plan for it. and I'm here don't know what to do with my life
'Mirror' 2 days ago
Holly Halftone
'Holly Halftone' 2 days ago
Most incredible soul ever born <3
Nite Hawk
'Nite Hawk' 2 days ago
Omg he's a ghost. Just kidding I'm not stupid
La Pupila Del Astronauta
LazyEye Asmr (LazyEyeAsmr)
Rest in Peace King Bowie
'DyingDerp' 2 days ago
Ertan Saygi
'Ertan Saygi' 3 days ago
it's ironic that he says he has no plan yet he releases a video beyond the grave :)
John Jordan
'John Jordan' 3 days ago
is it a metaphor for how he lives on throught the media?
Joe Restivo
'Joe Restivo' 3 days ago
He's telling us how he's doing, wherever he is. Holy fuck.
'Catyou' 3 days ago
보위옹 보고싶다... ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Fat Toastie
'Fat Toastie' 3 days ago
100% flawless

But 100% dead :(
The Offical
'The Offical' 3 days ago
There will never be another David Bowie like if you agree, comment if you disagree
Katiei Goodall
'Katiei Goodall' 3 days ago
Anyone else notice the shop is called Newton Electronics. As in Thomas Newton from The Man Who Fell to Earth??
Jo Caron (s u m u o)
thank you 💔
Merve-Gisou Rosenthal
rest in paradise
'2TV1' 3 days ago
NOTE: The name of the store is Newton Electrical. Bowie's character in "The Man who Fell to Earth" was named Thomas Jerome Newton. Video ends with rocket launch thus signifying Bowie's return to the firmament?
enrique guerrero
'enrique guerrero' 3 days ago
what a beautiful video for a beautiful song

all praise the system of integration
'WHAT EVER!' 3 days ago
Richard Wilson
'Richard Wilson' 3 days ago
@ all the people going DERPPPP ISN'T HE DED THO LELELELEL!!
Boy Oh
'Boy Oh' 3 days ago
he sucked don't get why everyone liked him at all
Colin Warfield
'Colin Warfield' 3 days ago
I love how in the end of the video there's footage of a rocket ship taking off. We love you David, it's been a year since you took off.
Chris R
'Chris R' 3 days ago
This sucked and people are convincing themselves it's good because he died 90% never heard bowie before a year ago. If you are an actual bowie fan you have permission to like it.
'PlainBagel' 3 days ago
how he turned his passing into art ....amazing, never will there be another bowie
Alejandro Gallardo
Last bowie video, without him... : - (
Vanya Gonzalez
'Vanya Gonzalez' 3 days ago
sigo teniendo pena...
'0prahTV' 3 days ago
Bowie really dropped the ball on this one. Hope his next song will be a bit more upbeat!
'bobba' 3 days ago
God this is the saddest song ever
Vanessa Boschiero
'Vanessa Boschiero' 3 days ago
David 👨🏻‍🎤 4 ever and ever⭐️
I miss you sooooo much❤️❤️❤️
Taigher Oni
'Taigher Oni' 4 days ago
I better soak it all in. This is the last of it.
Gil B
'Gil B' 4 days ago
This song is beautiful.....
'YoungA170' 4 days ago
What's up guys like if you're watching this on January 14 2017, also check out my music on my page.
Shaina Sangha
'Shaina Sangha' 4 days ago
Just haunting truly
'kwloy' 4 days ago
Wow. Why wasn't this on Black Star? This was great.
Minnie “MockTheMockers” Hopo
What a load of kaka.
エロ動画 投稿するよ!
Get to da choppa
'Get to da choppa' 4 days ago
I don't care how many dislikes this gets
'RobotnikHolmes' 4 days ago
This is such a beautifully sad track.
Because he's gone. That rocket at the end fading into space in an otherworldly red light. That's him.
Sophie Collins
'Sophie Collins' 4 days ago
is david bowie not dead!?!?!>
Monika Azet
'Monika Azet' 4 days ago
"No Plan"

Here, there's no music here
I'm lost in streams of sound
Here, am I nowhere now?
No plan

Wherever I may go
Just where
Just there
I am

All of the things that are my life
My desires
My beliefs
My moods
Here is my place without a plan

Second Avenue
Just out of view
Is no traffic here?
No plan

All the things that are my life
My moods
My beliefs
My desires
Me alone
Nothing to regret
This is no place, but here I am
This is not quite yet
'Isujonsdöttir' 4 days ago
can't stop crying
Toivoo sinulle kuolemaa ankeaa
You're dead. Dead people don't make music.
nn krs
'nn krs' 4 days ago
ik hoop toch wel dat er in het hiernamaals muziek is anders kom ik terug
nn krs
'nn krs' 4 days ago
hij had een plan
Peter Ravakko
'Peter Ravakko' 4 days ago
miss you so much David...
Augustus Caesar
'Augustus Caesar' 4 days ago
Really..... Does it make any difference if I have no sex with a boy or a girl.
Love the eggs & the nuts to know where their going.
Zaqarii Casper Cryda
Aian Thomas (Gandalf)
David Bowie once lived on a Foxgrove Road. How fitting.
'scwottful' 4 days ago
Bowie's I did it my way, No plan just music, artistry and style.
I seriously can't listen to blackstar's songs, cause I can hear that he was suffering, and he already knew he was going to die, and it really makes me so sad and nostalgic. Even though he made an amazing work recording this album, and the interpretation is amazing, it's just really, really sad.
Smeisya V Odinochestve
miss his voice and face so much
Trizide 101
'Trizide 101' 4 days ago
I'm not the only one who got teary eyed from listening to this, right?
Carolinee Chavez
'Carolinee Chavez' 4 days ago
Bring back one

Divid bowie or prince
'MewWolf5' 4 days ago
Just watched this for the first time and I'm in tears. I think this song is, at least in part, about Thomas Jerome Newton. Those people on the street, spellbound, they seem like us. Many of us, like myself, only get to hear and se David Bowie through a screen, but we are spellbound nonetheless. When David's face flashed on the screen, it was beautiful.
Adriana López
'Adriana López' 4 days ago
im crying such a wondeful video i love the melody
'divernater' 4 days ago
His earthly body may have left us,, but he is still here
The Rouge
'The Rouge' 4 days ago
the 1k people who disliked the video just know, i have a particular set of skills, skills that no man has ever known, that skill is

being lazy to do anything
Tony Montana
'Tony Montana' 4 days ago
who could put dislike?? It`s masterpiece for a centuries!
'gmansi' 4 days ago
"Nothing to regret"

David Bowie
'disporting' 4 days ago


:Cries some more:
Tootsie Bellevue
'Tootsie Bellevue' 4 days ago
I just cant get enough of this song even more so that there is this incredible clip to go with it. He gave us every part of himself, and more. I love this community he has created for us, as Bowie fans, we are not alone.
'NitroRevolt' 4 days ago
my boi still making bangers from the grave
Andrea Pantoja
'Andrea Pantoja' 4 days ago
Esto es una experiencia espacial. Un ser que se transfiguró y ahora es "Polvo de estrellas". ❤
Gracias David.
B. Bailey
'B. Bailey' 4 days ago
how poignant. what other artist could have done this? So many levels...and the imagery and symbolism...Thank you, David Bowie. You continue to give the world your gifts.
andreas pap
'andreas pap' 4 days ago
what a soul-kicking song
heart simmer
'heart simmer' 5 days ago
david bowie is dead 😑
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