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Let's Blow Up Some Barrels of Ping Pong Balls | Street Science -
Published: 1 week ago By: Science Channel

By: Science ChannelPublished: 1 week ago

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Street Science | Premieres Wed Jan 11 at 10/9c
We're making a bona fide scientific mess! See what happens when liquid nitrogen builds up pressure in a barrel full of ping pong balls!

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'KABIR AMIN' 2 days ago
Tony Odermatt
'Tony Odermatt' 5 days ago
On the show they did this at a brewery. Did anyone notice the 70s and early 80s show of Laverne and Shirley reference?
'unknown' 1 week ago
So this is how you make liquid nitrogen bomb
Steve Rogers
'Steve Rogers' 1 week ago
I love the way they set up a bunch of cameras recording at 1000fps, and then instead of showing us the action in all its glory, most of the footage is shots of onlookers watching the explosions. And what little footage there was of the exploding balls was marred by cameras shots too close to the action (with much of it occurring out of the frame), and by micro-quick sequences which didn't allow you the time to appreciate the slow mo shots before switching to shots of the onlookers again (does the editor of this segment have Attention Deficit Disorder??).
John Destro
'John Destro' 1 week ago
The liquid nitrogen trash can flip- The trend of 2017
'Toonami30' 1 week ago
Cool science experiment
Mxlik XE
'Mxlik XE' 1 week ago
Kevin Delaney. 😉
Food Recipes by Taj Kitchen
NyC ViDeO...👍
Daniel harman
'Daniel harman' 1 week ago
They're terrorists!!!
The Trust
'The Trust' 1 week ago
1:30 I bet they both watch anime and atleast one of them has an anime body pillow.
Manish Beekmunga
'Manish Beekmunga' 1 week ago
no substance can beat liquid nitrogen
Itz Anthony
'Itz Anthony' 1 week ago
Subscribe to me
Gamer Bro 473
'Gamer Bro 473' 1 week ago
Rahmad Alhidayat
'Rahmad Alhidayat' 1 week ago
'alm958' 1 week ago
Why did they fly up?
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