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WE BREAK WIKIHOW! | Guess the Wikihow -
Published: 4 months ago By: GTLive

By: GTLivePublished: 4 months ago

345, 271 views

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The internet is a screwed up place, and we've got proof. Just look at these Wikihow article images. That's right Steph and I are headed back to Guess the Wikihow. But after today, I don't think Wikihow will ever be the same - because you guys started hacking it! You changed so many articles that Wikihow even ended up locking us out of some of the articles.

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Thanks to David Keller for allowing us use of his sound FX:

Steph C
'Steph C' 1 day ago
Steph, please understand that your pro tips aren't as good as my pro tips with stephanie 'cause I am THE ULTIMATE STEPHANIE! HAHAHA Cough cough
lillyAnne Bowers
'lillyAnne Bowers' 1 week ago
Purple Guy
'Purple Guy' 2 weeks ago
Anyone know what happened to their try not to laugh challenges?
Cycy D
'Cycy D' 2 weeks ago
This is making me laugh so hard, I almost puked
Cycy D
'Cycy D' 2 weeks ago
I laughed so hard at the left handed high five, I sneezed, I literally made my face explode from laughter!!!!
BookWorm1117 02
'BookWorm1117 02' 2 weeks ago
Does anyone know where all the try not to challenges went
A & J Studios
'A & J Studios' 2 weeks ago
the trumpet is being held wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fingering hand is the right one not left. the only brass instrument that uses the left hand for fingerings/slides is the f. horn. raging real hard
Sader 98
'Sader 98' 2 weeks ago
all 17 of my girlfriends broke up with me in six months
Marina L.
'Marina L.' 2 weeks ago
You guys are hilarious!! 😂😂😂😂
Liam bob
'Liam bob' 3 weeks ago
have they not seen 8mile?
Catharsis Chrystal
'Catharsis Chrystal' 3 weeks ago
"You are done, Son."
Blaze Sker
'Blaze Sker' 3 weeks ago
accualy to get my hair down to my hip i watched GTlive so its true so there
Alessandro Landolfi
'Alessandro Landolfi' 3 weeks ago
Still think you are an amazing youtuber
Alessandro Landolfi
'Alessandro Landolfi' 3 weeks ago
Boo Duke! Go UNC
J1103 Josh
'J1103 Josh' 3 weeks ago
24:50 when you wanna stop drinking your diet coke but cant
iiDogerz The Gamer Fox
looool 2017 pplll!
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 4 weeks ago
It just goes on and on and on. It goes on and on and on. Cuz we're all chained to the rhythm (i can spell)
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 4 weeks ago
46:18 why does he only have 3 fingers
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 4 weeks ago
Derpy Emma ._.
'Derpy Emma ._.' 4 weeks ago
I was actually singing what is love before i started watching this what
nate hathaway
'nate hathaway' 4 weeks ago
that actually looks like both of them
Spark Hates Genwunners
I spend a lot of time masticating my wenis
Spark Hates Genwunners
Notification squad is essentially the new 301 club but nobody other than me is annoyed about it?
Christopher Walls
'Christopher Walls' 4 weeks ago
Btw I know this is old but that rap quote was from 8Mile. It's an eminem movie. Watch his freestyle from the movie.
'nessman543' 1 month ago
i've had 3 relationships that ended at 5 months, and for one of them it was on me and i felt like i had lost feelings for the girl, so yeah, it seems pretty true
Adley Fry
'Adley Fry' 1 month ago
'brook' 1 month ago
Ryley Thomas
'Ryley Thomas' 1 month ago
I legit love to hear the little stories about you guys, pretty enlightening sometimes haha
'Sfirmam' 1 month ago
I feel like I've learned a lot.
Conner Rose
'Conner Rose' 1 month ago
39:04 That is a lyric from a rap battle in 8 mile done by Eminem
'thetntm' 1 month ago

That is all.
Diego Degollada
'Diego Degollada' 1 month ago
Where are the Try Not To Laugh Challenge videos from this channel?
Kanan Kringe
'Kanan Kringe' 1 month ago
matpat actually kinda sounds like the voice actor for bee movie

I'm sorry I said that.
Fall3n Vandals
'Fall3n Vandals' 1 month ago
I was staring at my friend's boobs one day and I told her that they got bigger since last year and she was actually happy to hear that and I got away with looking at her boobs for a good 10 minute s
'enJoeneering' 1 month ago
How to love: baby don't hurt them, don't hurt them, no more.
'DotCD' 1 month ago
'SuperSmashMarcus' 1 month ago
RapPat is also SlapPat
Ally Ferguson
'Ally Ferguson' 1 month ago
You would swear that this was being streamed on St Patrick's day
'L I L Y' 1 month ago
Umm... Did anyone else notice the guy in the art has only one brown-colored eyebrow? The other one is skin-colored- xD
'taeissuper' 2 months ago
Hey! This was the day before my birthday! 😁
Linda Mason
'Linda Mason' 2 months ago
notification squad woo
Vienna Kuhn
'Vienna Kuhn' 2 months ago
anyone else see one of the consequences of staring at a girls boobs is staring to long and getting an erection
Thousands of cats
'Thousands of cats' 2 months ago
Best livestream.
Evan Hoover
'Evan Hoover' 2 months ago
I'm surprised no one said this...

rap and a half!
XFuriousDeer X
'XFuriousDeer X' 2 months ago
I love girls hair when it's clean but looks messy! And when it doesn't! so it didn't ruin your hair! That's impossible
'Sam' 2 months ago
You should play Bendy and the Ink Machine :)
Ryan Ehresman
'Ryan Ehresman' 2 months ago
when they were looking at how to win rap battles, one of the bullet points under practice rapping was "read the Art of War by Sun Tzu"
Thederpking 16
'Thederpking 16' 2 months ago
'Cap673' 2 months ago
I missed the stream what did they have to censor?
'???' 2 months ago
I looked at my childhood friend's boobs very obviously, and before she had a chance to say anything I just said out loud "Your boobs are fucking huge".

We're still really good friends so I guess she either accepted it or tried to forget about it,
Louis palko
'Louis palko' 2 months ago
OMFG, i laughed so hard at the high five area. IM DYING LMFAOOO
Ry Di
'Ry Di' 2 months ago
Vincent Bédard
'Vincent Bédard' 2 months ago
That awkward moment when you ask your girlfriend if it's ok to complement a women's breast instead of admiting that it wasn't a good idea to pretend that she's your mother  xD
'CurryVidE' 2 months ago
Damn. there is no word for weenis in my language. :D
'superlunartime' 2 months ago
what was the blacked out phrase lol
Adam Block
'Adam Block' 2 months ago
I've heard of a 7 year itch, which happens after 7 years in a relationship and sometimes people want to pursue other partners randomly. =/
'Cupcakecrazy42' 2 months ago
Wenis whack Wednesday
Dragon fang
'Dragon fang' 2 months ago
on the first one umm why dose she have a boner
fakin2 Fakin
'fakin2 Fakin' 2 months ago
Where's resident evil 7??!!??!?!?!!???!!??!??!?
Mocha6463 Aj
'Mocha6463 Aj' 2 months ago
When Mat hit steph I could not stop laughing
cheshire croocked cat
jason is the dancer XD i died tale my money 😂💰 and i LOVE ru pauls dragrace
'vilivejo' 2 months ago
It's been 18 months and I still love him but he barely acknowledges me
'EmojiCinema' 2 months ago
You can tell Mat is unconfertable <--- Spelled that wrong... in the first one! XD
Elizabeth O
'Elizabeth O'Dowd' 2 months ago
here is how to defend your self agenst the easter bunny use the holy hand grenade
crejzi gajmer eoick
'crejzi gajmer eoick' 2 months ago
# urli pat
Edgardo Martinez
'Edgardo Martinez' 2 months ago
Red Of Hyrule
'Red Of Hyrule' 2 months ago
Very funny live stream but that spot of makeup on MatPat's pearly white teeth really bugged me.
Max Lounsbery
'Max Lounsbery' 2 months ago
search on google extensions f*ck this sh*t up. you wont be dissapointed
Jaice Terry
'Jaice Terry' 2 months ago
This is the best!
Chara Dreemurr
'Chara Dreemurr' 2 months ago
the pigpen cipher says 3 days left( until new years eve)
Jax LP
'Jax LP's' 2 months ago
pro tips with me to look at girls boobs. look down shyli. and look a little at her boobs at the same time XD
'WolvenNinja' 2 months ago
I'm a chameleon, I'm just gonna turn my face bright red
'Jordana' 2 months ago
1:00:14 - How to Beach or Not to Beach
No Name
'No Name' 2 months ago
that lip stick on his lips.... AND TEETH.... its driving me mad
Jeet Joshi
'Jeet Joshi' 2 months ago
I still cant find that last one though.....😂😂
Jeet Joshi
'Jeet Joshi' 2 months ago
I laughed Sooo freaking hard guys......👍👍👍
Tony 10151
'Tony 10151' 2 months ago
'LukeofEnder' 2 months ago
just found out my dog's on her period. so yeah.
- ImaPapaya -
'- ImaPapaya -' 2 months ago
How to break wikihow, play a game promoting the website
'SandyC' 2 months ago
The part where mat starting rapping turned into a try not to cringe challenge
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 2 months ago
kirrn kids
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 2 months ago
da kiddies
Vance Biondo
'Vance Biondo' 2 months ago
'Minnion' 2 months ago
cringe at 39:00
'Cap673' 2 months ago
So I guess Johntron's song "Love is like Drugs" has some truth to it.
'Cap673' 2 months ago
you get live notifications even if you're not part of the notification squad
Allison Bearden
'Allison Bearden' 2 months ago
I usually hate these types of comments... BUT:

This was posted on my birthday! Lol.
Kathleen Alcock
'Kathleen Alcock' 3 months ago
breaking the internet, one step at a time
'PhangirlWithAShotgun' 3 months ago
Dan and Phil have done most of the things in the "How to act silly with your boyfriend" article
'FIREDRAGON158' 3 months ago
No, plz no rap
Goofy Goober
'Goofy Goober' 3 months ago
01:07:20 how to enjoy fisting :)
FamiliarMist [C4D]
'FamiliarMist [C4D]' 3 months ago
45:24 "Prosecutor"
we have evidence that he hit his Wife... 😱😱😱 lol 😜😂 😅
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