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Death Row Prisoners’ Last Meals -
Published: 4 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 months ago

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Photographer Henry Hargreaves has recreated the last meals of prisoners executed in 2016 for a new series, "A Year of Killing".

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Fading Memories
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Made by BFMP

Perla Valdez
'Perla Valdez' 14 hours ago
I wonder what they did to get on death row 🤔
'Nova3482' 1 day ago
I would get cereal. You ask why? If I run out of milk I can add more if I run out of cereal I can always add more and that way extend the meal for a really really long time
NN IsSmiley
'NN IsSmiley' 2 days ago

'Black-eyed peas'

Me : Can't think of any song cus has never listened to them for so long
Read this Comment
'Read this Comment' 3 days ago
I wonder what would happen if a prisoner requested a plate of pills so they could die of a drug overdose instead of execution.
graham dube
'graham dube' 4 days ago
hard video to watch due to the way it was made. Slow typing over top of the pictures, clicking constantly and plucking music, thanks
'Artonymous' 4 days ago
just think:

what would you ask for

man thats deep
Tiger Gray
'Tiger Gray' 5 days ago
We don't need to stoop to their level by enacting revenge porn on these people. Some of y'all in the comments scare me.
this made me hungry
Mohammed Khaled
'Mohammed Khaled' 6 days ago
Idk if I would be able to eat anything knowing I will be killed after... but if ever a situation like that pops up.... a 21 piece KFC bucket with time to update this status and finish everything that comes with the meal.
'Malkavian' 1 week ago
Who drinks orange juice with pizza, that's just nasty.
Moen Ryan Suralta
'Moen Ryan Suralta' 1 week ago
If that would happen my last meal would be Pizza, most Juiciest Hamburger, 3 Cups of rice. Whole Chicken, 8 Hotdogs on one Pan, and 15 Lasagna. Yeah I know I can't eat all of this but come on, this would my last meal after I die. I better die from eating too much.
Fleece Johnson
'Fleece Johnson' 2 weeks ago
I ask for a cup of hot coffee and then throw it in the guards face. One last HOORAH
Badass Oldman
'Badass Oldman' 2 weeks ago
So all these meals are years old?
GayGlitter Gaming
'GayGlitter Gaming' 2 weeks ago
I would say a shamrock shake becuase they are only made in a certain season
Ryland IsGoodAtRoasting
I would ask for a bowl of lucky charm marshmallows with milk
Blake B.
'Blake B.' 2 weeks ago
Not sure If i should be Sad or Hungry.
Why did In watch this? Now I feel sick to my stomach. I am wondering how they even had an appetite?
'Masaaki_' 2 weeks ago
The typing of captions in the video sounds like someone chewing obnoxiously.
'Tomski' 2 weeks ago
if i had to have a last meal it'd be some water
dark slayer
'dark slayer' 2 weeks ago
This feels nostalgic. Why though?
Lauren Bertram
'Lauren Bertram' 3 weeks ago
I didn't know buzz feed put gullible at the bottom of their description!!!!!!
'Mogzack' 3 weeks ago
Who else noticed the soda was moving in the cup??
Bob Builder
'Bob Builder' 3 weeks ago
If I was on deathrow, I would ask for like 10 pounds of Mcdonald's fries.
Who else?
'James' 3 weeks ago
this really put my heart in a twinge, its like each meal was a little part of that person, a bit of ther personality and character in a dish, the last and possibly only bit of pleasure before it all ends. Like a middle aged man wanting recees and a dr pepper, something about that stings.
'ZekeDoesYT' 3 weeks ago
I would kill for some of these...

Bdmmm tsss
Jonathan J.J.
'Jonathan J.J.' 3 weeks ago
This "clicking" sound make me uncomfortable
Fareeha Sonia
'Fareeha Sonia' 3 weeks ago
They chose veg, carbs, fats, protein etc

So most of them can follow a balanced diet.. But can't follow the law .. Okay.
Captain _baqir
'Captain _baqir' 3 weeks ago
I would have all whats on the menu...
'm3th' 3 weeks ago
why only two peanut butter cups? that makes me sad
Simone 890
'Simone 890' 3 weeks ago
Any one else rly satisfied by the clicking sound the typing made😂
Sultan of the South
'Sultan of the South' 3 weeks ago
Imigine ordering a simple 2 peanut butter cups and a Dr. Pepper and getting it in a plastic cup, shaken and the peanut butter cups half molten.
Hussain Mohammed
'Hussain Mohammed' 3 weeks ago
what about the jolly rancher guy or the olive guy
Zekrom YT
'Zekrom YT' 3 weeks ago
Better than my school lunch.
Mark John Luchico
'Mark John Luchico' 4 weeks ago
'SBCuber' 4 weeks ago
To all the executioners, burn in hell, you are not helping anything my killing people. The death sentence is just revenge, shocking people until they die, breathing toxic gasses, executioners should be executed.
The Eyre Bros
'The Eyre Bros' 4 weeks ago
At 2:00 the drink is moving
'CashMeOussideTUBE' 4 weeks ago
I would troll them so bad and get like a monkey head or something and eat its brain
waffle nation
'waffle nation' 1 month ago
Id ask for chikfila just saying
'Chell1615' 1 month ago
This made me uncomfortable and depressed.
Jonah Boodjarrat
'Jonah Boodjarrat' 1 month ago
if I was on death row I would literally order ALL the classy foods I fantasized about but never got to eat.A LOT
befest zitro
'befest zitro' 1 month ago
I would just want mah street tacos or chilli cheese fries
Random Bubbles Forever
i find it confusing that they give them any meal but they cough kill cough them after please someone explain (btw im only in middle school and havent grabbed the full concept of it so plz don't be rude)
'ŠÎÑŚÈR Skill' 1 month ago
Kristine Dawn Fogg
'Kristine Dawn Fogg' 1 month ago
I would get cereal because you could just keep adding milk to the cereal so your meal would never end >:)
Jason Pan
'Jason Pan' 1 month ago
I am sad to admit that most of these meals are better than what I eat at home...
A Man Apart
'A Man Apart' 1 month ago
I'll kill someone just to eat one perfect meal that I can't afford. I'm happy to die in style.
Vegan Furret Fanatic
I hate the fact that death row is still legal. I know that there are horrible people that can't be contained, or released, but it's still sad to me.
otto eduard Leopold von Bismarck Duke of launberg
me steak and bowl of cherries to commit suicide
isaiah ashman
'isaiah ashman' 1 month ago
This is actually hard for me to watch. Nobody has the right to take a life. whatever the person has done whatever crime they committed. America needs to invest in helping these people and teaching them. not locking them away for half of there life or executing them
Rena Wong
'Rena Wong' 2 months ago
I annoys me how the typing is so darm slow
Kris Love
'Kris Love' 2 months ago
Uh oh! I have the same plates that was used at 1:55.
'Kingredrex' 2 months ago
I would say 10 pieces of fermented tofu each made 1 at a time (think about how long it'll take to make all of it)
'OM' 2 months ago
why so many ppl requested salads? dey onna diet? tryna be healthly?
huy mac duong
'huy mac duong' 2 months ago
I really don't understand what these last meal means so can any one explain
Faith Reed
'Faith Reed' 2 months ago
They shouldn't have death row, I think they should let the cruel people rot in a filthy prison for the rest of their sick lives
'Kitty' 2 months ago
I feel like i would've gone for Chipotle 0.0 Why 0.0
Claire Abbott
'Claire Abbott' 2 months ago
I thought it was illegal for a judge to sentence someone to death
Testificte Man
'Testificte Man' 2 months ago
PB cups and dr p!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSS MEEEE
denise m.
'denise m.' 2 months ago
this is real sad to watch. especially when i saw some the age for the prisoners !!! only in their 30's and on death row, wow. it mustve been weird knowing that youre having your last meal. this was really unsettling.
Karen Velázquez
'Karen Velázquez' 2 months ago
Based on #5 choices I'd say he was mexican or he had mexican family... Red rice spanish rice? is just typical of our cuisine.
Joanna Georges
'Joanna Georges' 2 months ago
I would get sooooo much junk food
'RandomnessLOL' 3 months ago
I expected worse... was that just me?
Heidi Mahmoud
'Heidi Mahmoud' 3 months ago
this made me feel sad.
Syed Rahman
'Syed Rahman' 3 months ago
What would YOU choose for your last meal?
Jaehee Kang
'Jaehee Kang' 3 months ago
can someone explain the "rules" to choosing a last meal? Is there a limit? Or, is it anything possible is allowed
a b
'a b' 3 months ago
everyone else in the comments is sad, meanwhile this is just making me hungry...
Lafayette the Frenciest Fry
The peanutbutter cup and Dr Pepper is literally all I would eat
'Nezziir' 3 months ago
I think I'd prefer the video without the annoying typing sound of the keyboard
Max Haibara
'Max Haibara' 3 months ago
I want Gordon Ramsay to cook my last food
Peaches And Cream
'Peaches And Cream' 3 months ago
Idk why but I feel like the guy who requested only 2 peanut butter cups was definitely a psychopath.
Alex Tompkins
'Alex Tompkins' 3 months ago
This video was just weird.. and idk why
'TheDeluxGamer' 3 months ago
This was boring I though got this is gonna be great but noo
Starrgate - Syth
'Starrgate - Syth' 3 months ago
This is just amazing, yet sad that these people have death around the corner. It almost makes you forget that they were put in this position for a reason.
Jamal Cooking Tv
'Jamal Cooking Tv' 3 months ago
Death row has no place in a civilized society.
People have the capability to change, resocialization should be the dominant goal
best channel ever
'best channel ever' 3 months ago
My last meal request would be Donald trump. I don't want y'all dealing with him so I'll eat him and bring him down with me 😘
'faithlovesbands' 3 months ago
I'd ask for a huge thing of Alfredo pasta
'Alana' 3 months ago
what's death row
One Dead Channel
'One Dead Channel' 3 months ago
looks delicious, but Im defo not going to jail xD
Violet AXFAR
'Violet AXFAR' 3 months ago
you can't eat peanut butter cups like that noo
Punish G
'Punish G' 3 months ago
You know what freaked me out...the music
Shauna Rose
'Shauna Rose' 3 months ago
Dang whoever requested the Mexican meal was only on death row for 8 years...
Donutlover88 :
'Donutlover88 :' 3 months ago
All this yummy then som peanut butter cups lmao
The A Gamer
'The A Gamer' 3 months ago
imagine gordon ramsey in death row and he cooks his own food
Sumaya s
'Sumaya s' 3 months ago
This is sad because it reminds me of prison break where the government just framed their crimes on a bunch of innocent men, who couldn't do anything about it but get killed
Fall Out Josie
'Fall Out Josie' 3 months ago
this is so upsetting. to be completely honest, the death penalty shouldn't exist anywhere. no one deserves to die. life in prison is already bad enough.
Dempagumi Fan
'Dempagumi Fan' 3 months ago
I didn't understand the video
Abdelrahman Al Acer
'Abdelrahman Al Acer' 3 months ago
What's unsettling to me is that, now, I'm hungry AF XD
Jess Liliana
'Jess Liliana' 3 months ago
If the video included what they did to be punished half of the comments would be like "kill him" "he/she deserves it" "id kill em myself"... you can be very sympathetic if you don't know the background.
Emma Stallings
'Emma Stallings' 3 months ago
I feel really uneasy right now and I don't know why...
Mythical Helljumper
'Mythical Helljumper' 3 months ago
My last meal if I was in death row: Some sushi with a side of eel sauce, mashed potatoes, a toppers salad with ranch dressing, a slice of lemon meringue pie and water or root beer.
T.J. Cha
'T.J. Cha' 3 months ago
Damn these guys eat better than I do :(
Emily Harris
'Emily Harris' 3 months ago
The death penalty is an awful thing. It's absolutely unnecessary. We don't have it here in the U.K. and our crime rate isn't awful. They claim it's a deterrent but if it's still being done in 2017 it's clearly not working.
Maxfam73Gaming YT
'Maxfam73Gaming YT' 3 months ago
the said thing is one of those people were on death row since they were 21
Ruben Chavez
'Ruben Chavez' 3 months ago
51 me af
Lexa Lopez
'Lexa Lopez' 3 months ago
I like it better when there's someone reading it out loud.. I read slow and hate pausing lol plus the text was not very clear . But please make more of these !
Reece Green
'Reece Green' 3 months ago
Honestly I feel like buzzfeed steals a lot of their ideas from Rhett and Link from good mythical morning
Daisy Kollmorgen
'Daisy Kollmorgen' 3 months ago
This made me cry inside it was horrible thinking about death
Deniz Gult
'Deniz Gult' 3 months ago
I swear Buzzfeed has already done this video two years ago
Different Types of
'Different Types of' 3 months ago
Keep on scrolling I have nothing to say
Adit Jonathan
'Adit Jonathan' 3 months ago
Why do we KILL people, who KILL people, to show that KILLING people is wrong??
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