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Why UK surgeon cannot forget this girl - BBC News -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: BBC News

By: BBC NewsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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British surgeon David Nott recently returned from operating on wounded refugees in Syria. There is one patient in particular he cannot get out of his mind - a gravely injured baby girl called Maram.

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Kimanie Porter
'Kimanie Porter' 3 days ago
Ahmad Afif Isa
'Ahmad Afif Isa' 2 weeks ago
Can you guys believe this or not, I watched a talk show at Al-Jazeera, the guest is adviser to Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu said, Israel is shocked when United Nation's Security Council approved Resolution 2334 that condemns Israeli settlement at Palestine lands because they thought the world is too busy with other problems at Syria and Daesh.
Michael Mariner
'Michael Mariner' 2 weeks ago
Neither should anyone forget Her..and the tens of thousands British Funded ISIS Militants killed and destroyed.
Steve Roffey
'Steve Roffey' 2 weeks ago
White Aryan Resistance
She got a worm hole inside her face, she must having worms !
Emmanuel Goldstein
'Emmanuel Goldstein' 2 weeks ago
Can we trust the anti-BBC to report anything truthful? No. This could have been anice injury from falling on something. This guy thinks it's from a plane because that's what the anti-BBC correspondants most likely told him before he begun the procedure.
Caroline Izminster
'Caroline Izminster' 2 weeks ago
So, when one of MY children needs a surgeon, but has to wait months and months for one, it's because this bleeding-heart idiot, and others like him, whose medical training I PAID FOR with MY taxes, has gone and pissed off to the Third World to donate his skills to ISIS, The Taliban and Heaven Knows who else. These sorts of people make me want to upchuck. Spread your good deeds here in the UK where they are needed desperately by children who will not grow up to hate you and try to kill you, you dumb f**k.
Karim Motazedi
'Karim Motazedi' 2 weeks ago
BBC Propaganda as usual, how does the surgeon know that the fragments are from a plane. is he a surgeon or a specialist on shrapnel , especially when he is taking it out from the poor girl 's body with out analysing it. BBC once was the best and impartial media which one could depend on it. now it has become the propaganda machine for the Wahhabists and their psychopath followers. Change your course before these lunatics do to the British people what they did and are doing to people's of the Middle East, genocide, head cutting and rape.
Rania Linderman
'Rania Linderman' 2 weeks ago
poor baby
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