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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 4 weeks ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 4 weeks ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


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Debra Falk
'Debra Falk' 6 hours ago
I used to have a vape gun xD I used it for other things though 😶😶😶
Shahida Rasuli
'Shahida Rasuli' 2 days ago
Thanks, buzzfeed, for encouraging young people to smoke.
Well Hush
'Well Hush' 2 days ago
If you're getting light headed then you are using it too often. You don't huff it.
Emma Racz
'Emma Racz' 3 days ago
are these healthy?
Ashritha Janyavula
is it bad for you?
Random JJ
'Random JJ' 3 days ago
i wanna get one so bad but im 13... so im not gonna even attempt to ask my mum 😂😭😭😭😭😭
Air Gummy
'Air Gummy' 4 days ago
I would like for people to know that vape can still damage your body, nicotine free or not <3
Haya Aba
'Haya Aba' 4 days ago
when she blew it out her nose
'poqari' 4 days ago
\/\ vape nash y'all
'DarkRubberDucky' 4 days ago
This is why essential oils are BS. They are not life changing. They smell good and sometimes make food tastier. I have a friend who tries to sell me oils for fucking EVERYTHING.
Panic! At the 21 Crybabies
Does it have nicotine??
'Melanie's Crybaby' 4 days ago
I hate all these people saying, "Like if you agree!" Like seriously.

Like if you agree!
Kayla Ruud
'Kayla Ruud' 5 days ago
I bought one of these and was not satisfied either. Just makes me feel lightheaded :(
They're not doing it right. You should only do it a couple times a day.
'HannahWoolery' 5 days ago
"Hey man what you smoking"
"You know man, that good stuff"
"On Guard and Oregano fam"

If you have used essential oils you know what I'm talking about.
'StickSlayer' 5 days ago
Do u even vape bro?
'INSANYC' 7 days ago
1:24 "I can definetly feel the.... (wtf is this, aaah).... jasmine, yeah."
Vincent Prasetyo
'Vincent Prasetyo' 7 days ago
Can this thing make us addicted like cigarettes ?
Emma McCann
'Emma McCann' 1 week ago
Is there nicotine in that or like drugs in it
_agnieszka _
'_agnieszka _' 1 week ago
just smoke weed
Cole Brembs
'Cole Brembs' 1 week ago
Atleast they're smoking something.
likeomgitssarah gummybearss
Pathetic Aesthetic
my boobs itch
katie smith
'katie smith' 1 week ago
i literally hate the blonde lady idk why she just makes me mad
sali lq
'sali lq' 1 week ago
The guy with gray hair hope he gets better and everything is going to alright for him.
Devon Solley
'Devon Solley' 1 week ago
terrible video.
Park Lee
'Park Lee' 1 week ago
It's making people like crackpots
'Abbie_Sapphire' 1 week ago
Lol when the smoke came out of her nose I died
'livelaughForte' 2 weeks ago
They market this pen should only be used a few times a day so they can say it lasts weeks lol... what a joke
Ava Rose
'Ava Rose' 2 weeks ago
How old do you have to be to try this ?
Cloud Begner
'Cloud Begner' 2 weeks ago
0:37...... Vaping is not about being edgy or cool as you put it. The point of vaping is that its not as harmful as cigarettes making it a better option.
'AnnieTheMCPro' 2 weeks ago
Who's the guy with white hair?
Evan Mansfield
'Evan Mansfield' 2 weeks ago
just smoke weed
Hannah Milligan
'Hannah Milligan' 2 weeks ago
Does it have nicotine
'23oils' 2 weeks ago
I guess I'd be curious to know what kind of oils are in this and are they refillable?
'VeeVee' 2 weeks ago
I don't get it. You are not supposed to inhale them? so what is the point? It's clearly just for aromatherapy then, in which case you could get a candle, oil diffuser, incense, lotion, etc to do the exact same thing. I imagine it would be a lot cheaper than buying the Vapes on top of that. Plus since they are supposed to be oils, the "smoke" would not be working the way it is. So it's artificial.

I'm not condemning artificial. If it works, it works. But for this particular item, it's a "natural wellness item that you can't inhale, is artificial, and since it's a smoke the scent is limited." It's just an attempt to cash in on the natural wellness/vaping community in one go. When in reality it does neither.
Juls 110
'Juls 110' 2 weeks ago
Lexi Gibson
'Lexi Gibson' 2 weeks ago
Dude these people are saying they want to be relaxed, anxiety free and stress free.... just smoke a blunt 🔥💨
'BlueBullet' 2 weeks ago
is vape bad for you is it like a cigerette
Jessica Farrell
'Jessica Farrell' 2 weeks ago
Are these bad for you? 😐
Jenny B
'Jenny B' 2 weeks ago
does it have any drugs in it ? or is it all essential oils and water vapor?
5e1n_ Kens
'5e1n_ Kens' 2 weeks ago
the asian girl do not know how to smoke
Emily Lovell
'Emily Lovell' 2 weeks ago
I feel like those are not healthy for you
Secret Scarlet
'Secret Scarlet' 2 weeks ago
Where do you get these!?
Bubble be
'Bubble be' 2 weeks ago
is this legal for minors in the uk? it is in the us but idk bout uk
Anna Snyder
'Anna Snyder' 2 weeks ago
1. It's not a vape pen, it's a personal essential oil diffuser
2. It's not smoking. With Monq, you take a breath, hold it in your mouth, and exhale through your nose. You do not inhale.
lucy m
'lucy m' 2 weeks ago
have fun getting lipid pneumonia
Drew Murray
'Drew Murray' 2 weeks ago
Not how you use monq... You shouldn't take it into your lungs, you should blow all of it through the nose, and you should only take 2-3 puffs 2-3 times a day. Also not all seven flavors make you relaxed...I'd love to see a remake of this where it's done right because I love this product and it has truly helped me.
Margaux Sproul
'Margaux Sproul' 2 weeks ago
Copper Toffee
'Copper Toffee' 2 weeks ago
well, chewing on the end of toothpicks is relaxing? ahahhahaha
United Assassin Revolution
God damn! that asian girl is bloody gorgeous!
Yanis Mert
'Yanis Mert' 2 weeks ago
I can feel the huh what is it BUZZFEED: it's jasmine huh yeah the jasmine
Sally Smith
'Sally Smith' 2 weeks ago
Is it bad for you? Is it tobacco?
Charity Hartley
'Charity Hartley' 2 weeks ago
Aren't they supposed to do the research before making videos. Almost all of them are inhaling when that's not how they work. And they all wanted relaxation but that's not what they were all for. The blend you use determines if your more relaxed or not.
Connor Thompson
'Connor Thompson' 2 weeks ago
Lol she was inhaling it, that's how you know she smokes weed
'TheD4rkSoul' 2 weeks ago
its cuz yall motherfuckers arent inhaling it jesus.....thats why it aint working......
'pigejthc' 2 weeks ago
Just smoke weed lol
ღ Kaitlyn ღ
'ღ Kaitlyn ღ' 2 weeks ago
Do you need to like refill these or do they need to be refilled? Like do these last forever I guess
Nisha Perez
'Nisha Perez' 2 weeks ago
Buzzfeed! Do a video on CBD oil vapes!
c monkeys
'c monkeys' 2 weeks ago
Daysha, your eyebrows (thicker, more defined) look great! (This by an eyebrow snob. 👊)
Unicorn Wolves
'Unicorn Wolves' 2 weeks ago
These comments are painful.
If you're using therapeutic grade essential oils, it is very beneficial. The therapeutic grade oils can be inhaled and applied to the skin with no harm. Some may make the skin hot or cold, but diluting it with a few drops of olive oil fixes that. What's in the pens is most likely not therapeutic grade, and that's why you're not suppose to inhale it. 
1000 Subs with no videos challenge
Courtney Haist
'Courtney Haist' 3 weeks ago
Do these hurt your lungs?
'zSyncc' 3 weeks ago
next on buzzfeed
"People Smoke Black Tar Heroin"
volet wiegand
'volet wiegand' 3 weeks ago
Would you get addicted
Geek Greek
'Geek Greek' 3 weeks ago
We get it you vape......
Katie Pop21
'Katie Pop21' 3 weeks ago
I honestly don't think vaping essential oils is safe... your body isn't meant to consume most essential oils
Sadeta Cekic
'Sadeta Cekic' 3 weeks ago
Good job inspiring small children to smoke
I know this isn't a smoke but kids will think it is cause if the smoke cloud
nida adnan
'nida adnan' 3 weeks ago
Do these have drugs in them
Andrea resendiz
'Andrea resendiz' 3 weeks ago
LOL is the girl from the bay? i totally caught when she said "hella".
Teejay234 Gamer
'Teejay234 Gamer' 3 weeks ago
yeh guys I feel so relaxed!!! now I'm stioned
Alex Gibson
'Alex Gibson' 3 weeks ago
Tight deadline for working at fucking buzz feed where 90% of people don't care
Isabel Reedman
'Isabel Reedman' 3 weeks ago
Why am I here I hate smokers
Emily Joy
'Emily Joy' 3 weeks ago
Is vape bad for you? Like is it smoke?
Nick Hentschel
'Nick Hentschel' 3 weeks ago
This is fine: better this than vaping tobacco. it might even have some therapeutic use. But you know what I really want to see people do with vapes? Try some real, mediciankl use, which could potentially make more money than recreational, fake smoking, and do more good besides.
Why not create a sort of "neti vape" with steam and other stuff, for example, to clear out your sinuses? (A shot of eucalyptus in water might do it, just like here.) Why not use this technology for vital, inhaled medications of all sorts? Could it be used to treat allergies? Asthma? Who knows?
Vy 2620071814
'Vy 2620071814' 3 weeks ago
Is it good for you
Lieeba Ahad
'Lieeba Ahad' 3 weeks ago
I'm sorry, but Daysha cannot say hooka. It's cringe for me because my family smokes it...
'lilG54Beast' 3 weeks ago
You can't smoke a vape. 😂
Tabby Cat
'Tabby Cat' 3 weeks ago
Does this also contain niqotuine?
nikotine?How do you spell it,you know the addictive stuff in vape?!
Yayzana dayan
'Yayzana dayan' 3 weeks ago
Dasha looks hella nice in this video
Cindy H.
'Cindy H.' 3 weeks ago
No, BuzzFeed, just stick to food and sex toys...
'KevinxDoll' 3 weeks ago
you cant smoke a vape. no smoke = no smoke
'creatingcreativity' 3 weeks ago
Yes to that Rosa Parks pic in the background
kaitlyn can
'kaitlyn can't sleep' 3 weeks ago
we get it, you vape
Gibson The cat
'Gibson The cat' 3 weeks ago
lolis this stil bad for you
Dee gaming
'Dee gaming' 3 weeks ago
we get it you vape
Sonja Leliaert
'Sonja Leliaert' 3 weeks ago
I have this, it helps me calm down.
'Mya' 3 weeks ago
do these have nicotine or anything harmful in them?
Doug Hunter
'Doug Hunter' 3 weeks ago
vaping any oil based substances can cause lung damage! Only vape water based stuff idiots.
Grant Busse
'Grant Busse' 3 weeks ago
"She's getting crunk." 😂😂😂 DEAD
'Donaldthustra' 3 weeks ago
Anyone who vapes needs to be sent to a gas chamber. Trump 2016.
Starburst DokiWoki
'Starburst DokiWoki' 3 weeks ago
Wtf buzzfeed ?
Stephanie Reyna
'Stephanie Reyna' 3 weeks ago
they used them directions and watch the tutorials
Harry Harold Cruz
'Harry Harold Cruz' 3 weeks ago
Hmm.. I think those are just re-branded disposable e-cigarettes..
'PreciseAce' 3 weeks ago
i did this in class lol, everyone was like wtf?!?!?!??!?!
LyndauraFreitas Or 贝贝
Does this have tobacco in it cause I'm 9 and if it smells good me want
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