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People Smoke Essential Oil Vapes -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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We get it, you vape.

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Smoke and fog


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Wolfia howls
'Wolfia howls' 6 hours ago
Its not "working" because everyone is doing it wrong. Your supposed to breathe it in but dont inhale it and let it out through your nose. Only 2-4 puffs every 4-5 hours. I have this and it works miracles on me. I love you buzzfeed but maybe you guys shouldve read the box thoroughly.😭
Amber Tolie
'Amber Tolie' 2 days ago
Do you have to be 18 to use this?
Esme Hardesty
'Esme Hardesty' 2 days ago
i was using mine while watching this hahahah
'Sierra-Jewel' 3 days ago
Not all of them are exhaling through their noses and that's the one thing that they have to get right to make it work.
'GreenGamerPlayz' 4 days ago
Is it for kids
Michael Dudley
'Michael Dudley' 4 days ago
if vaping dosent help try weed
Monique Corrales
'Monique Corrales' 6 days ago
I hope y'all read the packaging, because you were supposed to exhale the "vape" out through your nose 😂🌬👃🏻
Maizie N
'Maizie N' 6 days ago
jaclyn hill needs this
Margaux B
'Margaux B' 6 days ago
Hi everybody ! If you want to purchase a MONQ, use this link there is 10% discount at checkout : :) <3
The Irish Vampire
'The Irish Vampire' 2 weeks ago
the problem with these is that there's specific oils used singularly to Target specific things (ie: lemon for headaches or mint to relax or clear your sinuses) these are mixed with different ones in each of them
athina tapel
'athina tapel' 2 weeks ago
daysha's face is always too oily
Alex Mason
'Alex Mason' 2 weeks ago
just smoke a bowl you bunch of douchebags
Jordan West
'Jordan West' 2 weeks ago
whenever I use mine I just feel incredibly sexy
'eddebrock' 2 weeks ago
Andra Popiti
'Andra Popiti' 2 weeks ago
That awkward moment when the review is completely wrong because the people aren't inhaling it properly. It's meant to be exhaled through the nose for it to actually work on your brain and mood. Lmao
Crista walker
'Crista walker' 3 weeks ago
How long does each monq last? Does it have to be refilled with oil?
Athena Jade Winters
'Athena Jade Winters' 3 weeks ago
Acts 3:19 & john 3:16
LeAnne Seal
'LeAnne Seal' 3 weeks ago
If you use it properly, it actually works quite well. If you inhale and exhale like a tobacco or marijuana product, then it won't work. THE POWER OF READING AND FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS.
'randamuna' 3 weeks ago
why are y'all getting so mad about this..?
Rachel DaSilva
'Rachel DaSilva' 4 weeks ago
You're supposed to blow it through your nose.
'Berge' 4 weeks ago
The asian girl is so cute OuO <3
Andrewx8 88
'Andrewx8 88' 4 weeks ago
its not smoke essential oils, its vape. Theres no smoke in vaping.
Gheeson Gordan
'Gheeson Gordan' 4 weeks ago
Its not vape
Harry Mccreless
'Harry Mccreless' 4 weeks ago




Ayla Stephens
'Ayla Stephens' 4 weeks ago
is vaping bad for you
Lacy Chinchilla
'Lacy Chinchilla' 4 weeks ago
There are countless other good review videos of these. Nobody in this video even knew how to use them, an were deeply inhaling them and breathing it out of their mouths. It's supposed to be used as subtle aromatherapy, not something that immediately cures all of your problems.
King Jordan
'King Jordan' 4 weeks ago
Why y'all always gotta ruin things, it ain't a vape
Alex Seger
'Alex Seger' 1 month ago
I've been seeing adds for this brand all over and I'm glad I never bought it. I have a lot of anxiety and stress but glad I didn't waste my money on this. I've been seeing a lot of comments about just smoking weed haha It's still super illegal in most places in the US. It smells bad and it's not worth going to jail for. It affects everyone differently. It makes my anxiety go way up! I've tried it a few times and I get so paranoid every time. Definitely not for me.
Moe Barber
'Moe Barber' 1 month ago
I have some, they taste nice but don't fix my mood
Natalya _x
'Natalya _x' 1 month ago
Meg Torres
'Meg Torres' 1 month ago
'Ericaann' 1 month ago
it can help people when they have panic attacks or just anxiety by helping to regulate their breathing too (:
'Yam' 1 month ago
the Asian girl and her friends are really pretty
Icy Amaze
'Icy Amaze' 1 month ago
You ruined diffuser oils for me
Jade Alexa
'Jade Alexa' 1 month ago
This really isn't vaping because they don't have nicotine or tobacco in them
Sophie Nicole
'Sophie Nicole' 1 month ago
There's no nicotine in these so I really wanna get this
Queen Sussay
'Queen Sussay' 1 month ago
Was this not already posted..?
Penny Wilson
'Penny Wilson' 1 month ago
the woman in the denim jacket was way too TC. chill bro you're not better than everyone cos you don't vape
zapril makara
'zapril makara' 1 month ago
you where doing it wrong!!
WayZeee Official
'WayZeee Official' 1 month ago
Give them a bigger VAPE
Ziggy Rodzen
'Ziggy Rodzen' 1 month ago
You are only supposed to do that 2 or 3 times a day not a million
JustAGamer x3
'JustAGamer x3' 1 month ago
Is it bad that i vaped when I was 14, oh well it was good
Elise Coates
'Elise Coates' 1 month ago
or actually use essential oils. like dab some lavender on your wrist of under your chin. great stuff
Marcelina Garcia
'Marcelina Garcia' 1 month ago
How old do you have to be to get this
Robert Pham
'Robert Pham' 2 months ago
the Asian chick, I would do anything to be her boyfriend.
Ki G
'Ki G' 2 months ago
It's not weed so you obviously won't be relaxed
Dom D
'Dom D' 2 months ago
What's the title of the music at the very end of the vid?
Wiggy13 A Goat Lovin Gamer
Does it make you addicted?
Mark Shikada
'Mark Shikada' 2 months ago
Hey! If you like this you'll love ENIRU, a naturally filtered juice drink.
Or better yet try PARC, a richly condensed 100% organic diet bar!
fun bros
'fun bros' 2 months ago
it's not bad it helps you stop smoking
fun bros
'fun bros' 2 months ago
I smoke capes and I'm 11
'lor152720' 2 months ago
This stuff is more unhealthy for you than cigarettes. And eats a hole in your wallet so be careful.
Harley Quiin is my fav
İs this healty cigaretes
'DJVILLAN' 2 months ago
Wannabe vapers. Vaping essential oils is dangerous. How the f are these legal and how did they get approved?
'Bieberxahs' 2 months ago
3 kids at my school got arrested for smoking this before class
Kawaii Dog
'Kawaii Dog' 2 months ago
Vaping is just as bad for as smoking
'Hippieguitarist' 2 months ago
For me it worked because I breathed in with my nose. People say just smoke weed but I will rather has this aroma therapy which is healthier than weed. Just my opinion
Natalia Morales
'Natalia Morales' 2 months ago
I thought the music in the beginning was the Macarena
'DJbirfday' 2 months ago
sounds rich but ok
Ufra Yeali
'Ufra Yeali' 2 months ago
Monq's are not vapes. Not even close. Don't call them what they clearly are not.
Ella Sansolis
'Ella Sansolis' 2 months ago
Candles and breathing 😂😂😂😂
'Defne's Channel' 2 months ago
Are they ok 4 kids
bryanna x.x
'bryanna x.x' 2 months ago
Andrew diMonda
'Andrew diMonda' 2 months ago
Disliked just because it's buzzfeed
'CYCLONE' 2 months ago
so u even vape bro
'dahshinin91' 2 months ago
next time smoked weed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
weed is the best makes you chill and friendly :D
Liberty Ellis
'Liberty Ellis' 2 months ago
Wait so is this bad for you? Like weed? Or is it okay to do?
I am going to change my name to depression
And lose 7 years of their life doing so
Emmy Vi
'Emmy Vi' 2 months ago
You would have liked them better if you didn't inhale, that's not what they're for.
Jenny As fire
'Jenny As fire' 2 months ago
its that save for 14 years old kids???
'Lauren' 2 months ago
i've heard of monq before - i'm really not a huge fan of the idea, at least for me.. essential oils are great for aromatherapy & skin care, but they really don't belong in your lungs or nose - some users could even suffer really nasty reactions to oils that they didn't previously realize they were allergic/sensitive to. besides, the composition & properties of oils change when they're heated up, rendering them sometimes useless or even harmful.. I think starting out with a cold diffuser then seeing if it would benefit you to try this method would be wise
Emma Bickford
'Emma Bickford' 2 months ago
Has anyone bought these in Australia? If so have you had any trouble?
Tyler Maki
'Tyler Maki' 2 months ago
How do you tag people in comments so you know they will see it?? I've never figured it out haha
Blessed HAMMA 808
'Blessed HAMMA 808' 2 months ago
That white girl was so fucking awkward
'thisisAB' 2 months ago
"This is hella extra, it's too much"
Debra Falk
'Debra Falk' 2 months ago
I used to have a vape gun xD I used it for other things though 😶😶😶
Shahida Rasuli
'Shahida Rasuli' 2 months ago
Thanks, buzzfeed, for encouraging young people to smoke.
Well Hush
'Well Hush' 2 months ago
If you're getting light headed then you are using it too often. You don't huff it.
Emma Racz
'Emma Racz' 2 months ago
are these healthy?
Ashritha Janyavula
'Ashritha Janyavula' 2 months ago
is it bad for you?
Random JJ
'Random JJ' 2 months ago
i wanna get one so bad but im 13... so im not gonna even attempt to ask my mum 😂😭😭😭😭😭
Air Gummy
'Air Gummy' 2 months ago
I would like for people to know that vape can still damage your body, nicotine free or not <3
Hayden Miller
'Hayden Miller' 2 months ago
when she blew it out her nose
'poqari' 2 months ago
\/\ vape nash y'all
'DarkRubberDucky' 2 months ago
This is why essential oils are BS. They are not life changing. They smell good and sometimes make food tastier. I have a friend who tries to sell me oils for fucking EVERYTHING.
Riley Spyke
'Riley Spyke' 2 months ago
Does it have nicotine??
Okay Mel
'Okay Mel' 2 months ago
I hate all these people saying, "Like if you agree!" Like seriously.

Like if you agree!
Kayla Ruud
'Kayla Ruud' 2 months ago
I bought one of these and was not satisfied either. Just makes me feel lightheaded :(
'Jamba' 2 months ago
They're not doing it right. You should only do it a couple times a day.
'HannahWoolery' 2 months ago
"Hey man what you smoking"
"You know man, that good stuff"
"On Guard and Oregano fam"

If you have used essential oils you know what I'm talking about.
'StickSlayer' 2 months ago
Do u even vape bro?
'INSANYC' 2 months ago
1:24 "I can definetly feel the.... (wtf is this, aaah).... jasmine, yeah."
Vincent Prasetyo
'Vincent Prasetyo' 2 months ago
Can this thing make us addicted like cigarettes ?
Emma McCann
'Emma McCann' 2 months ago
Is there nicotine in that or like drugs in it
_agnieszka _
'_agnieszka _' 2 months ago
just smoke weed
Cole Brembs
'Cole Brembs' 2 months ago
Atleast they're smoking something.
likeomgitssarah gummybearss
Pathetic Aesthetic
'Pathetic Aesthetic' 2 months ago
my boobs itch
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