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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 2 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 2 months ago

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"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

Ssavage Ccharles
'Ssavage Ccharles' 18 hours ago
2:33 he was looking at them cheeks the whole time, you aint slick
I Bet She Screamed When A Partiots Won 😂
Sherif Elaasar
'Sherif Elaasar' 2 days ago
An empty bar! lmao
'AussieMozzie' 2 days ago
Women: "I want to get paid the same as men in sport"
Can't do the same hard work as men can do.... I see something here
Mogoi 1
'Mogoi 1' 2 days ago
Jordan is .. entertaining
Querida Seguin
'Querida Seguin' 3 days ago
Selorm is so pretty 😍😍
'hr1meg' 4 days ago
I'll be honest, Buzzfeed can take the men from their staff I've seen, and they would do worse than the women.
Infinite Inferno
'Infinite Inferno' 5 days ago
I think they got the wrong Steve Smith by accident.
Astama -claw
'Astama -claw' 7 days ago
'TGamer' 1 week ago
Marial Cooper - Amari Cooper
Steve Smith - Steve Smith Sr

All of these trainers/NFL players have similar names than some NFL STARS but they are not the stars because they don't look like them
I feel like they are not real NFL players
Ryan Franco
'Ryan Franco' 1 week ago
Jordan is such a try hard
'Inuyasha619' 1 week ago
although most men who go in to nfl have been training for a long time. I want to seethis with women who are actualy athlets and do similar or at least daily training.
'msgtslotter' 2 weeks ago
is isn't equality unless the standards are drastically reduced. sexist pigs!
'_Salvatore.Crybaby_' 2 weeks ago
Darlene Mariella Dilig
Jordan turned me on. OMG. 😍
Rafael Cortez
'Rafael Cortez' 2 weeks ago
Michelle was my favorite 💘
Aubrey Warren
'Aubrey Warren' 2 weeks ago
I don't like the pats and they won
Soledad R
'Soledad R' 2 weeks ago
Someone's happy that the patriots won
emma higgans
'emma higgans' 2 weeks ago
I love Jordan and how motivated she is to work out. I want to be fit but struggle to get motivated
Vanessa Allen
'Vanessa Allen' 3 weeks ago
Yaaaa patriots
blessington thalluri
Michelle and jordan ram faster then tom brady
Rogerio Mendes
'Rogerio Mendes' 3 weeks ago
Let's go patriots
Ivan Hurtado
'Ivan Hurtado' 3 weeks ago
Jordan and Michelle Are really good
'Trinibantan' 3 weeks ago
Jordan is a beast
Daylan Sphabmixay
'Daylan Sphabmixay' 3 weeks ago
Jordan is a athlete lol
'Mason's Diy's!' 3 weeks ago
You could kind of tell that Michelle was at least a bit jealous of Jordan😂😂
Chuch CHUCh
'Chuch CHUCh' 3 weeks ago
Jordan ugly
Taijay Evans
'Taijay Evans' 3 weeks ago
i ran the 40 yard dash in 5.54
Long scallop
'Long scallop' 4 weeks ago
Patriots fan EYY
Alexandcat xx
'Alexandcat xx' 4 weeks ago
Jordan is a fucking beast, one my favorite girls on buzzfedd
Danny Ortiz
'Danny Ortiz' 4 weeks ago
my vertical is 97
LK Typical
'LK Typical' 4 weeks ago
I felt like the football players were staring at there assess sometimes
Maria lou
'Maria lou' 4 weeks ago
Why is everyone hating Jordan? She work outs a lot of course she going to be a little better
'It'sPur3Remix -' 4 weeks ago
Everybody hates Jordan
Debbie Leech
'Debbie Leech' 4 weeks ago
This is sexist
Omar Alí
'Omar Alí' 4 weeks ago
I would marry Jordan 😍 just keep the glasses honey
aubrey griego
'aubrey griego' 4 weeks ago
Please don't judge but only comment if you are a falcons fan
Abby Cotto
'Abby Cotto' 4 weeks ago
I find Jordan so attractive, like her arms are just amazing to me? Anyone?
Minecraft & More
'Minecraft & More' 4 weeks ago
LOL that is not Steve smith XDDD
BiancaSaid What
'BiancaSaid What' 4 weeks ago
WORK HARD PLAY HARD Thats how women do it good job ladies 👍🙌👊
Kayla McDonald
'Kayla McDonald' 4 weeks ago
to me jordan always seems like shes in competition with michelle 😕😕
Phillip Oukh
'Phillip Oukh' 4 weeks ago
jordan is the best
Patriots Fan12
'Patriots Fan12' 4 weeks ago
that looked easy
benjamin brown
'benjamin brown' 4 weeks ago
a time of 5.08 seems impressive until you realize there are 325+ pound defensive tackles that run faster than that
silly billy
'silly billy' 4 weeks ago
jordans bra is so cute!! wjere did she buy it, i want one
Sayren Nani
'Sayren Nani' 4 weeks ago
I like Jordan. Yes she seems cocky but I think she just likes to challenge herself and push herself further....idk, I kind of see her as someone motivating more than a try hard cocky self loving person. might be just me but hey, everyone has their opinion.
'PettyCrocker' 4 weeks ago
jordan is a fuckin hardo lmao
Shyam N Panigrahi
'Shyam N Panigrahi' 4 weeks ago
I came to this video only to tease some feminists ;P
tanner vlogs
'tanner vlogs' 4 weeks ago
the 40 yard dash takes me 4.21
HYPERxSkittless 1
'HYPERxSkittless 1' 4 weeks ago
Why does jordan make me want to kill my self
Alexander Bressler
'Alexander Bressler' 4 weeks ago
Let's do pats
DoubleU Gamer
'DoubleU Gamer' 4 weeks ago
she didn't have no chest what so ever bruh 💀
'CR7NEYMAR' 4 weeks ago
rename this "women try womanized NFL fitness test"
mike smith
'mike smith' 4 weeks ago
4:10 does that not sat 5.08 seconds not 5.8
Tyler Swensen
'Tyler Swensen' 1 month ago
They're all so beautiful
'ariana' 1 month ago
buzzfeed should try women try horse riding for a week! <3
Nalu 4 Life 17
'Nalu 4 Life 17' 1 month ago
I'm rooting for Jordan the whole video. Mainly because we both have something in common.

We both like the Patriots :D
(Haters gonna hate)
Blindside Blindside
'Blindside Blindside' 1 month ago
Go patriots
Kenechukwu Achukwu
'Kenechukwu Achukwu' 1 month ago
Jordan marry me lol
'Wiggywonka' 1 month ago
Wtf how they bench the bar 100 times I can only do it 35
Lil Wvu boy
'Lil Wvu boy' 1 month ago
I love the patriots to
JJ Boys
'JJ Boys' 1 month ago
What the hell is this
Kj Blixky
'Kj Blixky' 1 month ago
Am I The Only Who Thinks Jordan Is A Man?
'EatMyCrocodile' 1 month ago
jordan is strong but kind of a show off
Adrenaline Rush
'Adrenaline Rush' 1 month ago
Jordan's a legend
Arianna Marez
'Arianna Marez' 1 month ago
'llMethodzll' 1 month ago
Really only 45 pounds, you could do that all day even as a woman
Kaz Sandoval aka Quickscoping- King
femenists get what they ask for.
Gwenyth Brass
'Gwenyth Brass' 1 month ago
Morbid Elm
'Morbid Elm' 1 month ago
Jordan is fat and has a tiny head
R&B Universe
'R&B Universe' 1 month ago
That Jordan girl is athletic
Nikita Kansal
'Nikita Kansal' 1 month ago
Everything about Jordan is so so so sexy.
Evan Suck
'Evan Suck' 1 month ago
Boo patriots
'BurningSkele99' 1 month ago
what's funny is that most of these we do in fitness testing middle school, I've done all of these except 1
't' 1 month ago
why am i watching feminist youtube
Emmanuel López
'Emmanuel López' 1 month ago
Sorry 😐 for mistakeing the word Audi correct
Emmanuel López
'Emmanuel López' 1 month ago
Why dose every girl like the paitriots
calvin chia
'calvin chia' 1 month ago
Woah! NFL requires you to bench 45 pounds!
Angelq Austin
'Angelq Austin' 1 month ago
Angelq Austin
'Angelq Austin' 1 month ago
Angelq Austin
'Angelq Austin' 1 month ago
'Kole' 1 month ago
where's the chick in the reds boobs?
Memes With Miles
'Memes With Miles' 1 month ago
Maddie Chambers
'Maddie Chambers' 1 month ago
Jordan was good
McDoley of Doles ville
Lol jordan is a dude
Dark- Gamer
'Dark- Gamer' 1 month ago
Football isn't southern heritage girl, that is baseball your thinking of.
Nathan Grey
'Nathan Grey' 1 month ago
no one cares if you were eating food while watching this
Juewelz Young
'Juewelz Young' 1 month ago
between Jordan and michelle
Ryan Carlos
'Ryan Carlos' 1 month ago
Jordan is a Patriots Fan 🙌🏽
'GamingTwst' 1 month ago
Patriot squad
James McCormick
'James McCormick' 1 month ago
Jordan wrong team Texans!Texans!Texans!
'VAWereWolf65' 1 month ago
These hoes benching an empty bar💀💀
Mark Dost
'Mark Dost' 1 month ago
i hate buzzfeed
Awesome Jumper
'Awesome Jumper' 1 month ago
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