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Women Try The NFL Fitness Test -
Published: 3 months ago By: BuzzFeedBlue

By: BuzzFeedBluePublished: 3 months ago

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"I didn't know we were supposed to go until we were collapsing!"

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Mariel Cooper, NFL Free Agent
Steve Smith, New York Giants Super Bowl Champion
Stark Training Center

Big T
'Big T' 2 hours ago
it's not the NFL test spoiler alert
Arturo Huerta
'Arturo Huerta' 3 hours ago
do not try it
No this is Patrick
'No this is Patrick' 4 hours ago
I bet any NFL player could do 200 reps at 45 lol
David Perdue
'David Perdue' 24 hours ago
pats gooooo
Scott Hernandez
'Scott Hernandez' 2 days ago
that girl Jordan is the beasts
'Name' 3 days ago
This video just reminded me how much I hate crossfiters
Killer Twins
'Killer Twins' 3 days ago
2:54 we have to do that in track my farthest is 7'2 lol
The holy woody Lol
kaleb john
'kaleb john' 4 days ago
0:50 when she said she a patriots fan i exited the video
Camryn Jambor
'Camryn Jambor' 6 days ago
Jordan I will only win bench press then wins almost everyhing
Kennedy Hamm
'Kennedy Hamm' 6 days ago
Kelsey is the worst and Jordan is the best
Eloi Napilot
'Eloi Napilot' 7 days ago
Why is everybody hating on Jordan?
Alejandro Sanchez
'Alejandro Sanchez' 7 days ago
107 with 45 pounds? Cross fit really does wonders lol. If she really worked out like she says she does she would've done more. No way you can't do more
Alejandro Sanchez
'Alejandro Sanchez' 7 days ago
Of course there's things men can do and women can't and vise versa. For example. Men are adapted to lifting heavier things and are better equipped for survival because back in the old days men would go hunting and do all this stuff while women took care of the home and picked fruits and vegetables. So over the years of birth, women are much smaller and weaker than men because they didn't use their muscles as much while men became stronger, taller, and naturally better suited for the environment. Also since women pretty much took care of the children they became more feminine and were always protective and much nicer than a male. There's a reason there are two genders. We need women. And women need us.
Daniel W
'Daniel W' 1 week ago
A Whale
'A Whale' 1 week ago
the fitness gram pacer test
Jared White
'Jared White' 1 week ago
The clock started late on the 40 yard dash
'R C' 1 week ago
people are hating on jordan so much like why? i dont see anything wrong, like sure she's competitive, but there's nothing really wrong with it, and she's not competitive in a bad way where she's trying to make people feel bad, and obviously michelle,kelsey, and selorm dont mind so.... idk, i think she's fine and i like the friendship that the girls have and the healthy competitive rivalry between michelle and jordan
Marcus Campbell
'Marcus Campbell' 1 week ago
jordan is on fire
Jack Mehoff
'Jack Mehoff' 1 week ago
Way to be ever so slightly more athletic than all these unathletic people jordan👏🏼 all that hard crossfit really, really did payoff.🙌🏼
Dick Fister
'Dick Fister' 1 week ago
They got the fake Steve smith
marc melvan
'marc melvan' 1 week ago
I'm 13 and I can do 45 lbs (the bar) 100 times and my broad jump is 6'0 my vertical is 20", can anyone tell me if it's good
Bruce Angelotti
'Bruce Angelotti' 1 week ago
calvin chia
'calvin chia' 2 weeks ago
The vertical jump was unfair, Kelsey is taller so she jumped less.
Parker Sauter
'Parker Sauter' 2 weeks ago
we're is the weight on the bench press
rifle bug
'rifle bug' 2 weeks ago
PLEASE train like lifeguards!! Pool or beach both hard work physically and mentally
Salimah Muhammad
'Salimah Muhammad' 2 weeks ago
I don't understand why people don't like Jordan I like her Imean like whatever opinions
eh lLuLu
'eh lLuLu' 2 weeks ago
Battery Acid
'Battery Acid' 2 weeks ago
I'm 15 now I do go to the gym every weekday and I do play football, and I am a male. I'm small I only weigh about 140 and I'm 5'7 (still growing) but this is embarrassing. My 40 time was in the 4s and benching 45 pounds for 100 reps really isn't that hard. I know I'm a guy and I train but still c'mon they couldn't get some athletes that train consistently and are stronger. Maybe some of the female Olympic hockey players or UFC fighters something like that just to see what a female athlete at the highest level can do compared to a male athlete at the highest level.
Cassy VJ Lee
'Cassy VJ Lee' 2 weeks ago
que all the i hate Jordan comments...
Abigail Martinez Rodriguez
Ugh there's always that tension between Michelle and Jordan. Personally I prefer and love Michelle, she's strong, beautiful AND humble.
'Deadzexx' 2 weeks ago
Every one getting mad at Jordan but she was just trying her best
Tess Adams
'Tess Adams' 2 weeks ago
I like that they all cheer each other on and do this to gain their own things
Samantha Ransom
'Samantha Ransom' 2 weeks ago
Jordan was the best
Felix Soheili
'Felix Soheili' 2 weeks ago
What about the 5 cone drill. Also there 40 were actually better than TB12. I am a high school Lineman and a good time is like 6.1
Calum Mills
'Calum Mills' 2 weeks ago
they should do a swimming one, where they train like an Olympic swimmer for a week
Taylor Keane
'Taylor Keane' 2 weeks ago
Go Patriots
Sin Ducky
'Sin Ducky' 2 weeks ago
FaZe Jevs Grandson H
lol I thought they were supposed to do the combine then why did they only do 45 lbs. for the bench press
Rallian Zathang
'Rallian Zathang' 2 weeks ago
Patriots are cheaters
Scooter Kid
'Scooter Kid' 2 weeks ago
I ❤ pats
Mavpiazzavlogs 6
'Mavpiazzavlogs 6' 2 weeks ago
Jordan did the best
Thayla Camargo
'Thayla Camargo' 3 weeks ago
Why does everyone hate Jordan?
Mini Ninja
'Mini Ninja' 3 weeks ago
I hate patriots like if you agree
Luke Ferraro
'Luke Ferraro' 3 weeks ago
None of them would get close to passing
lil vato
'lil vato' 3 weeks ago
Iam interested in this where can find the workouts and the meals and everything
loubna Saoudi
'loubna Saoudi' 3 weeks ago
Hahaha yhat girl jordan jumps higher and longer than everybody. IRONIC
Sam Hoffer
'Sam Hoffer' 3 weeks ago
When I was 13 I got eight foot one on the long jump
Skankhunt 42
'Skankhunt 42' 3 weeks ago
Jordan is so ugly
Skankhunt 42
'Skankhunt 42' 3 weeks ago
No average women will ever be as strong as an average man it is against nature
'Jordacar' 3 weeks ago
Michelle's arms are getting really ripped.
Stephan Reichelt
'Stephan Reichelt' 3 weeks ago
Jordan's a str8 beast! Also isn't there usually some weight involved with the bench press test??
'SeattleSeaPenguins' 4 weeks ago
Jordan was easily the most athletic
'SeattleSeaPenguins' 4 weeks ago
Ummm the bench press is 225lbs
Osama Mansoori
'Osama Mansoori' 4 weeks ago
bootleg Steve Smith....
Leonardo Baggio
'Leonardo Baggio' 4 weeks ago
I hate Jordan I mean the pats
The_Jedi_Unicorn 113
Why can't women be in the NFL?
Jennifer Abell
'Jennifer Abell' 4 weeks ago
I luv the redskins
Kavyya Krishna
'Kavyya Krishna' 4 weeks ago
they should be the try girls i hope this is a good idea
Mr. Sun
'Mr. Sun' 4 weeks ago
Usain Bolt could play the NFL lol
d l
'd l' 4 weeks ago
in soccer we call shuttles suicides
Jake Tran
'Jake Tran' 4 weeks ago
Ssavage Ccharles
'Ssavage Ccharles' 1 month ago
2:33 he was looking at them cheeks the whole time, you aint slick
I Bet She Screamed When A Partiots Won 😂
Sherif Elaasar
'Sherif Elaasar' 1 month ago
An empty bar! lmao
'AussieMozzie' 1 month ago
Women: "I want to get paid the same as men in sport"
Can't do the same hard work as men can do.... I see something here
Mogoi 1
'Mogoi 1' 1 month ago
Jordan is .. entertaining
Querida Seguin
'Querida Seguin' 1 month ago
Selorm is so pretty 😍😍
'hr1meg' 1 month ago
I'll be honest, Buzzfeed can take the men from their staff I've seen, and they would do worse than the women.
Infinite Inferno
'Infinite Inferno' 1 month ago
I think they got the wrong Steve Smith by accident.
Astama -claw
'Astama -claw' 1 month ago
'TGamer' 1 month ago
Marial Cooper - Amari Cooper
Steve Smith - Steve Smith Sr

All of these trainers/NFL players have similar names than some NFL STARS but they are not the stars because they don't look like them
I feel like they are not real NFL players
Ryan Franco
'Ryan Franco' 1 month ago
Jordan is such a try hard
'Inuyasha619' 1 month ago
although most men who go in to nfl have been training for a long time. I want to seethis with women who are actualy athlets and do similar or at least daily training.
Chief Spoon
'Chief Spoon' 1 month ago
is isn't equality unless the standards are drastically reduced. sexist pigs!
'_Salvatore.Crybaby_' 2 months ago
Darlene Mariella Dilig
Jordan turned me on. OMG. 😍
Rafael Cortez
'Rafael Cortez' 2 months ago
Michelle was my favorite 💘
Aubrey Warren
'Aubrey Warren' 2 months ago
I don't like the pats and they won
Soledad R
'Soledad R' 2 months ago
Someone's happy that the patriots won
emma higgans
'emma higgans' 2 months ago
I love Jordan and how motivated she is to work out. I want to be fit but struggle to get motivated
Vanessa Allen
'Vanessa Allen' 2 months ago
Yaaaa patriots
blessington thalluri
'blessington thalluri' 2 months ago
Michelle and jordan ram faster then tom brady
Rogerio Mendes
'Rogerio Mendes' 2 months ago
Let's go patriots
Ivan Hurtado
'Ivan Hurtado' 2 months ago
Jordan and Michelle Are really good
'Trinibantan' 2 months ago
Jordan is a beast
Daylan Sphabmixay
'Daylan Sphabmixay' 2 months ago
Jordan is a athlete lol
'Mason's Diy's!' 2 months ago
You could kind of tell that Michelle was at least a bit jealous of Jordan😂😂
Chuch CHUCh
'Chuch CHUCh' 2 months ago
Jordan ugly
Taijay Evans
'Taijay Evans' 2 months ago
i ran the 40 yard dash in 5.54
Long scallop
'Long scallop' 2 months ago
Patriots fan EYY
Alexandcat xx
'Alexandcat xx' 2 months ago
Jordan is a fucking beast, one my favorite girls on buzzfedd
Daniel Warriors30
'Daniel Warriors30' 2 months ago
my vertical is 97
LK Typical
'LK Typical' 2 months ago
I felt like the football players were staring at there assess sometimes
Maria lou
'Maria lou' 2 months ago
Why is everyone hating Jordan? She work outs a lot of course she going to be a little better
Pur3Remix TV
'Pur3Remix TV' 2 months ago
Everybody hates Jordan
Pastelly 121
'Pastelly 121' 2 months ago
This is sexist
Omar Alí
'Omar Alí' 2 months ago
I would marry Jordan 😍 just keep the glasses honey
aubrey griego
'aubrey griego' 2 months ago
Please don't judge but only comment if you are a falcons fan
Abby Cotto
'Abby Cotto' 2 months ago
I find Jordan so attractive, like her arms are just amazing to me? Anyone?
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