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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 2 months ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 2 months ago

5, 626, 809 views

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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THANKS to Edward for the amazing editing on this video!

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patria silverio
'patria silverio' 25 minutes ago
sheesh...Lysandre would love this mansion.
Kaylee Orozco
'Kaylee Orozco' 1 hour ago
God Damn it im as tall as a fricking (trying not to swear) game character!! I'm ticked off but I'm also ecstatic. Wow I REALLY need a life!
Kaleb Goad
'Kaleb Goad' 2 hours ago
Keylime is the best man.
Shiny gold Rainbow dash
except he didn't buy it,he WON it
Ace Engel
'Ace Engel' 5 hours ago
hey notification squad
Delltheninja Bacon empire
I saw a Luigi's mansions arcade machine in Colorado in Dave and busters
Zachary Day
'Zachary Day' 8 hours ago
"We're a family-friendly show"- MatPat

"You filthy rich bastard." - also MatPat
jason McBourne
'jason McBourne' 10 hours ago
all i need to find in a second empire victorian house now is a few million dollars and some dead people
'CaptainKanker' 10 hours ago
Do this intro again it is badass
Spell ICUP Nigga
'Spell ICUP Nigga' 14 hours ago
S u c c n' b l o w
Asher Devito
'Asher Devito' 17 hours ago
u shure its only in japan? i played one at a arcade place a couple months ago
Reb2589 lololol
'Reb2589 lololol' 18 hours ago
Mario is the same height as me!!
'Hypetastic' 21 hours ago
16:03 Matpat sounds much, much more intense at the end of the video
'SlickNicky10' 22 hours ago
Is it just me or don't people usually end up in a graveyard due to death
'toslyforyou' 24 hours ago
MatPat you forgot to account for one thing, If you take into consideration how much money Mario makes off his games, Luigi's still second fiddle.
Sarah Arnold
'Sarah Arnold' 1 day ago
note squad
'nfarkhondehpay' 1 day ago
Did anyone else see that he wrote 70,000 with an extra 0? :) I love your content MatPat
Jack Brooks
'Jack Brooks' 1 day ago
I've played that arcade game at Dave and Busters.
Chase Helmer
'Chase Helmer' 1 day ago
Um, In Mario odyssey Mario is like 2 feet tall rip
Duct Tape Lord
'Duct Tape Lord' 1 day ago
t e h i l a • o r h u e
buy one get one free 😂😂😂
John Griffiths
'John Griffiths' 1 day ago
we are the bell ringers we are notification squad
Timothy N
'Timothy N' 1 day ago
Keylime is best pie! err well, besides lemon meringue .
Ronald Coleman
'Ronald Coleman' 1 day ago
Im pretty sure Luigi would hump the furniture regardless of the mansions value LOL
Probly an alien
'Probly an alien' 1 day ago
Dude ur videos r awesome
When he had the pie on the bed all like that...
I immediately thought of Mycroft Holmes.
Anyone else?
Reb2589 lololol
'Reb2589 lololol' 1 day ago
I love Sonamy
'I love Sonamy' 1 day ago
Why'd you put 4 zeroes in 70,000? It looks like this: 70,0000. Unless... THIS WAS INTENTIONAL! :O (Kind of like Toby Fox and Scott Cawthon. They have these "errors" for a reason.)
I love Sonamy
'I love Sonamy' 1 day ago
Stephanie: In a British accent!
(Yes, I saw that one. ;) )
Vsyo Vo Mrake Nochi
If you want to remove blood stains, you have to suck it out while it's still fresh. True fact.
Sebastian Bowman
'Sebastian Bowman' 1 day ago
I was a bell ringer squad when it came out
Its only 5 times as big as my apartment
MEOW 154
'MEOW 154' 1 day ago
Long episode? ITS ONLY 16 MINUTES
'mangle-reaction' 2 days ago
notification sqaaaad
'Aki_The_Furry_Fox' 2 days ago
Lol... no wonder Luigi is so excited to hump the furniture.. XD
'WinstonGrove' 2 days ago
11:35 "$70,000"
'DolphyBlueDrake' 2 days ago
What? I'd eat a key lime pie over an apple one ANY day! I HATE apple pie! (Yes, I'm an American who hates apple pie. I love apples, but only raw. I can't stand them baked. DEAL WITH IT.)
The Dark Bassist
'The Dark Bassist' 2 days ago
Wait, did you say... PIXEL SIZES!?
'MilesEdgeworth129' 2 days ago
C'mon, I frickin' LOVE key lime pie!
The Hacker Theory
'The Hacker Theory' 2 days ago
he said the arcade game was in japan but yet i went to dave and busters in fl before this video even came out and played the game
Diego Encarnación
Idk y but this episode for whatever reason, was the funniest episode I've watched to date!
Matt Williams
'Matt Williams' 2 days ago
MatPat, scientists aren't allowed to withhold or change results because they're not the ones they wanted, and they have to consider all the facts. So why didn't you acknowledge that in luigi's mansion, the mansion was created by the boos yesterday, AND DISAPPEARS IN THE MORNING.
'KiboraMalenceo' 2 days ago
The Game Theorists MatPat dissed my beloved Key Lime Pie. Unsub, Unfollow, Unlove.

JK ya thou
Ethan Leu
'Ethan Leu' 2 days ago
my brother is 5'8 does that mean he's luigi?
duper ritz
'duper ritz' 2 days ago
I forgot to mention that in halo reach it is impossible to find a battle rifle but in the past halo games it is very easy to find
Plushie man 5000
'Plushie man 5000' 2 days ago
If there's 36 rooms how come there are 50 boos
Ethan Bailes
'Ethan Bailes' 2 days ago
What about the gold room? Did you count that?
Ice Note
'Ice Note' 2 days ago
With all that money, I'm sure that Peach would make Luigi her sugary daddy on the low low.
'EspeonLover05' 2 days ago
THX this is like a early b-day present. Jan 6 is my b-day thx MatPat.😉
Tony Hakston
'Tony Hakston' 2 days ago
Expecting a pie? Too bad! WALUIGI TIME!
Mister Foobar
'Mister Foobar' 2 days ago
Finally! A title that doesn't sound completely far fetched at first glance!
'quickster208' 2 days ago
Waiting for someone to make a fund raiser to build luigi's REAL mansion
I mean, it would't be so bad.
Sell it as a horror attraction and give people flashlights. You wouldn't even have to pay for electricity! Well, as long as you keep the rooms dark.
'BigBuffBurrito' 2 days ago
But... I like keylime pie...
Sans Is awesome
'Sans Is awesome' 2 days ago
There is the same arcade game at my dave and busters
Beatzie Graham
'Beatzie Graham' 2 days ago
What about wario? He is all about money!
'TheGAMINGFOX' 2 days ago
But wouldn't king boo be the richest
Luna Moon
'Luna Moon' 2 days ago
dear mat pat I just want to say thankyou for your video content because when I don't feel happy I click on one of your vidios and it makes me feel happy again I have been whatching for 2 years thankyou matpat I don't know what I would do if I didn't whatch your vidios  :D
Redwall Gaming
'Redwall Gaming' 2 days ago
12:16 pervpat confirmed
(Rap) this is mangle i like to dangle and im not a bangle
(Rap) Mangle is a bangle is this why she needs to dangle
Rafael Gaming
'Rafael Gaming' 2 days ago
i remember when you had 1,308 subscribers
Cat Lover
'Cat Lover' 2 days ago
Hey Matthew if you're looking for a good way to get the bloodstains out of your carpet I have a suggestion. Just cover the entire floor with blood and make the carpet red, soaking it with vinegar afterwards will remove the crusty feeling under your feet, and then everything looks super majestic.
Daniel D Racer
'Daniel D Racer' 2 days ago
I rang the bell. U rock, MatPat!
'CHARLIE MORGAN' 2 days ago
Is it weird how something I learnt from this channel helped me get top grades in a philosophy essay
PandaAssassin 18
'PandaAssassin 18' 2 days ago
No it's not they have one at Dave and busters. I was a creep and stared through the glass at the back of it.
Evan Holway
'Evan Holway' 3 days ago
They have the Luigi arcade games at Dave and Busters in Missouri
Edraeus Eldridge
'Edraeus Eldridge' 3 days ago
hey matpat... is kane and lynch am origin story detailing how trevor philips and michael townley got down in the "dog days" ?
Little Godzilla
'Little Godzilla' 3 days ago
For removing blod stains it all depends on if the bloodstain is dry or not. If it's fresh, I would recommend Hydrogen Peroxide, Cola (yes, the soda pop), WD-40, Corn starch, Talcum powder or cold salt water. I know this because reasons and the fact my friend has lots of nose bleeds.
Carson Alder
'Carson Alder' 3 days ago
Dear Matt Patt, can you please the Kirby Planet Robobot second Nova Theory please?
Samuel Joseph Hernández Andrews
Notaficacion squad
Miguel Montezuma
'Miguel Montezuma' 3 days ago
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the funny thing is, this doesn't even matter because his brother is married to royalty.
Dragonic Destroyer
Omg got a super mario maker video no lies XD
'IIMogekOII' 3 days ago
You left an extra 0 in 70,000 buddy.
TE Dunc
'TE Dunc' 3 days ago
ynow luigi also raided dark moon's mansion
IR jinjrbred
'IR jinjrbred' 4 days ago
lemon and seltzer for blood....dumbass.
'321gofast' 4 days ago
Jewell Fifer
'Jewell Fifer' 4 days ago
video takes forever to load before my tablet dies cliche XD
'DarkAR' 4 days ago
why the scary mario?
it doesnt make me sleep well. please dont.
ur viewers are kids like me sooo...^
'SlothyGamez' 4 days ago
I'm learning about napoleon lll
'itzIRedGamer' 4 days ago
Where's my bell squad
Kyle Wright
'Kyle Wright' 4 days ago
Lol love the video but hydrogen peroxide gets blood stains out, I got the joke tho lol
'ROAD TRIP!' 4 days ago
Don't forget that that mansion has a freezer the size of my garage in the basement...which might cost a lot to fix
Kawaii_Scarlet Valentine
Guess I gotta go find myself a haunted mansion. 👀
'OnyxLink' 4 days ago
As the son of a conch, someone from Key West, your bashing of Key Lime Pie disgusts me Mat.
kieran robinson
'kieran robinson' 4 days ago
boo taboltayol
Death boy
'Death boy' 5 days ago
Now all you need to do is see how much money king boo needs in luigi's mansion, dark moon. which are problably half the size of this mansion each except for the last mansion, which is probably twice the land size of this mansion.
Taka TheKing
'Taka TheKing' 5 days ago
He has all that money, but all he really wants is his brother's love? That's why he continues to support his brother and join in his games even when Mario is abusive to him.
Taka TheKing
'Taka TheKing' 5 days ago
The Game Dominator Pro
so wo did he suck and blow first id u suck and blow king boo?
TR-8R The Stormtrooper
Who else liked Luigi better than Mario from the beginning?
Ender Channel
'Ender Channel' 5 days ago
Hey MatPat, what is your intro called?
AssassinPirateGuy Treasure
'KeepItSimple' 5 days ago
Teacher: make sure to study for your math test!

Me: grabs chips Game theory here we go!!!
'Team EKSO' 5 days ago
Whats quiball, Im in PREP bowl
Bad Wolf
'Bad Wolf' 5 days ago
yo notification squad both on here and on film theorist. loyal theorist since 2015 .what it is
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