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Game Theory: Luigi, the RICHEST Man in the Mushroom Kingdom? (Super Mario Bros) -
Published: 2 weeks ago By: The Game Theorists

By: The Game TheoristsPublished: 2 weeks ago

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Sure Mario may get the girl, but Luigi apparently gets the gold. I always wondered how Luigi wound up with his own mansion. Turns out, he's filthy rich. He'd have to be to afford a home like that. But just how rich are we talkin'? I'm about to show you.

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Emma Self
'Emma Self' 33 minutes ago
theory on pikmin
Poncho Panda
'Poncho Panda' 2 hours ago
Did anyone notice at 11:35 he showed 70,0000 instead of 70,000
Tommy Chung
'Tommy Chung' 2 hours ago
You should get a hobby... I feel you have a little too much time on your hands.
Sam Janimations
'Sam Janimations' 3 hours ago
"Oh no Luigi "
'EZMawloc' 3 hours ago
Disliking because I like key lime pie.
'J'bril Johnson' 3 hours ago
I played the "Japanese Exclusive" arcade game at a Dave & Busters in Philadelphia...
Jason Jungreis
'Jason Jungreis' 3 hours ago
You didn't mention the fact that Luigi's Mansion has only 2 bathrooms, so that kinda drops the value.
Suzie Cluzie
'Suzie Cluzie' 3 hours ago
"A lungi's mansion arcade game exclusive to Japan" (goes to local Dave and busters) oh... He lied
Christopher Thomas
'Christopher Thomas' 4 hours ago
by fun ensure surgery market.
Liam Griffith
'Liam Griffith' 4 hours ago
Lemon juice for blood
Friendly Neighborhood Meme Dealer _
key lime is good...
Skelton Slay8er
'Skelton Slay8er' 5 hours ago
When I looked up New York apartment online, it came up with a picture of a tent.
A Regular Nerd
'A Regular Nerd' 5 hours ago
How dare you MatPat. Key Lime is and always will be the best pie. I thought better of you, but clearly I was wrong.
Ultimate Zach
'Ultimate Zach' 6 hours ago
Matt pat the arcade game is in America
Ultimate Zach
'Ultimate Zach' 6 hours ago
Matt pat the arcade game is in America
Ultimate Zach
'Ultimate Zach' 6 hours ago
actually Matt pat the arcade game is in America
Taxi Driver HD
'Taxi Driver HD' 6 hours ago
Still can't get over the awesomeness of the new intro 😆😆😆😆😆
'Oyaka' 6 hours ago
While I had a couple nitpicks with this theory (Aka Luigi humping the pantry and the Illuminati's all seeing eye.) The main problem I had with this theory is the fact that the game's ending completely contradicts your theory. Don't believe me? Well feast your eyes upon the fact that at the end of the game, The mansion disappears. Even with the entire mansion gone, Luigi is still rich with a total of 142,390,000G. Now we must determine if the gold is actually that many gold pieces, or another way of showing dollar bills. Since those do exist in game, I am going to assume it's a fancier way of saying $142,390,000. But still, while there are problems with this theory, you still did a good job on making this theory and I can only hope you don't make another theory as bad as "Phoenix Wright is a criminal."
Dragon strider
'Dragon strider' 7 hours ago
gt live i think is on today
GD GodDawg
'GD GodDawg' 7 hours ago
I thought this was game theories not how to buy houses... Your not my realtor MATT
Olivia Parker
'Olivia Parker' 7 hours ago
Mario is as tall as me.

Im short.

Mario is short.

Doomsdayman 20997
'Doomsdayman 20997' 7 hours ago
What the point of the game is to save Mario from a painting
'SuperBro' 7 hours ago
'TheEliteBlock' 7 hours ago
make one on tattletail
Lickilicky Lickitung
no more scare stuff i'm a kid and I almost had a hart atace
Addison RainwatetRainwater
But the arcade game isn't exclusive to Japan.
Kingdom World
'Kingdom World' 9 hours ago
notification squad
Charlie The Dog
'Charlie The Dog' 9 hours ago
But... I played that Luigi's Mansion Arcade Game at a Dave and Buster's in Arizona
Eyes Of Enigma
'Eyes Of Enigma' 9 hours ago
I like key lime pie...
Illusion master Master
I wonder if Luigi is richer than all the gold in new super Mario brother 2!
Audacious Pineapple
'Audacious Pineapple' 9 hours ago
"Mario is 155cm"
- Points to the new Super Mario Odyssey Trailer
Jared Burnett
'Jared Burnett' 9 hours ago
12:17 oh no Luigi................................................. OH NO
Ninjayoshi 765
'Ninjayoshi 765' 10 hours ago
bookmark 12:14
Faded The cat
'Faded The cat' 10 hours ago
Matpat, we are both nerds
'BloodyHellNinja' 10 hours ago
Don't worry Mat, your architecture knowledge helps me because I actually taking classes of different periods of architectures and arts.
Siver Socks
'Siver Socks' 10 hours ago
'Mangle' 10 hours ago
'Mushrunner' 10 hours ago
When I heard his voice in the beginning, I instantly thought, "Oxi Clean gets the tough stains out!"
Sheep the King
'Sheep the King' 11 hours ago
What is the background music
xX-Nutron-Xx Cassio
'xX-Nutron-Xx Cassio' 11 hours ago
What about the ds game
Sheep the King
'Sheep the King' 11 hours ago
Notification sqaud
Naegi and his robo pal!! HOPE XD
Notification squad
Matthew La
'Matthew La' 11 hours ago
JESUS! Luigis mansion is just older than me! At least im not old.
Metal Pipe
'Metal Pipe' 11 hours ago
Notifications squad
Vincent Gerstbauer
'Vincent Gerstbauer' 12 hours ago
When you think about it, all that gold most likely won't be worth nearly as much in their world as it is in our world. Due to inflation and the massive gold coins that are just laying around the world and hiding in bricks, gems and gold are most likely easy to acquire.
'Sigma' 12 hours ago
Wow matpat. You must think your SOOOOO smart with your science and your math and your history and your statistics... Well your right okay? I'll be subscribing now.
MoFo Myth
'MoFo Myth' 12 hours ago
Ironically Key Lime Pie is my favorite pie and Apple Pie is me least favorite.
Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog
I'm not gonna watch this but is this Theory Bad or Okay?
Plz Respond and no hate plz.
Rita Rubary
'Rita Rubary' 13 hours ago
I hate rich people but I love Luigi
Edna Damron
'Edna Damron' 13 hours ago
Merk Revenge
'Merk Revenge' 13 hours ago
I may be the only person to think of this, but hear me out. Luigi's Mansion, not the game, the Mario Kart track. In that game, the area 2 door leads down stairs. Keep in mind, it was released 4 years and 2 months later. I mean, Luigi could have renovated the mansion in that time, but why would he, he did lose pretty much all of his money for it. He probably wouldn't change up the mansion in that way. Maybe the course in Mario Kart DS is in a different location that looks exactly the same at the front. Just saying.
xx_Pro_Killr_xx IDK
'xx_Pro_Killr_xx IDK' 13 hours ago
That death stare tho.
The Reference Guy
'The Reference Guy' 13 hours ago
I've never heard him swear before.
Joel Medina
'Joel Medina' 14 hours ago
Damm Luigi humping those itemsHIDE YO KIDS AND WOMEN HE IS COMING
Giselle Castro
'Giselle Castro' 14 hours ago
I learn more from this channel than school
Nathaniel Capitano
'Nathaniel Capitano' 14 hours ago
I don't have anything to say
'DaveTheBoss29' 14 hours ago
13:25 he said he tried everything
that means he got blood on his floor, Uhhh
Michael 7
'Michael 7' 15 hours ago
I should kill myself so the next owners can get my house with a discount.
jared strickland
'jared strickland' 15 hours ago
That arcade game wasn't exclusive to Japan, I played it here in America with an English translation in a Dave and busters like and hour from where I live
Meowth the Meowth
'Meowth the Meowth' 15 hours ago
Oh yeah! Good job, Luigi!
Maaz Abbasi
'Maaz Abbasi' 15 hours ago
Can u do a theory about the origins of terraria?
'Xaine's World' 15 hours ago
You kidding me? Keylime is far superior to frigging apple!
'blakethelegoman' 15 hours ago
Ohhhh, he didn't even go into the things that Luigi accumulated over the entire game or at least the maximum you can get. Just showing more and more how he is a huge sellout
datboi gamer
'datboi gamer' 15 hours ago
also have you done anything on the game shadow of the colossus? I absolutely love that game
datboi gamer
'datboi gamer' 15 hours ago
I literally went to an arcade in Britain yesterday and played that
Colin McRae (Pokeguy946)
Actually, they bwroucht that Luigi's Mansion game to North America! I saw it at Dave and Buster's the other day!
'Xtremeoreo' 16 hours ago
The real question is who is richer Luigi or Wario?
Frozen Flame
'Frozen Flame' 16 hours ago
KEY LIME PIE IS TA BEST (But pecan pecan pie is actually the best)
'SocraTetres' 16 hours ago
There weren't any announcements. . . or end cards. . . or mentions of the other channels at the end. . . 0.0''
'ISHKA' 16 hours ago
It's wonderful how insane your videos are if you watch them with the sound off. Completely nonsensical.
Coded Gaming
'Coded Gaming' 16 hours ago
Say's it's gonna be a long episode.....and it's only 16 minutes
'gavinator' 17 hours ago
notification squad ftw
Evan Blitz
'Evan Blitz' 17 hours ago
Mattpack doesn't like key lime pie. Is he evil? But that's just a theory, a pie theory!
Chaos Controller
'Chaos Controller' 17 hours ago
So do we need to change the song now?

"I want to be a millionaire, like Luigi."
Roberta Adomaityte
'Roberta Adomaityte' 18 hours ago
Please do a theory on oxenfree
Zomy Entertainment
'Zomy Entertainment' 18 hours ago
Maxio Fire
'Maxio Fire' 18 hours ago
i say this game in dave and busters in times square
Cameron Lacroix
'Cameron Lacroix' 20 hours ago
Wait, the Luigi Mansion Arcade game isn't Japan-exclusive. I've played it at Dave and Busters.
Tim Ermias
'Tim Ermias' 20 hours ago
Damn your jobs hard...
Super Sonic
'Super Sonic' 21 hours ago
Do Luigi's mansion dark moon
Jack Keating
'Jack Keating' 21 hours ago
notification squad
Sam Russell
'Sam Russell' 21 hours ago
Key lime pie is the waluigi or pies?? Umm have you seen the key lime pies we make in the UK? We love it, it's the best kind of pie ever, next to lemon meringue and banoffee.
Chase Brattain
'Chase Brattain' 22 hours ago
notification spuad
'Dynocation' 22 hours ago
Now why would murders and suicides decrease the price of a home? Just take a cross and kill all the ghosts yourself, or... take a vacuum in Luigi's case.
FBSkoel88 minecraft en meer
i was the 100,000'st liker!!
Kamlesh Kumar
'Kamlesh Kumar' 22 hours ago
why did you bring the Taj Mahal from my country
John Barone
'John Barone' 23 hours ago
Thats wierd, I recall playing a similar arcade game at Dave and Busters months (like borderlining a year?) ago.
Sara Hursey
'Sara Hursey' 23 hours ago
i love this guy
Edward Fitzgerald
i watched this at 3 am thanks for the scare
'Bargomorphic' 1 day ago
13:30 You didn't even try Oxi-Clean.
'Kaleb' 1 day ago
Juan abel Cisneros
I love game Theory
Derpy over Load
'Derpy over Load' 1 day ago
In vannoses vid
Derpy over Load
'Derpy over Load' 1 day ago
Y dose he say dd determine like delirious
Farzan ALi
'Farzan ALi' 1 day ago
Would you believe me if i told that i am just a 10 year old boy
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